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New Releases G rowing Through By Ruth Bachman


Narrow Spots

Nationally respected writer, educator, cancer advocate and inspirational speaker, Ruth Bachman brings a timeless message about the one constant in life—change. Padded hardcover, 40 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-77-8

“If cancer is the narrow spot in an hourglass and I am the sand, then I have traveled from the top through that tight spot to the bottom, the same sand, but with a different arrangement. When you go through that narrow spot, your sand is refined and redefined, sifting out interior resources not previously noticed or called upon. Life is full of narrow spots, not all labeled cancer. However, cancer is the narrow spot that has given me the opportunity to look at life with a different perspective, not once, but twice. It informs the way I choose to live life every day.” – Ruth Bachman

The Steeple

By Warren Hanson We all have something inside that guides and inspires us, that helps us to know right from wrong, and that shows us the way to go when we have lost our way. We may call it conscience, or maybe a moral compass, a power much greater than ourselves. Or we may simply see it as the steeple, rising up above the chaos of our lives, showing us the way home. With this short but powerful book, author and photographer, Warren Hanson shows us that no matter how complicated our lives may get, we will always have a steeple as our guide. Hardcover with dust jacket, 56 pages.

$16.95 2

ISBN 978-0-931674-47-1


Baby Talk

Reflections on a Blessed Event By Tom Hegg


National best-selling author Tom Hegg, shares a heartfelt message celebrating the birth of a precious little one. Smitten by his own granddaughters, Tom reflects on the lifetime contract that is inked at the moment of a birth. From “the big day” to all the “firsts” of life, this story takes the reader on a journey like no other. “Baby Talk” is a special gift for any parent or grandparent who is joyfully expecting the arrival of their very own “greatest little show on earth!” Padded hardcover, 32 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-45-7

True Colors

Written & Illustrated by Jodi Hills


“True Colors” is a celebration of those already joyfully living in their own true colors, and an encouragement for those just on the edge of bright bravery! Jodi Hills stirs readers to recognize that true colors illuminate the world. True colors mix and strengthen; they break boundaries and build bridges. “True Colors” is not just about accepting people, it’s about enjoying, embracing and encouraging all of the truly colorful people in our lives! Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.


ISBN 978-1-939881-00-7



Words to Live By By Sarah Kroenke

What Really Matters Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson

“Words to Live By” is a collection of reflections and quotes, but not from those you might expect. The words in this book are spoken by hospice patients…people who have little time left to share. These are words of love, laughter, regret, pain, and inspiration. This book reminds readers to live a life where nothing is left unfinished in your heart. Padded hardcover, 60 pages.

Warren Hanson, the author of “The Next Place,” delivers another simple but profound message that will touch our lives. “What Really Matters” is a book that reminds us to put all things in perspective and that ultimately what really matters is love. Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pages.


$14.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-56-3

$15.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-78-5

The Station A Reminder to Cherish the Journey Written by Robert Hastings & Illustrated by Marilyn Brown • Shares a simple yet profound message to embrace the journey of life. • This book has the power to change lives. Padded hardcover, 40 pages.

$16.95 4

ISBN 978-0-972650-41-0


Home Written & Illustrated by Jodi Hills

“Home” captures the unconditional embrace of your own front door and the full body sigh of being in your favorite chair. Like an inviting welcome mat, this book includes every reader, helping all to reflect on their own personal stories of the love, peace and acceptance found at home. Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.

$14.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-50-1

Up to the Lake Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson

Up North Reflections Moments & Memories By Joe Brandmeier

With this heartwarming collection of timeless poems, Tom Hegg, recalls his summer trips to the family cabin where time stops and lifelong memories are made. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.

Through the pages of this awe-inspiring book, readers are taken to a place of solitude, romance, laughter and sometimes craziness. The images are woven together with quotes that will inspire and uplift your soul reminding us of the gift of up north. Hardcover with dust jacket, 80 pages.



ISBN 978-0-931674-59-4

FRIENDSHIP The Art of the Practice By Laurie Ellis-Young & Nancy Chakrin This collection of dazzling photos captures friends practicing yoga in spectacular settings around the world. The photos are coupled with uplifting quotes celebrating the sometimes simple and sometimes complex connections that form from the cherished practice of friendship. Hardcover with dust jacket, 80 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-80-8


ISBN 978-0-931674-60-0

friend. By Jodi Hills Written for all of the friends who make us and our lives better. A message meant for every person who has touched your life with friendship. Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.

