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Get your books into all digital distribution channels easily and economically with QuickStart      

store metadata and all digital versions of your titles convert titles to epub and other formats deliver files and metadata to distribution partners manage all digital assets in-house with a user-friendly online application maintain control and flexibility as the digital marketplace grows reduce training and outsourcing costs

QuickStart is an affordable entry point giving you a sustainable foundation for future digital growth.

Google eBooks has just launched in Canada. A publisher who has loaded all his titles on QuickStart and has established a Google eBooks account will be able to send any of these to Google after a 5-minute setup. This is true for any distributor. Once the metadata and required formats have been loaded, QuickStart looks after the technicalities of ftp and the inevitable variances in distributor templates. And if codeMantra has created your epub and PDF, we guarantee successful delivery to any distributor.

THE QUICKSTART DIFFERENCE. Getting started is simple and risk-free. You can register online and be up and running with your own branded QuickStart site within a week. A deposit of $2500 opens your account; this amount is applied against conversion and delivery services ordered through the service, making QuickStart essentially free of charge for any publisher converting and delivering a dozen or so titles per year. The QuickStart technical support team is always available to answer questions and offer advice, providing your staff with applied, on-thejob training. For publishers coping with the rapidly-evolving digital world, this free component of the service is an important dividend.

Free delivery to Google for 3 months for new clients Contact: Bob Gibson Gibson Publishing Connections 18 Lynwood Ave Toronto, ON M4V 1K2 819-459-8870 Cell: 819-665-6965

“We have been very pleased with your company’s work. Both quality and turnaround times were excellent. LNC looks forward to working again with your company as we move beyond the pilot project phase of our eBook initiatives." Anand Ablack, Director, Content Development and Acquisition

LexisNexis Canada

“IDRC has been a client of GPC/codeMantra since 2004. We have used the CollectionPoint system since then to convert and manage over 300 titles. We maintain several digital formats for our titles, and we deliver them through Collection Point to over a dozen digital distributors worldwide, including ebrary, NetLibrary, MyiLibrary, Questia, Scribd, Google Books, Overdrive and Library and Archives Canada. Our experience with GPC and codeMantra has been very positive." Bill Carman, Publishing Director

IDRC Books

"Formed in 2007 as Canada’s first openaccess scholarly publisher, AU Press has grown its list since 2008 to over 40 titles, which we are now distributing online through our own channels as well as licensing to third-party distributors. Our work over this period has been ably supported by Gibson Publishing Connections & codeMantra. Since November we have been using the QuickStart CollectionPoint service to manage the conversion and distribution work. This has been a valuable introduction for us to the world of DAMs." Kathy Killoh, Journals and Digital Coordinator

AU Press

CollectionPoint QuickStart Brochure  

Get your books into all digital distribution channels easily and economically with QuickStart,