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antito support Cottege initiatives chitdprostitution Bv Cnl H,cMMAMI SnpE li(/nrrsn A few months ago, a campus-wide survey was circulated to determine which I themes would be central to the "Vomen's I St"av Focused Project." The proposed I t o p i cs include d p rostitutio n of gir ls in I t h e Mct ro A tlan ta are a,immi gr ant s ' I rights in the Metro Atlanta area, raising | funds for girls'education in Afghanistan I a n d clean wate r p roje cts in S ub- Sahar an I Africa Ouet 2500 students, taculty and staff I I t o o k part in the po ll, with 7l 3 pc r c c nt I o f v oters tav orin g th e wotn ctr ' s\ t u( lv ini' I ti a t i vc on prostitu tion o f gir'l t lr t h. : I metro Atlanta area. " l n as early a s 24 -48 h ou rs, nt nawaY | I g i rl s living on th e stree tswill bc r ec r uit I e d a s prost itu tcsb y p imps," s aid ^ I Elizabcth Hackett, associatcprofessor of I wo m cn' s stu die sr. p hilo so ph y . H a ckctt an d lsa Villia ms, as s is t antpr oI ol women! studies and director of I f "rt.,r I c x p e riential le arn ing te ame d up wit h t he I Stephanie l)avis, advisor for the Office I of the Mayor on women's issuesto raise I awarenessin the communfty about prosI t i r u t ion of f c male mino rs in the gr c at er I At l a n t a arca . " l t hink that most folks wan t t o under | I s t a n d t he history of th is issu eand what ' s I b c i ng done in a dd ition to wh at m or e we I c a n do, " V illiams sa id T" kick-otf Vomen's History Month, I I Ch..on Crouch, co-coordinator of l at rA q F r(rr@

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film discussion following a short fllm by Rachel Lloyd, founder of Cirls Educational and Mentoring Services,. The film, entitled TbeMaking of a Gnl, portrays an in-depth journey of a hypothetical American preteen enduring a life of sex trafficking, abuse, and sexual exoloitation. Acco.ding to an online report collaborated by the Atlanta \i/omen's Agenda, "Hidden in Plain View, The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Cirls in Atlanta,"Atlanta has a thriving adult entertainment industry loaded with strip c lubs . s c x s hops a r r d c \ c ( , 1 t s. c i l i ( ( 's . (lonsequently, c'nrotionallyand physically abandc,neclci.rildrcrrfrom outlying areasarc particularly inclined to trade scx for a living. "l met with Hackett, Villiams and others a couple of months ago to develop a strategy for Agnes Scott's engagement on this issuc.I'm so honored by this," Davis s aid. On March 29, Davis will speak on the report, "The Commercial Sexual Exoloitation of Girls in Adanta, Vhat can Ve Do to Address this Issue2"in the Fireplace lounge to commemorate the end of Vomen's History Month. Davis also urges students to take action

College to support anti-child prostitution initiatives  

Reaction to a campus wide survey to determine the Women's Study Focused Project topic. Survey says the issue of child prostitution in the At...

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