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Buying a Pre-Owned BMW Car

Introduction Buying a BMW can be a daunting task, even if it’s a used one. To help you buy the perfect set of BMW wheels, we’ve listed down some important things you need to bear in mind. Keep reading.

Pre-Prep How to research?

Do as much research as possible. Read consumer reports and auto reviews  Ask friends and colleagues. 

Pre-Prep What to look for?

ď Ź Gather gas consumption and maintenance data. ď Ź Narrow the search to a couple of models.

Check the records 

Eliminate vehicles with potential problems:    

Rolled back odometers Outstanding liens Severe abuse Cars involved in serious accidents

Check complete service history.

Examine the Vehicle ď Ź

ď Ź

Check out the used BMW car yourself or take a knowledgeable person along. Let a trustworthy mechanic inspect the car for you.

Where to look? 

Door handles and electric windows: 

Key must seat well in the key holder. Windows can malfunction in case water gets into their switches.

Check under the car for any power steering leaks. The ABS pumps.

Where to look? 

Alloy rims for hairline cracks. Under the hood for coolant or oil leaks or burnt oil smell. During a test drive, watch for rough shifts.

iDrive: Take it or Leave it? 

In early models, iDrive was criticized to be too distracting to use while driving. Take your time and test iDrive thoroughly. See if you are comfortable using iDrive.

The Paperwork    

Check the paperwork carefully. Check with the Vehicle Registration Authorities . Read the warranty policy closely. If buying a ‘Certified’ used BMW, check the items it has been approved for.

Your Checklis t • Registration certificate • Insurance: Get the insurance transferred to your name.

• If previous owner had taken a loan to purchase the car, get:  

Form 32 & 35: No-objection certificate from the finance company

• Road tax receipt • Car purchase invoice

Certified Pre-Owned BMW  

Recommended: Buy from a CPO BMW Dealer. You will pay a little more for a CPO BMW, but the extra warranty and peace of mind is absolutely worth it!

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All you need to know about buying a pre owned bmw  

Be prepared before buying a pre-owned BMW. Find out what all you can do to get your hands on that perfect BMW car.

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