$14.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-84-6 5

Hope and Healing

If I Could Be Sick For You For Just One Day Written by Kathy Cramer & Illustrated by Steve Harmon • A way to tell a loved one that you would take their pain/illness if you could. • A gift the recipient will never forget. Hardcover with dust jacket, 36 pages.


ISBN 978-0-9726504-7-2

Paw Prints in the Stars Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson A comforting message that assists with the grieving process after the loss of a beloved pet. Allows for personal tributes and serves as a place of remembrance. • Space for treasured photos • Journal pages for favorite memories • Special ribbon to hold collar tags Padded hardcover, 32 pages.

$19.95 6

ISBN 978-0-931674-89-1

Papa’s New Home Written by Jessica Lynn Curtis & Illustrated by Steve Harmon Little Jessie is struggling to understand the death of her beloved grandfather – until the night she is able to visit him in Heaven, his new home. Their journey takes them to a place of wonder and joy, where cities glitter, angels sing, pets greet, and flowers play beautiful music. “Papa’s New Home” delivers a message of hope for a child experiencing the loss of a loved one. Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.

$16.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-64-8

l iona r! t a N Selle t Bes

The Next Place Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson • Best selling bereavement book for all ages and all faiths. • A comforting message of hope and compassion. • National best seller – more than 650,000 sold! Hardcover with dust jacket, 36 pages.

$16.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-32-7

The Next Place ~ Spanish Version Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson A message of hope and gift of compassion for the bereaved, now available in Spanish. “The Next Place” is above all a celebration of life. Exquisite color illustrations guide readers through the verse. Hardcover with dust jacket, 36 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-88-4

“It is quite simply, a treasure! It is one of those rare books that will sell & sell & sell…plus, it will enrich the lives of those who give it and receive it.” – Bookstore Owner “The concept of timelessness, perfection, love …eternity are all brilliantly and literally portrayed.” – Hospice Chaplain

“I love the book and I am very choosy about what I pick out for our resource center. This book is a treasure!” – Director, Fernside, A Center for Grieving Children

Hope Heals A Journal of Love, Loss and Memories Written by Sarah Kroenke & Daena Esterbrooks “Hope Heals” is a keepsake journal created for teenagers and adults who have lost a loved one. The book serves as a tool to discover growth and strength in the midst of the pain. “Hope Heals” provides a place to write details of a loved one’s death and memories of their life, along with thoughts and feelings that encourage the healing process and inspire hope. Hardcover, 40 pages.

$16.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-65-5


Beginning Encouragement at the Start of Something New Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson peace in peace out By Joan Steffend Joan Steffend’s newest release encourages us to find peace inside of ourselves (peace in) and look for simple ways to share that peace with others (peace out). The second part of the book includes journal pages to write your own personal reflections, ideas, and dreams. Hardcover with journal, 160 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-57-0

• Great book for the start of something new – a diet, graduation, new job, new baby, wedding, starting chemotherapy and more! • Helps one take that first step even though it can be scary. • Brings a gift of encouragement, hope and congratulations. Hardcover with dust jacket, 36 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-53-2

...and she sparkled Written by Joan Steffend & Illustrated by Fredrick Haugen A timeless and universal story of rediscovering who you are and the joy that’s possible when you recognize you were always magnificent. Padded hardcover, 40 pages.



ISBN 978-0-931674-83-9

love By Jodi Hills Older Love Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson • Celebrates lasting love. • Perfect Anniversary gift. Hardcover with dust jacket, 36 pages.


As personal as a love letter, as universal as the emotion itself, “love” reminds us that the most beautiful risk one can take is to love someone… and to put your heart out there to be loved. Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-63-1

ISBN 978-0-931674-40-2

k Yor w Ne Times er! Sell t s Be

A Memory of Christmas Tea Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson

A Cup of Christmas Tea Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson


• National best seller – more than 1.7 million copies sold! • New York Times Best Seller list four different years. • A beautiful heartwarming story for the holidays. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.

