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CLICK TO WATCH : ‘AFFINITY PLUS MYPLUS REWARDS’ 111 tion system, Encompass, was the first

mobile apps forecasted to generate

major launch in this slate of changes,

approximately US$189bn in revenues

and catered towards increased

by 2020 via app stores and in-app

member demands for these services.

advertising, it was imperative for

By the end of 2018, the implementa-

Affinity Plus to take advantage of this

tion of a new core processing system

growing opportunity. The credit union

included 65 vendor integrations and

set a Board goal to launch the new

85 custom programs.

mobile and online banking platforms in late 2017, but this task was not


without its challenges. Through

One area of focus was of particular

extensive testing and fixes over

importance to Affinity Plus: the

months, Larson explains that Affinity

implementation of a much-needed

Plus did not feel the system was in the

innovative, mobile-first, member-ori-

best place to support members.

entated digital banking platform. With

“We were having latency issues w w ga bi t ma ga z in e. com

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Gigabit Magazine – May 2019  

Gigabit Magazine – May 2019