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Utilising Technology to Improve Sustainability Facilitating Transformation at Tassal Operations Tassal Operations was seeking a way to feed fish more efficiently, reduce waste, keep staff safe and produce overall better business results. In partnership with Intuit Technologies, they began the journey to create a centralised feed centre and become one of the first companies in the world to fully embrace a remote feeding strategy. With little to no infrastructure in place and the inaccessible and remote nature of Tasmania’s landscape, this project required an innovative plan. The conditions were challenging as the team had to work in the open ocean waters up to 20 kms offshore in large seas while facing wind and snow. Partnering for Success Intuit Technologies worked with their partners to build a high-speed fibre optic and wireless network capable of the throughput required. By partnering with key partner Jettech Networks, Intuit Technologies built a data network capable of transmitting up to 10Gb of high definition video data for almost 300 remote pan and zoom cameras. Working with BATS Wireless, the fish pens were equipped with gyroscopically stabilised wireless connections to the

shore which utilises microwave technology to transmit the data back to the feeding centre located in Hobart, Tasmania. The feed centre control room is powered by nearly 70 Dell EMC servers rendering live footage on 121 ultrahigh definition displays. The outcome is a feeding system that is safer for employees and improves overall operationally efficiency and feed conversion – which is better for the fish and better for our environment!

“To provide the complex IT infrastructure required for our centralised feeding project, we knew we could trust Intuit Technologies to deliver.” - Matt Leary, Tassal Operations

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About Intuit Technologies Intuit Technologies is an Australian owned and operated information and communications technology (ICT) company. With over 100 employees and offices throughout Australia, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your business needs. We are creative thinkers, backed by significant industry experience, enabling us to develop new and original solutions for our clients.

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019