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Hard work is not over when you graduated. It is simply a break as you enter the new battlefield in life. The next years would be tough because new challenges are on your way but it would be easy as long as you are connected with the Master Teacher. The One who holds the key to success. Chasing a dream requires efforts, passion, and hardwork. Continue to let Jesus your path and He will surely direct you to the right way of life. Keep up your good work and continue to strive.

May this chapter of your life bring you new inspiration and happiness in life.

Congratulations for the job well done!


To our dear graduates: Today I congratulate you on what you achieved. I challenge you to be grateful of what you learned and accomplished not only through your efforts , but also through the help of your parents and teachers and most of all, through the guidance of Jesus Christ, our path – that without Him you were bound to failure. As you leave the portal of your Alma Mater, I pray that you will live accordingly to the life and teachings of our v, Jesus Christ. May your next stage of educational endeavor be more interesting, challenging and successful. As what is written in Psalms 31:24, “ Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.”

May our Almighty God continuously bless and prosper you. 5 | NAESIAN14

To the Graduating Class of 2014: It’s really a privilege of having you as our active pupils in this institution for the past six years. Your stay here has been a memorable one, for it was here where your inquisitive minds were developed, where your skills were cultivated and where your values were moulded through the efforts and sacrifices of your teachers and parents. As you depart from this place, bring with you the inspiration of learning good values and ideas in this school, as well as the joy of knowing Jesus who is our path to eternal life.

To all of you, good luck and God bless!


Our beloved graduates: Today is indeed a momentous day in your lives for you have successfully reached your first journey of education through hard work and other values and factors that were attributed in it. Tomorrow you will walk on to another path where new challenges and ideas are awaiting. Your next journey might be easy or hard, but through God’s guidance nothing is impossible to attain because Jesus, our path will lead you all the way. May you continuously strive hard as you seek further education and other endeavors. As what the Bible says in II Timothy 2:15, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Be proud of your Alma Mater, too, as you live with the lofty ideals you’ve gained from it. Congratulations and God bless!


Honorable guest, beloved principal, dear teachers, parents, fellow pupils, ladies and gentlemen: Once again you have witnessed a Closing Exercises which is often done at the end of the school year and signifies that we will go through another milestone of education in our lives. As we go on to it, our Alma Mater might ask: Do we have a bright future to face ? Is the education we have had here enough to face the challenges ahead? Since we were born our parents’ dream for us is to obtain knowledge and skills, and to us victorious in all our dealings. Today that dream has been partially reached which in turn brought happiness to their faces for at last after six years of labor we have succeeded through their untiring support and sacrifices. Today let us reminisce the times when we were with our teachers. Let us live to the teachings and values we’ve learned from them. Take note we aboard this bark. We have no choice but to sail this voyage to success or we perish. We must of necessity grasp the helm and determine the course. We have no magic key to be successful, but in Christ alone nothing is impossible to achieve for He is our path. The choice is only ours. In Christ alone we will be victorious. Finally, to all of you we say thank you.



Arquillo, Steffanny Mae R.

Bacani, Ivan Ralph P.

Canlas, Janelle Alyson M.

David, Aristotel A.

David, Jhoro Meir C.

Dayao, Ansherina Louise M.

Dela Cruz, Aston Martin S.

Dela Cruz, Daniella S.

Gaba, King Ice F.

Malubay, Yeshiyah Yoel R.

Manlulu, Cassandra L.

Mercado, Ginuel C.

Quijano, Alex Luis B.

Ronquillo, Jerwin Kyle R.

Santos, Hanz Xyril P.

Santos, Jhon Michael V.

Zita, Princess Nicole A.

10 | NAESIAN14

To all graduates:


Finishing your Elementary Curriculum is one of the achievements that you’ve now attained. For that , I congratulate you, because you will now take another milestone of steps to the higher education. Take heed on what you’ve learned from your dear Alma Mater. Be proud that you were guided by your loving parents, patient teachers, and above all by our God in your studies. Good luck and God Speed! MS. GRACE JOY L. GOLLE Pre-elementary Adviser 11 | NAESIAN14

Arceo, Blessie Kian R.

