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Voted the industry’s top brand by the Lipsey Company

sation, and digitisation”. De-carbonisa-

to overtake fossil fuels for the first

tion reflects the global movement away

time as the UK’s primary electricity

from fossil fuels in favour of renewables

source.” Over the summer of 2018,

like wind, solar and geothermal energy.

renewable energy already exceeded

In addition to the moral imperative,

other sources during periods of intense

CBRE uses the rapid advance of green

sunshine, and in 2018 UK energy

technologies like battery storage and

production from coal fell by 25%.

photovoltaics to “make sure people will

“That’s a consequence of that agenda

do something because it makes

being driven and price points begin-

financial sense as well.’’ In January,

ning to compete with and become

Business Green reported: “As early

better than traditional methods,”

as 2020, renewables are on course

says Gomez.

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Profile for Gigabit

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019