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Paragon Digital Lifestyle “Paragon Digital Lifestyle has allowed us to implement a user interface in the room that has seen a tablet based in every hotel room. The tablet is the controlling point for the user to control all features in the room such as operating the TV, browsing the internet and opening or closing the curtains. The tablet really becomes the portal for the guest in the room to interact with the rest of the room.”

Trends Group “Trends Group helps to assist us in the installation of our entire network, from cabling to supply, connection and configuration of switches on both Campus & Data Center networks.”

HP Philippines “HP Philippines supplies us with our enterprise printing platform which has considerably saved cost on improving reduction of printing waste, reporting usage and accountability and access controls to printers.”

TIM Corporation “TIM Corporation are one of our main infrastructure

suppliers & integrators of our data center environment.”

FusionEx “FusionEx helped us to develop and customize a fully integrated leading-edge Casino Management System assisting in the tables, cage & marketing program play operations.”

Palo Alto Networks “Palo Alto Networks helped to assist us and supply the implementation of our physical and virtualized Firewall requirements.”

Cisco “Cisco helped to assist and supply the implementation of our software defined data centre network with their application centric infrastructure as well as portions of our campus network.”

Fujitsu Philippines “Fujitsu Philippines has been heavily involved in the implementation of many of our core network security components like Firewalls, SIEM, Internet Proxy & NAC.”

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019