Arcules, Dirk Aven

Da単o, Seth Brennan E.

David, Renz A.

Hawas, Shahenaz Hassan B..

12 | NAESIAN14

Lopesillo, John Benedict G.

Balagtas, Jaspher G.

Dayrit, Neo V.

Lozano, Vince Henrick D.

Ba単ez, Vincent Kyel Y.

Bautista, Shen Adone T.

Cunanan, Michaello Annedrei M.

Dinio, Audrey Lee P.

Dizon, Danielle D.

Garcia, Jhanel Aliyah B.

Malit, Ysabel M.

Massaro, Tristan Lee S.

Maglalang, Breana Glenice A.

Medina, Jera Mae D.

Naguit, Aaron S.

Pineda, Niels Bradley L.

Quiambao, Calis Andrey C.

Rivera, Harvey L.

Prep Roque, Rain B.

Roque, Rhian B.

Santos, Kris R.

Sarmiento, Kristian Karl M.

13 | NAESIAN14

Bacani, Jamuel

Azada, Jayke France R.

Balmaceda, Denise Francheska L.

Dizon, Gian Josh M.

Eseyo, Denise Angel M.

Estubo, James Ryan S.

Humilde, Renzel Hailey M.

Lozano, Loewe Lou G.

Maglalang, Clarence Geanie A.

Medina, Jeicel P.

Morallos, Rusty S.

Ronquillo, Kimdon M.

Roque, Gabrielle S.

Roque, John Ray Q.

Santos, Marwin V.

Singque, Skynyrd D.

Tiongson, Emmanuel Cedie J.

Tolentino, Aneeza Fiona M.

14 | NAESIAN14

Dear graduates:

Grade I

Learning is vain without God’s providence. Thus, I encourage you to pursue your studies by seeking God’s wisdom first that you will be guided accordingly. Be zealous in facing new challenges in life especially to the next stage of education that you are about to encounter. Be of good examples to your new friends as well as to the old. As what the Bible says, “ Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

Congratulations to all of you!


Bacani, Adrian C.

Bacani, Jesrille Ivan O.

Bansil, Pauline Aimee B.

Bautista , Sean Lanzer B.

Bautista, Evan Clyde T.

Bautista, Stephen Luke B.

David, Roger Jr A.

De Leva, Sherrilein S.

Dela Cruz, Tristan S.

Dinio, Aleeza Faye P.

Garcia, Jharonne Brent B.

Guiao, Kobe S.

Hernando, Franz Gel S.

Lansang, Erz King P.

Lansang, Jyward P.

Lapira, Pauline G.

Manalang, Alyanna Christine L.

16 | NAESIAN14

Martin, Laurence Peter T.

Medina, Jovel P.

Nunag, Nhicole Anne E.

Ocampo, Henlin M.

Dear graduates: Pelimco, Denise Mari A.

Roque, Chelsea R.

Roque, Karl B.

I I e d a r G

True education is the preparation of the physical, mental, and moral powers for the performance of every duty; it is the training of body, mind, and soul for divine service. This is the education that will endure unto eternal life. Congratulations graduates!

Sadsad, Tristan Shin S.

Sarmiento, Archie M.

Sarmiento, Khiro M.

MRS. GLORIA S. ROQUE Grade II Adviser 17 | NAESIAN14

Apostol, Lance Jezreel B.

Balagtas, Christine Joy E.

Bansil, Paolo Gabriel B.

Bobadilla, Audrey Yeuann D.

Calilung, Ruffa R.

David, Jade Ann A.

De leon, Christian P.

Dizon, James Ellar M.

Dizon, Ryza Mae B.

Faigmani, Diana Fhel S.

Galang, Chloe R.

Guiao, Akiko Aizzy S.

Gumtang, Samantha Louise M.

Hernando, Fea Amor S.

Herrera, Nina Luisa C.

Lapira, Sweet Haarin D.

Lozano, Heaven G.

18 | NAESIAN14

Mamawag, Mikel Angelo A.

Maninang, Adrian D.

Manlulu, Jeyc E.

Martin, Charles Danielle T.

I I I e d a r G Paule, Angela Christine L.

