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3. -4 . Skeches

2. Introduction

5. - 6. Small architecture 7. - 12. Projects


13. - 14. Diploma work

About my self Education Work experionce Activities and interest


I am Giedrius Šimkaitis, I’m a guy and I was born on 29 August, 1984 in Kaunas. I live in Kaunas most of my life except between the ages of 21 and 23, when I moved to England.

I have finished my studies at Kaunas College with diploma thesis - I prepared the reconstruction project of green plantation of Kaunas District Rokai Cultural Centre. I am working in UAB “Aplinkos darbai” (Ltd.) as a manager of works– it is a responsible position. Our company provides landscaping, planting, maintenance, as well as timber cutting and clearing services.

I do play basketball during summers, ride the bike and play table tennis. It is pleasant to say that I have won the first place at table tennis competition. I do not avoid going to the dance club with my friends. Sport and physical activity has provided me with the courage and self-reliance. I am playing with the drums, trombone, double bass with the group. Soon there will be 10 years, when I have been taking an active part in the life of Rokai Cultural Centre.



Hand graphics include pen and ink, graphite, watercolour, markers, and coloured pencils.



Small architecture

Small architecture elements from my projects.




In the implemented project the plot is zoned into functional areas. The representative part was decorated by mixborder and the living part – by groups of plants, parterres and a small pool, which shall be planted with coastal plants.


In the sketch of homestead of dwelling house the mixborder, composed from flowers and woody plants, was designed near the driveway. The southwest corner of homestead with summerhouse is designed for passive recreation; the stony path leads from representative area to it.


Projects In the project of green plantation of block of multi-storey houses the system of roads and yards, parterres of perennial flowers, recreational areas and the groups of woody plants, performing the security - sanitary functions, were designed.


The special attention was paid on the recreational area in the prepared homestead project. Here the summerhouse with large rock-garden, where the perennial and annual flowers as well as small woody plants are dominating.




The homestead plot was divided into functional areas. The representative area was decorated by perennial flowers and decorative woody plants. In the terrace, located in the living area, the fountain, perennial plants in containers, children’s playing equipment and mixborder were designed.

The household area was separated by pergola with blooming bindweed. Here the modular garden of vegetables, seasoning plants and herbs was designed. In the terrace, located in the end of the plot, the pergola with outdoor furniture shall be arranged.

The living area of new house with empty plot in the southern part with colourful mixborder of flowers and decorative woody plants near the border of plot, and the area for recreation were designed. The northern part of the plot is dedicated for household.


Diploma work


Reconstruction project of green plantation of Rokai Cultural Centre of Kaunas District, prepared in 2010. The current environment of Cultural Centre did not meet the needs of community, there was no clear functional zoning.

Existing conditions

In the project the territory was divided into the areas of passive and active recreation as well as representative area, where the elements of small architecture, playing and passive recreation yards, and compositions of decorative plants were designed. The project sought to create the colourful and comfortable environment, convenient recreational areas for people of various age.


Giedrius Simkaitis Portfolio  

This is portfolio of landscape design made by Giedrius Simkaitis

Giedrius Simkaitis Portfolio  

This is portfolio of landscape design made by Giedrius Simkaitis