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Stocking Fillers For Social Media Addicts

Cavellini &  Co.  Jumbo  "OMG"  Eraser    £2.95  

Paper Tweet  NiAy  Notepad    £4.95  

Chat Pillows    £19.99  

Like/Dislike Stamps    £12.00  

"I Facebooked  Your  Mum"  T-­‐shirt    £15.00  

Computer @  Cufflinks    £19.00  

Turn It  Off  And  On  Again  Mug    £8.99  

Social Talk  Magnets    Was  £13.75  Now  £10.00  

WTF! T-­‐Shirt    £15.00  

Twi\er Poster  #tweetportrait    Was  £24.99  Now  £19.99  

Trending T-­‐Shirt    £15.00  

Jumbo Exple_ve  Eraser,  Cavallini  &  Co    £2.75  

Personalised Tweet  Towel    £12.50  

"Tweets &  Status  Updates  for  All  Occasions"    £8.95  

OMFG KraA  Lined  Journal    £6.50  

App Magnets    £9.99  

Cursory Notes    £4.99  

"What A  Difference  A  Dave  Makes"  Mug    £8.99  

Epic Fail  T-­‐Shirt    £15.00  

Retro Computer  Floppy  Disc  Cufflinks    £7.99  

'Social Media'  NiAy  Notepad    £5.95  

Meh Mug    £8.99  

Na_ve Union  Play  Video  Memo  Pad    £43.59  

OMG it's  Christmas  Already'  bauble  gold.    £5.95    

Introducing The  Gi0  Genies   The  GiA  Genies  are  your  secret  weapon  in  the  ba\le  to  impress  your  friends   and  family  with  giAs  that  are  as  thoughhul  and  stylish  as  you  are.  They  can   magic  away  even  the  trickiest  giAing  dilemma,  showing  you  where  to  buy  the   kind  of  brilliant  giAs  that  will  never  be  banished  to  the  're-­‐giAing  pile'.  They  are   available  to  offer  _ps  &  advice  on  all  ma\ers  pertaining  to  giAing  and  giAing   eique\e,  so  please  do  get  in  touch  if  you  are  working  on  any  giA  related   features.     About   As  the  UK  &  Ireland's  most  exclusive  Online  GiA  Directory,  we  hand-­‐pick  1000's   of  our  fantas_c  giA  ideas  from  100's  of  carefully  selected  online  stores  -­‐   everyone  from  well  known  des_na_on  sites  like  Net-­‐A-­‐Porter,  Selfridges  and   Hamleys,  to  quirky  independent  retailers  like  RockeA  St  George,  Biscuiteers,   REN,  Knomo  and  Monica  Vinader  to  name  but  a  few.     Our  Story  was  founded  by  real-­‐life  GiA  Genies  Orlagh  Collins  and  Kathryn   Murphy.  Orlagh  has  two  young  children  and  previously  worked  as  Head  of   Produc_on  at  Pathé,  whist  Kathryn  was  a  mul_-­‐award  winning  adver_sing   crea_ve  at  DDB.  If  you  want  any  more  informa_on  about,  just   email  or  call  us  on  020  7193  3135.  We're  always   delighted  to  help!  

For further     informa_on,  email or  call  020  7193  3135  

Social Media Gift Ideas  

The Gift Genies select their pick of this year's best Christmas Gifts for Social Media addicts

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