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ftâ‚Źâ‚Ź{/tL By Gida Hammarni

Being healthv i.s hot. anrl it doesnl hqtte to he hartl 1 ferr casi Pointers prove beinp health,Vcan h<,a3 sy'eel a5 cgndt,

Bar Nccessities The verdic is in sportand encrg,vbarshar,ethe prolein.carbsand fats (good fats. that is) 1ou nccd for quick and conv.enicntcncrgt #(1tlfBdr. St ]q Thc ncxt best rhing to grandma'sbakedgoods.but lvait. it is gocdfor 1ou! Flar,orsirrcludeCaramclApplc Cobbter.peanul totall_y -fo{Ic.eBuzz, B lack Chcrn, Al mond. Whcre to gct it'2Thcsedays.pretty much cvcrywhcre.Gassrations. drugstores,grocer! storcs.REI. SynrtsAuthoriry:and e!,enTarpets arecatchingon.

FeelingFnrit_v? { ferr of thc frrnkrcstfmits that arc full of flavor arc surc to makc { { - 't t rnro q u r fl r : lr dr r r f un, $ . \ 'r or.l ,u ;t i, , / . ,, n. ' , . 1i. , 1.t r,,l l ()(/p e r c ,a rl o no .f2 J Slirppedfroni Fionda.thls c\otlc fnrit is currentlyin scasonand hasr'ore ro offcr rhanfiber. Eachlutcr lhirst quenchingmouth_full delrversmore betacaroteneand r.rraminc than carrotsand oranscs! Gct 'em at your localfruit standor thc lntematronalFarmersMatrka in Chamblecon PeachtreeIndustrial.

SoyWhat?! Soy pro<Iucts arc big. Wlrctheri.ou needI dairy,-freelltcrnativc or if 1'ouarejust soy cnthusiasticto tr-vthc tastyand surprisingh, creamycreatlons made from soybeans.eleryday products now all havethcir otvn so].replicas Ice ('ream Dessert $So-r- Delicious Turtle Trac,ks,\'on-Dain: one pint: 52.99 Caramelcombustionand chocolatecoatedpralinesdrorwring in a non{airv- frozen dessert.Thouglr it onlv is a littte bit lig}rter 'anilla thanyour fal'orite premium ice crearn y'ounon't feelguilt_vdowring this ice cream becausea big chunl amount of profits go to endangeredsea turtles organization. So you're still helping save the earth as you chow down! Available only at Whote FoodsGrocerv Store.

On The W i td S i des... Enjq'them on thesideor asa snack.tirer babies aregoodwhcro,er. whenel'cr. f

36.1 {)rfon,,


f-r.rt:en and ,Sihelledf:damame l6 ounce bag;

it's good for'ou? Nol onh, is it rich in proteln. it.s alsofull of-whY fiber (essenilalfor cleanlngout ],our,ahem,system).It is a fun and fnendll.$'av lo get in a green food and is good an-l,time.served hot or cold. Get Rlamame servedto you off the menu you at r favonte Japanesc re$aurant,srch asEdo <r Nikato's Slfam them yourselfafler 6u1ing them from anv Whole FoodsLocation. IfYou Dare Somc foods are betler for you than others. and some just taste befter. Then tlere are those strangeand ..weird,, foods.lio teil;;; about someof the most outrageoui picks, I had ro try them myselfl Wheatgrass 51.75per ounce serving is actually good for you. Lach ounce ..shot,, Tr.q*:r comes pack with the vitamins and minerals equivalenr to approximately three pounds of vegetablemass! $

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Health Hot Spot  

Being healthy is hot, and it doesn't have to be hard. A few pointers prove being healthy can be as sweet as candy.

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