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Deloitte. As a result of this, the bank is

interaction and allows us to drive up

investing in modelling, decisioning and

our proposition, improve our operating

data analytics capabilities. “Deloitte

efficiency and draw information from

were key for us in helping set our strat-

internal and external data sources that

egy and stretch our ambitions,” com-

will greatly improve the way in which

ments Fitzgerald. “With Deloitte’s guid-

we underwrite and assess proposi-

ance and support we have invested

tions,” says Fitzgerald.

in a complete refresh of our data and

“We have established our high-level

BI technology stack, which resulted

architecture and identified, contracted

in a decision to invest in Snowflake’s

and purchased our API infrastructure,”

database architecture and the Tableau

Fitzgerald concludes. “Our API Infra-

visualisation tool.”

structure enables HTB to play a greater

“We’re not on a digital journey to

role in the SME lending ecosystem. We

replace human interaction – this is a

have further commissioned low code

digital journey that enhances human

development tools to develop our capa-

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