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Business Gifting Program For the modern professional

Our business gifting program is designed to make it easy for you to express any sentiment with your clients, employees, associates and partners.

The Power of Acknowledgement Whether you're acknowledging a job well done, a special occasion or just because, acknowledgement has an extreme amount of positive power. All of the items you see in this catalog can be purchased through our website. Simply click on the item from this catalog or visit our website at Our Business Gifting Program is completely free. Just pay for your gifts. As a member of our program, we are proud to provide you with complimentary stationary, printed ribbon and hand written messages (female and male hand writing).

Benefits of our Program: Order as you please (SMS, Email, App or Website) Real time gift tracking Add company branding/logo/stationary Set budgets and compliance for your team Schedule gifts based on regular events Access to your own portal with invoices/receipts Flexible payment methods Standard message templates for consistency Formally join our program at: and receive our welcome gift.

Table of Contents The Sales Cycle New Connections & Pre-Meeting Gifts, 5 Card Services, 6 Referral and Thank You Gifts, 7 Closing the Deal, 9 A Successful Launch & Celebrating Teamwork, 10 Feedback Worth Recognizing, 11 Position and Titles, 12 The Modern Business Professional Lifestyle On the Go, 15 Encouraging Downtime, 16 Travel Time – Wheels Up, 18 Motivation, 20 Just for Fun Employee Gifting New Hires & Relocations, 21 Exceeding Expectations, Promotions, 22 Motivation, 23 A Little Bit Sassy, 25 Life Events New Baby, 28 Birthday, 29 Get Well, 30 Sympathy, 31 Tactful Branding Custom Gifting & Printed Boxes, 33

We understand your sales process! Sales Lifecycle + Gifting Pre-Meeting Card 1. New Connections/Opportu nity Identified

Thank You Gift

2. Meeting to Discuss Needs of the Client

5. Close the Sale

Post Meeting Thank You Mini Gift 3. Delivery of proposal

4. Negotiations

Post Meeting Email Thank You

The Sales Cycle Gifting Gifting at the right times sends the perfect message – we really want to do business with you.

New Connections

New Connections If you just made a new connection, send a pre or post meeting gift. A simple mini gift is all you need to make a great impression. Not overdone, just done right.

Pre-Meeting Gift Send a little something ahead of your first meeting to show them your generous spirit! These sentiment cards are a great way to say, “See you soon!”. $14

Oh, Hello! Just because gifts are the best. Whether it’s a new connection or an old one, this set of apricot products is amazing! Comes in a white box with ribbon. $24

Card Services

Card Services We are a full service gifting company and offer custom stationary, standard cards and will handle the entire process for you. We hand write every card (male and female hand writing) and mail them on your behalf with your business card included.

u o Y k n a h T


Expressing Gratitude If you just made a new connection, send a pre or post meeting gift. A simple mini gift is all you need to make a great impression. Not overdone, just done right.

Referral Thank You Tea & Cookies Mini Gift Our black gable box comes with two cookies and two teas. Great for any business professional. Finished with “Thank you for the referral” ribbon. $22

Thank You Coffee Caramels Mini Gift Coffee Caramels in a white box finished with your card message, Whether its for the opportunity to pitch, a well-thought out solution or a thank you hang tag and ribbon. simple thank you for your time, we’re making it easy for you to show $14 them how truly thankful you are.


Bert’s Bites Almond Snack – Thank You Jar “Bert” is Roberta Intrater, who has spent many years developing her recipe. As a wife, mother, and now grandmother, she relied on her family and friends to help her perfect her delightfully crunchy treat. Word got out, and when the demand for her Bites became so great, it was time to turn her Chunky Almond Snack into a business. We’ve placed the thank you jar in a kraft box and finished it with a black satin ribbon and thank you hang tag. $18

A Vino Thank You If you’ve received a referral that warrants a higher level of thank you, wine is a great answer. We offer a variety of wines to ensure your gift is equal to the level of referral you received. Let us help you choose the perfect wine or champagne (or even nonalcoholic beverage). We’ll place it in this kraft thank you box and finish it with a black satin ribbon and your card. Shown here with Duckhorn Chardonnay, a well respected white wine from Napa Valley. $54

Executive I Our high end gift box holds to bottles of Kendall Jackson wines along with a variety of high end snacks. A true thank you gift great for any reason or to encourage the closing of a deal. $99

Executive II Our high end gift box holds a bottles of Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon and our high end snacks. An impressive presentation for any sentiment including closing the deal! $360

Closing the Deal

Closing the Deal has never been so easy!

A Successful Launch

A Successful Launch You all did it together! Celebrate a job well done with a team gift!

Congratulations Team! They understood the needs of the client and worked hard to deliver accordingly. Congratulate them with a group share gift meant to be opened and enjoyed as a team. $279

Reviews & Testimonials

Recognizing Feedback From surveys to testimonials, recognize those who took the time to provide feedback.

