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ment a user interface in the room that

to engage with guests in a better way

has seen a tablet based in every hotel

than ever before. We’ve diversified

room. The tablet is the controlling point

our languages so that our technology

for the user to control all features in the

can be tailored for each specific guest,

room such as operating the TV, brows-

regardless of the language they speak,”

ing the internet and opening or closing

he explains. “It allows us to guide the

the curtains. The tablet really becomes

guests with specific language require-

the portal for the guest in the room to

ments to the staff member that most

interact with the rest of the room.”

suits their needs. For example, if we

Operating with a firm customer-

were to find a guest in a room that

centric approach, Scott understands

speaks Mandarin, we would know

the importance of putting guests at

that they speak Mandarin based on

the centre of every decision Okada

the preference selection when they

makes. “We’re very focused on how

check into the room, which means that w w si aga .busi bi t ne massc ga zhief. in e. com

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019