$14.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-98-3

• The sequel to the beloved Christmas classic. • Reminds us that it is still possible to experience a genuine Christmas miracle. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages. ISBN 978-0-931674-39-6

A Cup of Christmas Tea Mini Book Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson • Ornament version of the original book design.


ISBN 978-0-931674-21-1


I am amazed Take a look around and you will be too Written & Illustrated by Jodi Hills • Celebrates the many things in life we often overlook.

• Great girlfriend gift. • The book is an invitation to join the dance of life. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-51-8

Believe Written & Illustrated by Jodi Hills

• Inspiring story about believing in yourself and others. • Great girlfriend gift and companion to “I am amazed”. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.


I’m not too busy an imperfect life Written & Illustrated by Jodi Hills By Jodi Hills “I’m not too busy” is a story about taking the time to notice people, to care, to cherish our relationships and to see the present. Life tends to get busy and this uplifting book provides a way to tell a friend or loved one that we offer our gift of time. Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.

$14.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-92-1 10


ISBN 978-0-931674-52-5

heart on my sleeve Written & Illustrated by Jodi Hills

• Jodi Hills’ most celebrated works available in one collection • Encourages readers to embrace life’s uncertainties and challenges as stepping stones to grace and strength • Each page stands on it’s own with a special message to the reader Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.

Times change, people change and lives change, just as sure as styles change. Jodi Hills encourages readers to let go of the “what was” and the “what could be” and to embrace the beauty of what is today.

$9.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-91-4

Hardcover with jacket, 40 pages.

Written for anyone who has looked into their closet and exclaimed “I have nothing to wear!”

$14.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-87-7

Slap on a Little Lipstick…You’ll Be Fine. Written & Illustrated by Jodi Hills • Celebrates the beauty of all women. • Sassy and fun book about daily survival and empowerment. • Complete line of products including cards, magnets and prints. Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.


BRING IT! A Little “Baggage” To Help The High School Graduate Carry On By Tom Hegg “BRING IT!” shares a message of congratulations and encouragement to graduates as they transition from high school to the next pivotal stage of their life. Hegg, a master story teller and beloved teacher, reminds alum that the most important “things” to bring along don’t take up any space… personal integrity, conscience, character, your honor and your word are just a few recommendations. Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-74-7

Everything Happens For A Reason By Warren Hanson A message encouraging readers to celebrate both the hoped for and unexpected events, whatever they may be. This award winning title is for anyone who has asked the question “Why?” and who boldly looks with hope and confidence to the future knowing everything really does happen for a reason. Hardcover with jacket, 40 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-85-3

ISBN 978-0-931674-58-7


believe Today’s Special (Yes It Is) By Warren Hanson

Ride along as a traveler finds himself at a small town cafe. Be touched by the people around him as their stories unfold. Be enriched as life’s lessons in gratitude, laughter, patience, generosity, forgiveness and faith are revealed. Hardcover with dust jacket, 80 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-82-2

When We Are Free Written by Tom Hegg

 iagnosed with clinical depression, D the author offers hope for those who are working through their own process of recovery. Paperback, 32 pages.

$7.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-48-8



Dear Me By Warren Hanson With foreword written by Jeffrey Zaslow, oauthor of “The Last Lecture.”

Imagine going to your mailbox and finding a letter. The handwriting looks kind of familiar. You open it, and find that it is a letter…to you…from you… when you were in your twenties. You choose to write back, beginning a beautiful correspondence about life across the years. Hardcover with dust jacket, 80 pages.


when words get in the way three stories of beauty, integrity & freedom By John “Charlie” Hanson

Sometimes the most powerful messages are those communicated without words. Using a drawing pen and watercolors only (no words), Charlie, with sophisticated innocence, inspires us to recognize beauty, do the right thing and celebrate freedom! Hardcover with dust jacket, 52 pages.

$18.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-81-5

ISBN 978-0-931674-62-4

The Mark of the Maker Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson

T he Mark of the Maker tells the biblical story of Joseph. Universal themes unfold, the relationship between fathers and sons, faith and wisdom, love and trust and the legacy of excellence. Hardcover, 38 pages.