Pelimco, Arianne Jade F.

Pelimco, Daeniel Mari M.

Ronquillo, Ralph Gabriel M.

Roque, Zachary Louise S.

To all the graduates:

Salonga, John Joseph

Tolentino, Kurt Anthony M.

Villanueva, Danielle B.

Congratulations! I hope and pray that you will all fulfill your goals and wishes. Strive more for a brighter and better life. Most of all, keep on seeking God’s grace. Mrs. Nanarine D. Corre Grade III Adviser

19 | NAESIAN14

Azada, Jastin R.

De Jesus, Evita Wynel C.

Malit, Nicole M.

20 | NAESIAN14

Bacani, Vanessa O.

Barrun, Jireh L

Camacho, Eirish B.

Canlas, John Daniel M.

Ducut, Axel Jade A

Garcia, Rean Lane M.

Garcia, Marvy Bhiel S.

Isip, Adrian S.

Manlulu, Jemuel M.

Mindaro, Jhian Phillip A.

Naguit, John Charlie S.

Ocampo, Jeiyel M.

Carlos, Jimwel M.

Macatol, Allan Jemuel

Pineda, Ivan L.

Roque, Joshua R.

Roque, Timothy S.

To all Graduates: Sampang, Paolyn E

Sarmiento, John Patrick M.

Grade IV

Seeking God first during the day is your best tool for learning. How I wish that all of you will continue your desire to be good models to your schoolmates someday.

If you cultivate your talents, practice and concentrate on your perfection, you should become experts in your skills and ultimately become famous. Let us not forget that , “ Every good and perfect gift comes from God.� (James 1:17) Sarmiento, Nhela Mhel V.

Yabut, Ashley Josh M..

Congratulations Batch 2014! MR. DANILO M. ESGUERRA Grade IV Adviser

21 | NAESIAN14

Bacani, Erlene C.

Balagtas, Arjay E.

Garcia, Redginald J.

Manalang, Jessica M.

22 | NAESIAN14

Calma, Hazel Ann G.

Carlos, Krisha Joy M.

Diaz, Christian Jeremy D.

Dizon, Justin Jacob D.

Garcia, Seiji S.

Herrera, Nicole C.

Lansang, Ezekhiel John P.

Lozano, Reign Antonette A.

Lozano, Yvonne Y.

Manlulu, Jath E.

Ma単alac, Andreah Lanne

Mendoza, Robert England R.

Meneses, Enrick John M.

Queg, Shekinah Danielle G.

Romero, Micah M.

Roque, Gwen Estefani S.

Sarmiento, Karl Paolo R.

Sarmiento, Khimmo M.

Grade V

Salalila, Cogie C.

Serrano, Aron Justine S.

Sula, Bhea G.

Tolentino, Seannel M.

Tungol, Maria Kristina M.

23 | NAESIAN14

Bacani, Mhello S.

Bituin, Justin M.

Casabuena, Eunice B.

Dizon, Lexi Anne M.

Garcia, Jan Symon D.

Garcia, Nicole G.

Macam, France Lester M.

Maninang, Andrea D.

Martin, Angelica Joyce V.

24 | NAESIAN14

De Mesa, Cobbie Andrei S.

Dellupac, Johnver M.

Dimalanta, Michael G.

Juico, John Aaron D.

Lansang, Justine S.

Lopez, Celeste Jane C.

Pangilinan, Kenneth C.

Quiazon, Karen Joy A.

Romero, Miguel Paolo M.

I V e d a Gr Ronquillo, Geneveve Reign M.

Sampang, Yodelyn E.

Santos, Bryan Dale C.

Secretario, Anthony Jasper E.

Serrano, Allysa Jerlyn S.

Uy, Ed Louis C.

