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“Using IoT data, the train operator lowered maintenance errors, reduced costs by 8-10%, increased train availability, and ultimately improved customer service” — Stephen Jamieson, Head of SAP Leonardo, SAP UK & Ireland 73

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costs by 8 – 10%, increased train

on-going maintenance model using

availability, and ultimately improved

SAP Leonardo IoT.

customer service.

By gathering information from sensors embedded in various areas of

Security is a pressing issue for any

each train, such as doors, motors,

technology firm. How do you ensure

batteries, and brakes, the maintenance

the utmost security standards when

shop gathered and analysed a huge

using this tech?

amount of data to predict train-ma-

When it comes to IIoT, security is just as

chine failures before they happen. This

important as interoperability. Enabling

allowed repairs to be made in advance,

machines at multiple locations to

out of peak times and avoids downtime.

communicate with each other and

Using IoT data, the train operator

connecting them to ERP software does

lowered maintenance errors, reduced

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019