$10.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-18-1

Reading With Dad Written by Richard Jorgensen & Illustrated by Warren Hanson •C  elebrates the bond between father & daughter reading together throughout their lives. • The story illustrates that love between a parent and a child is a treasure. • I nspires “sweet tears.” Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.

$15.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-41-9

Midwest Classics

Be the Best You Can Be Written by Kirby Puckett & Illustrated by Tim Houle

Shares Puckett’s joyful philosophy of playing the game of baseball and gives readers messages about being the best they can be. Hardcover, 40 pages.

$15.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-20-4

Ron Schara’s Minnesota Fishing Guide Written by Ron Schara

Beloved outdoorsman and television host, Ron Schara gives tips that are useful for the beginner as well as experienced anglers. Trade Paperback, 288 pages.

$19.95 ISBN 978-0-9726504-4-1

Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound Written by Ron Schara

Ron Schara’s award-winning show, Minnesota Bound, brings the heart and spirit of the outdoors to your living room. The book features actual scripts and video grabs from the beloved show. Trade Paperback 304 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-93-8

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GIRLS CAN! Make it Happen.

Written by Rick Kupchella & Illustrated by Marilyn Brown • Inspires girls that they can do anything that they set their mind to do! • Features stories about Sandra Day O’Connor, Sally Ride and Jackie Joyner-Kersee. • Perfect for girls of all ages! Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.


ISBN 978-0-9726504-3-4

Raising You Alone Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson •A  n essential book for any single parent family. • Uses heart and humor to talk about the challenges of single parent families and focuses on the main message, “I will always love you!” • Bunnies are universal and represent any type of single parent family (Mom or Dad. Boy or Girl. Divorce or Death.) Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pages.

$15.95 14

ISBN 978-0-9726504-6-5

The Leaf that Wouldn’t Leave

Written by Trish Trinco & Illustrated by Bryan Langdo

Children of all ages learn to welcome change with open arms. Luigi, an autumn leaf reluctant to leave his branch, teaches us to be brave when facing new experiences and shows us that an amazing world waits beyond the backyard. Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-90-7

Brave as a Bunny Can Be

Written & Illustrated by Alison Julian • This is a story of courage, family love and acceptance. • Cooper the Bunny learns that one can have fear and still be brave. Hardcover with dust jacket, 40 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-46-4


Kiki’s Hats Written & Illustrated by Warren Hanson “Kiki’s Hats” is a charming story about a woman who knits hats and gives them away. Kiki shows us that we all can do something wonderful for someone else. We can create something good that can last a lifetime and beyond. Hardcover with dust jacket, 36 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-94-5

Tell Me What We Did Today

Written by Rick Kupchella & Illustrated by Warren Hanson • This is a fun and creative way for parents/ grandparents to capture the key moments of dayto-day life with their children. • Interactive component to the book – each time you see a rocking chair it is time to talk about what actually happened that day. G  reat bedtime story! Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pages.


ISBN 978-0-9726504-0-3

PEEF The Christmas Bear Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson • This is a story about a teddy bear, handmade by Santa. •B  rings a powerful message of love and respect to hearts of every age. • Best selling series – more than 500,000 pieces sold! Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-26-6

A Silent Night for PEEF Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson • Santa visits PEEF and learns a lesson about knowing who you are and where you are meant to be in life. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-35-8

PEEF and his Best Friend Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson • Teaches a valuable lesson of loyalty and enduring friendship. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-49-5

PEEF and the Baby Sister Written by Tom Hegg & Illustrated by Warren Hanson F

• Sharing and love are captured within the story as PEEF is passed on to the baby sister. Hardcover with dust jacket, 48 pages.


ISBN 978-0-931674-67-9 A

PEEF Plush


A. PEEF Keychain $4.95

ISBN 978-0-931674-37-2

B. 7” Bean Bag PEEF $7.95


C. 9” Pint-sized PEEF $11.95 –Best Seller!


ISBN 978-0931674-38-9

ISBN 978-0-931674-34-1

D. 12” Original PEEF $16.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-79-2





E. 20” Huggable PEEF $39.95 ISBN 978-0-931674-99-0

F. 48” Life-sized PEEF $300.00


ISBN 978-0-931674-28-0


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