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Once upon as time there was a boy named Dominic and through many good deeds and his love of life and everyone around him he became a saint. This is his story.Â

Saint Dominic’s childhood was a very important time in his life because spending time with the people closest to him like is parents, would have helped shape who he was as a person. Saint Dominic’s parents were very giving to their village and cared very much for everyone who lived there. Saint Dominic had some brothers and sisters so he would have had to learn how to share with them.

Dominic’s role models were Bishop Diego and his uncle because they encouraged him to become a priest and also his parents because they were very nice people and helped care for their community.  


St Dominic really enjoyed walking because he liked to walk all over Europe to take the time

to talk to his followers. Often as St. Dominic walked he sang aloud because it brought

him happiness. When St. Dominic began to start an order he walked about 900 Kilometers to ask the pope’s agreement to establish his order of Dominicans. This is a major

example for Dominic’s love of life and of others. The fact that he walked

for so long so that he could help others by showing them the light of Christ is just one of

the many reasons that Dominic is a Saint.

Because of Saint Dominic’s great achievements in life he was canonized by Pope Gregory IX on the 3rd of July 1234.This means that Pope Gregory IX thought that there was something special about Dominic. It may have been the way that he treated others or his love of life and God or it could have been both.




Saint Dominic died at the age of 48 from malaria a deadly disease at the time from infected mosquito bites. Saint Dominic Died in 1221. Â

St. Dominic was taken up a hill by his brothers as they thought this would help him feel less sick. This hill was called Santa Maria Del Monte. Dominic wanted to be taken down in order to be closer to his brothers, yet sadly he died at the age of 48 in Bologna in 1221. Â

Why are we called Santa Sabina? The pope was very impressed by Dominic and his work with the Dominicans, who are his followers, so the named a church in honor of him called Santa Sabina. We now have a special orange tree grown from a seedling from an orange tree at Santa Sabina. Â

The Dominican sisters came to Australia to start a Dominican school in order to give an education to not only the wealthy but the poor as well. The school has grown overtime and we now attend this special school that the sisters started and we are very proud to follow in his footsteps. Â

St Dominic For the Little Ones Final  
St Dominic For the Little Ones Final  

This is a story book that tells the story of Saint Dominic in language that children can understand