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“We’re very much focused on the technology of today” — Dries Scott, Chief Technology Officer, Okada Manila


previously used legacy system to rely

an older legacy. We can adapt and

on. The initial challenge when I came

change, and that gives us an advan-

on board was to start everything from

tage over our competitors because

scratch. It was an empty playing field,

we’re able to be more flexible. We

and we had to go and hand pick every

get a lot of support from our mother

single system installed in the prop-

company UEC, which is a gaming

erty,” explains Scott. “Through that

technology company that provided

process you don’t necessarily want to

some of our core gaming compo-

use legacy or outdated AS400 sys-

nents, and have in many areas been

tems because you want to go with the

beating some of their own competi-

newer developments and technolo-

tors by introducing advanced gaming

gies. I believe it gave us an advantage

platforms that is assisting to drive the

because we’re not stuck dealing with

industry into the next generation.”

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019