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“We’re trying to look for efficiencies of

external to the organisation, and share

patient flow, from our ambulance

or seek information about the patient

services into the ED and into our

they’re dealing with in real time. “We

hospitals,” he says. “Because those

did a time and motion study prior to

types of initiatives can only benefit the

the implementation of Vocera,”

public and the patients that are being

explains Ballantine. “Following its

admitted to hospital.”

integration, we learned it was putting

Metro South Health’s long-standing

45 minutes back into the clinician’s day

partnership with Vocera Communica-

over an eight hour shift, increasing the

tions has played a big part in delivering

time they can spend providing patient

those patient benefits. “They’re not just

care. It’s been inordinately beneficial.”

selling us a product,” asserts Ballan-

He reveals a case where a physio was

tine. “They work with us to meet the

doing exercise work with a patient in

organisation’s goals.” The voice grade

a stairwell when they became unwell.

wifi Vocera provides allows clinicians

Having Vocera allowed for assistance

to contact other clinicians, internal or

to be summoned immediately, improv-


Cameron Ballantine Cameron Ballantine has more than two decades of experience in healthcare. A registered nurse with seven years of clinical experience in intensive care and advanced life support, coupled with eight years working in healthcare management, he is well placed to understand the diverse IT needs of healthcare practitioners. Ballantine’s digital experience includes service delivery transformation to support changing models of care associated with digital hospitals and leading the implementation of data analytics and predictive modelling to support patient care.

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019