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Exploring the Myths of Gender Prediction BY BRINN STRANGE

It is only natural for expecting parents to wonder if they should register for more pink or blue after discovering they are pregnant. If they are willing to wait, Mom- and Dad-to-be can normally feel more confident after their ultrasound and doctor’s visit around week twenty. However, that still leaves plenty of opportunities for family, friends and random grocery-store-linewaiters to make their own predictions.

Not So Sure:

“I heard that if you tie a washer to a string and hold it above the belly, you can determine the gender by which way the washer started spinning.” ~Valerie, mom of Rose and Billy “Girls steal your beauty. Judging by the amount of blemishes I am experiencing with this pregnancy, it is surely a girl!” ~Morgan, expecting “I heard that if you pour bleach into the toilet before peeing, the water changes color based on whether it’s a boy or girl ... I haven’t tried this yet.” ~Sarah, expecting “Several ladies told me to try using the Chinese Gender Chart online. This was not accurate for me.” ~Kim, mom of Abby Websites such as link to The Ancient Chinese Gender Chart. Legend has it, the birth chart was discovered on a scroll over 700 years ago and scholars have used the chart to predict gender based on the Chinese lunar calendar. However, the site admits that the forecast is more fun than scientific.

Maybe Something to It:

“I had heard that if the baby’s heart rate was lower than 160 it was probably a boy. Elijah’s heart rate at 6 weeks was 136 and pretty much stayed that way every week after, so at 20 weeks I was pretty certain it was a boy just based off that.” ~Nicole, mom of Elijah “I heard many times that how you carry the baby predicts the baby’s gender. I carried Rose high and Billy low (this might have also been because Billy weighed 2 more pounds and was the second born, but, nevertheless, they were right).” ~Valerie, mom of Rose and Billy “I was told you craved more salty foods if you carry a boy, and I can kind of buy that. I enjoyed salty foods with both Jack and Norah, but I found myself wanting more sweets with Norah.” ~Lindsey, mom of Jack and Norah “Some of the older ladies I worked with commented that boys tend to stick straight out like a basketball and girls tend to fill out on your sides like a tire — toward the end, I was definitely more of a tire!” ~Laura, mom of Maya

Kendra Czigany, RDMS, RVT, and owner of Fetal Flix, a local, fetal imaging facility, feels that gender prediction myths are fun to share and that they often help Mom and Dad to bond with baby — always a good thing! Ultimately, Czigany believes in science: “If I see it, I believe it,” which is why “3D/4D imaging is about more than taking pretty pictures; it’s about bringing you into the miraculous world inside the womb!” Gainesville OBGYN’s Dr. Michael Cotter has heard a number of different gender predictions from parents in his office, such

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as boys cause more vivid dreams than girls. However, he confirms that these myths are not based on scientific fact. "The distribution of boys and girls born is consistent throughout the year with slightly more boys being born than girls, and does not show any fluctuation that would not be predicted by random chance,” Cotter explained. “No matter what the sex of the baby, the birth of a child is a wondrous event, and there is always the option of waiting for the big reveal on the day of the birth.”

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Giggle Magazine-Gainesville. April/May 2015  

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