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their classmates'Facebookprofiles nrore easily,study groups and other collaborations give way to social learningopportunities. "On the su#aceit soundsvery useful since many Aenes Scott College has a new hiend on Facebook. studentshave enjoyed the abihty to accesscoure Blafkboard, orignally available from its own host materialson Blackboard and many more enjoy using server,is now availablevia Facebook.The-original Blackboardapplicationthat Agnes Scon Colleg€ uses, Facebook.The only drawback I can think of involves the reaction that I sometimesget from current known as BlackboardAcademic Suite, is an educaScotties who stumble acrossmy profile-what are you tional online platform that connectsstudentswith doing on Facebookz"said David 5. Thompson, protheir course information. The Facebookapplication, just fessorand chair for the department of theatre. popular netsocial one of the BlackboardSync, is The purpose of BlackboardSync is to allow studenfs working site'i hundreds of applications.that it boasts. to learn about an assignment,grade, and new forum Teaming up with Facebook,BlackboardSync promisposts, etc., without having to evcr leave Facebook. es to deliver course information and updatcs to stuBlackboardSync also cross-referencesstudents' coursdents' Facebookaccount by integrating acadcmics es rosterswith Facebookto make it easierto connect with their social livcs. with classmatesthrough Facebook. An educationally resorrceful application may g€t "l think that's an awesomeidea. I will feel morq prolost in the Facebookjungle of flirtatious applications ductive logging onto Facebookknowing that I can (for example,among them the uYou'recutenor the nAre You Interested?"applications) and arguably naruse the excug€that I'm doing work for a class,"said host' of the beneftts photo however albums, cissistic ing Blackboardon the social networking site may Pagcz su 1Blocld,oard" --Plcasc prove useful. By allowing studcnts to gain accessto

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ElizabethTackett '09. Srudentslike Tackett who use Facebookfor socializingmay hope that their academiclife will also be enhancedif they chooseto make use of BlackboardSync. This is precisely the reasonthat BlackboardSync was created- in order to bridge the gap between students' socialand academiclives on Facebook' But others are more skeptical about the cr:di' fication of BlackboardSync on Facebor:k. Some fear that the launch of BlackboardSync may encouragethe switch for Facebookto take

over students'lives, while others fear privary iszues"l don't know how much I trust this Facebonk centralization.Doesn't that mcan that our academic recordswould be associatedwith our Facebookaccounts2Obviously not seenby our friends, but who knows what records are kept by the site,"said LnuisaHill '09. BlackboardSync was only launched this past May when most studentt are out for the summer. Vhatever one's stancemay be about Blackboard'spresenceon the socialnetworking mogul, only time will tell if lt will deliver all that it promises.

Agnes Scott in sync with Facebook  

Agnes Scott College's academic platform is now facebook ready. Blackboard Academic Suite is an application that ASC students can use with th...

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