Thanks for Your Feedback A simple gift of appreciation for feedback your client provided. A survey response, email, review – feedback is essential. Our black box holds Coffee Toffee from DD’s Desert Delights and finished with “thank you for your feedback” ribbon. $14

Tea Break Say thank you with this tea and candle gift set. Twine has upcycled wine bottles into candles and we’ve added matches as well as tea. $24

Engineers & Admins

Positions & Titles Gifting according to their job function creates a resonating experience for them. Engineers love trinkets, admins love organization…you get the idea.

Engineering Tech Kit Engineers are people too! They’re heads down and busy being creative. Give them a gift that they’ll appreciate! We’ve included salted cashews, a beverage, a power bank, flashlight, ear buds, screen cleaner wipes and a cable management organizer. $65

Amazing Admins! They’re the real boss right? Take care of those who take care of you. We’ve included a ”write it off” pen cup, small journal and pen, a catchall tray, chocolate covered Oreo cookies, truffles and candied pecans for some sweets. $58

Customer Service

Customer Service for Employees or Customers They got an incredible survey back on their service or a customer raved about them. Reward them and recognize their attention to detail with this darling gift pack! $44

The Modern Professional Lifestyle Celebrating life outside of work.

Move It!

On the Go Move it but stop to nourish!

On The Go On the go snacks include pistachios, almonds and dried apricots along with Perrier sparkling water. All in a handled gift box great to grab and go. $28

Most Important This stainless steel 20 oz. water bottle has a screw on cork top and says, “most important meal of the day”. We’ve paired it with Voss artesian still water for a simple gift. Placed in a box and finished with a silver and black bow, we’ll add your card message and ship according to your instructions. $28


Encouraging Downtime We’re all constantly working – encourage downtime. Whether it’s a coffee break or a vacation, care about their overall piece of mind.

Out of Office Encourage them to get out of the office with this gift set. A leather coozie comes with two Longboard beers, dipping pretzels, “out of the office, don’t text me I’ll text you” raw almonds, candied pecans and a pair of wooden bamboo sunglasses. $58

Hello Weekend! This gorgeous blue pouch holds a few modern amenities. On the inside it says, “nice to see you again!”. We’ve added sunglasses, lip balm, body spray and a Voss water. $36

Everyone loves a good coffee break! We’ve included Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso, chocolate covered coffee beans, a coffee bean ice cube tray & iced coffee glass. $52

Break Time Encourage a little break time with this snack pack (keto friendly cheese snacks and Voss water) and a Bluetooth speaker. $39

More Coffee Please This gold metal container holds a variety of flavorful coffee themed items and fun accessories! We've included an extra-large box of vanilla wafer cookies, the amazing pecan shortbread cookies a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans, flavored sugars, cold brew dark chocolate caramels, ground coffee, two chocolate dipped almond biscotti, a darling "Coffee because adulting is hard" tea towel and a clear glass mug that says SIP. $68

Break Time

Let’s Take a Coffee Break

Travel Gifts

Wheels UP! Gifting for the Modern Traveler on business or pleasure.

Yes, I Have Baggage Ready for take off? Send them a gift to enjoy on the plane. Snacks, journal, pen, luggage tag and a few extras – they’ll enjoy their flight so much more! $44

Travel Often? This pouch holds some travel essentials including a ”lets go on an adventure journal, a slim line silver pen, candied pecans, an “airplane mode” eye mask, hand lotion and ear buds. The perfect travel companion. $34

Travel Gifts

Let’s Get Away This exquisite getaway tote is filled with gourmet treats and a blanket for the weekend getaway. Cabernet Sauvignon, mixed Provencal olives, a candle and matches, mini mustard, Rustic Bakery’s artisan crisps, organic olive oil and sel gris flatbread along with a cheddar and camembert cheese spread. $159

Cleared for Takeoff This darling tote is boxed with a bottle of non-alcoholic Cabernet Rose Juice, a mini journal, pen, earbuds, raw almonds and a luggage tag. $38

Employee, Partner & Associates Our people are everything.

New Hire

New Hires Welcome your new employees to the company with our branded swag boxes that have a few essentials to get them going.

New Hire Welcome Kit We’ll work with you to develop the right gift based on your company culture but our welcome kits can be mailed out directly to your new employee or you can hand them out on their very first day. We’ve included some healthy snacks, a beverage, a power bank, ear buds and a cable management organizer. $65

The Artisan Experience This is an impressive gift! We’ve included Rustic Bakery's crisps, Bee Seasonal organic Brazilian honey & candied pecans by Black Bow Sweets. We've also included spicy BBQ sunflower seeds, pitted mixed olives, Italian breadsticks, salted whole cashews, seasoned pretzels, Mediterranean apricots, summer sausage, pepper jack and white zinfandel cheeses, a honey stick, spreader knife, striped tea towel and a 13" cutting board. $129


Exceeding Expectations Employees killin’ it at their sales goals, closing major deals and significant accomplishments are worth recognizing.

