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Logix Federal Credit Union is harnessing the power of digital transformation to make members feel welcomed, significant and engaged


or firms in the grips of nosediving profits, disgruntled customers and unsustainable business environments, the steps to

effect positive change would be as obvious and simple as flipping a switch. However, for a credit union, which has grown its member base by 89% 112

since 2011, has in excess of US$6bn in assets, and was named the number one credit union in California by Forbes Magazine, the next step might not be so obvious. For Logix Federal Credit Union though, an insightful and experienced leadership team, dedicated to intelligently implementing the latest technology while taking full advantage of a highly engaged workforce, is poised and ready for the future. “We are fortunate in that our members already love us,” says Edward Chuang, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Logix. “The important thing is not to rest on our laurels, because we know that the banking industry is changing, and we know that consumer expectations are changing, too. So, ‘how do we stay number one?’ is really the challenge we’re facing.”

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