A Mini Moet Yay! This full size champagne bucket holds a split of Moet champagne and Bert’s congratulations snack mix. Perfect for a job well done, promotion or personal celebration such as a birthday. $99 (Available with full size champagne or multiple splits)

Congrats Snack Mix! Our Bert’s chunky almond snack mix comes in a congrats jar and is boxed with ribbon and you card message. $18


Motivation We all need to be inspired and reminded that hard work pays off.

An Inspired Life Our “Inspired Life� series is a best seller. Comes with a journal, pen, pencil case and mini inspiration notes for 30 days. $42

Energize! This citrus splash bath set comes with bath salts, body lotion, lip balm, body spray and a mini hustle tote bag. This gift comes in a kraft gift box with a clear lid and finished with coordinating ribbon. $65


It’s Game Time! Ready to make it happen? Use this game time chalkboard to map out the plan to get that new account or close a sale – oh an stay hydrated and nourished with Gatorade. This come wrapped with a coordinating bow and your message. $26

Just for Fun

A Little Bit Sassy Just for fun. Send a little sassy gift for any reason.

Speaker Phone

Hey Boss Lady!

This sentiment mug comes with coffee and two toffee shortbread cookies. $16

This “Boss Lady� mug is filled with coffee, coffee chocolate, coffee caramels, Javamelt sugars and two Rustic Bakery Meyer lemon shortbread cookies. $24

Available with beer or non-alcoholic beverages, our Let’s Day Drink comes with a variety of snacks. Choose your card and we’ll hand write your heart felt message and deliver (if available) or ship. $135

C.E.O. (Consume Every Ounce) This black box holds a CEO rocks glass with two Jack Daniels Lynchburg lemonade along with Tamari glazed mixed and sesame seeds, dipping pretzels, candied pecans and a bottle opener. $52

Just for Fun

Job Well Done

Let’s Day Drink!

Life Events Celebrations, challenges and in times of sympathy, show your employees you’re paying attention and you care.

Welcome Baby

Blessings of Baby This darling "Tiny Perfect Things" book is the perfect goodnight story! Included in this gift is the infamous "Brenner Bear" and coordinating picture frame, a plush grey blanket, two Carter 9 month old onesies and Aveeno baby wipes for sensitive skin. All of these beautiful items are placed in an attractive storage gift basket and wrapped in cello with a gorgeous handtied bow. $89

Our Birthday Brew boxes are a huge hit! Wrap and cello with coordinating ribbon and delivered or shipped as you request. Available in three flavors: Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada or Shocktop. $39. Happiest of Birthdays Our birthday themed box comes with cake batter cookies, birthday gummy bears, birthday brittle, chocolate chip cookies and a mini sparkling cider. $44

Mia Birthday Our Mia sweet white wine comes with plenty of sweet treats! Enjoy tea cookies, an oversized rice crispy treat, birthday gummi bears, confetti cake white chocolate and birthday brittle. $68



Birthday Brew

Get Well

Be Healthy A refreshing, great tasting collection of treats tucked into this bamboo container, Bars, trail mix, dried apricots, turmeric bites, BAI beverage and skinny pop. $43

Good Morning Snack Our mini wooden crate holds chamomile lavender loose leaf tea, mixed berry granola and a chocolate chia cookie (gluten free, plant based an vegan). $22

Don’t Quit Chocolate This gift comes with a darling sign that says, “I could give up chocolate but I’m no quitter!” We’ve included a four pack of milk chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate chip brownie brittle, cookies and cream bites, milk chocolate covered almonds, Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix, whipped chocolate honey, two chocolate dipped almond biscotti’s and a two-piece Ferrero truffle gold box. $58

Our dark brown seagrass container holds our sweet bergamot, mandarin, white florals and sandalwood spa products. $79

Tea Time A collection of fine tea items. Rustic Bakery's Meyer lemon shortbread cookies are absolutely amazing! If you love fruit teas, you'll love this Raspberry Blackberry tea from Taylor's. We added coordinating accessories including a tea towel, mini tea dish and a self-infusing tea pot. We've included two honey tea packs and finished this gift with "But First, Tea" artwork. $68



Pure Relaxation

Tactful Branding

Let us infuse your branding, style and even logo into your gift to reinforce your branding. Whether it’s a simple thank you or a larger congratulations gift your branding is familiar and comfortable for your client.

Great for drop in gifting. Available in a variety of sizes starting as low as $6 plus your choice of amenities inside. We have a large variety of food and non-food items to choose from so let’s talk about how you might be able to use these gifts for your clients, employees and associates.

Case Study: Hero Care Package is a military gifting company started by military personnel to send the items they really want. These custom boxes come with their logo and are filled with the clients choice of food and/or non-food items. Our boxes are full color, strong enough to mail on their own and available in over 20 sizes.

Full Color Branded Gift Boxes

Gable Boxes:

Let’s Get Started!

The Power of Acknowledgement Visit our website at and let’s get you and your company set up.