25 | NAESIAN14

26 | NAESIAN14

27 | NAESIAN14


March 10, 2002 To be an aeronautical engineer 28 | NAESIAN14

BITUIN, JUSTIN M. July 10, 2001 To be a seaman

DE MESA, COBBIE ANDREI S. March 21, 2001 To be a civil engineer

DELLUPAC, JOHNVER M. July 4, 2001 To be a pilot

DIMALANTA, MICHAEL G. July 1, 2001 To be a civil engineer

GARCIA, JAN SYMON D. October 23, 2001 To be a civil engineer

29 | NAESIAN14

JUICO, JOHN AARON D. February 10, 2001 To be a martial arts trainor

30 | NAESIAN14

LANSANG, JUSTINE S. November 23, 2001 To be a pilot

MACAM, FRANCE LESTER M. March 29, 2001 To be a civil engineer

PANGILINAN, KENNETH C. October 22, 2001 To be a civil engineer

ROMERO, MIGUEL PAOLO M. November 26, 2001 To be a civil engineer

SANTOS, BRYAN DALE C. August 20, 2001 To be a civil engineer

31 | NAESIAN14

SECRETARIO, ANTHONY JASPER E. October 31, 2001 To be a teacher

32 | NAESIAN14


July 22, 2001 To be an electronics and communication engineer

CASABUENA, EUNICE B. November 28, 2000 To be a flight stewardess

DIZON, LEXI ANNE M. October 30, 2001 To be a medical doctor


July 23, 2001 To be a flight stewardess

LOPEZ, CELESTE JANE C. December 4, 2002 To be a flight stewardess

33 | NAESIAN14

MANINANG, ANDREA D. June 15, 2001 To be a flight stewardess

34 | NAESIAN14

MARTIN, ANGELICA JOYCE V. December 26, 2001 To be an accountant

QUIAZON, KAREN JOY A. February 15, 2002 To be a medical doctor

RONQUILLO, GENEVEVE REIGN M. September 26, 2001 To be an electronics & communication Engineer

SAMPANG, YODELYN E. January 25, 2001 To be a medical doctor

SERRANO, ALLYSA JERLYN S. August 13, 2001 To be an accountant

35 | NAESIAN14

36 | NAESIAN14

President Vice-Pres Religious Vice-Pres Social Secretary Treasurer

Allysa Jerlyn S. Serrano Yodelyn E. Sampang Anthony Jasper E. Secretario Andrea D. Maninang Geneveve Reign M. Ronquillo

Auditor P.I.O. Vigilance Officers Class Pastor Class Artist

Jan Symon D. Garcia Angelica Joyce V. Martin Ed Louis C. Uy & Lexi Anne M. Dizon Karen Joy A. Quiazon Kenneth C. Pangilinan 37 | NAESIAN14

38 | NAESIAN14

President Vice-President Religious Vice-President Social Secretary Treasurer

: : : : :

Jessica M. Manalang Erlene C. Bacani Shekinah Danielle G. Queg Yvonne Y. Lozano Seiji S. Garcia

Auditor P.I.O. Vigilance Officers Class Pastor Class Artist

: : : : :

39 | NAESIAN14 Redginald J. Garcia Hazel Ann G. Calma Justin Jacob D. Dizon & Gwen Estefani S. Roque Aron Justine S. Serrano Seannel Daphney M. Tolentino

Entrance of Colors Processional…………….”Pomp and Circumstance”…………..….Graduates and Juniors Parents, Participants and Teachers Invocation……………………………………………………………...Mr. Cecil S. Roque Asso. Church Elder, Natividad SDA Church Philippine National Anthem………………………………………….Andrea D. Maninang Kapampangan Hymn Graduating Class Secretary Welcome Remarks……………………………………………………Mrs. Lanie A. Maglalang NAES, HSA President Welcome Address…………………………………………………….Yodelyn E. Sampang Graduating Class Vice-President Religious Special Number……………………………………………………….Graduating Class Officers Presentation of Candidates for Graduation………………………. Mrs. Normita L. Barrun Graduating Class Adviser Acceptance and Confirmation ………………………………………Mrs. Rebecca S. Esguerra School Principal Intermission Number…………………………………………………Juniors Introduction of the Guest Speaker …………………………………Mrs. Charo S. Bautista Computer Teacher 40 | NAESIAN14 ” School Board Chairman

Message of the Speaker …. ………………………………………..Joan M. Santos, DMD NAES Alumna, Batch 2002 Farewell Address …………………………………………………….Allysa Jerlyn S. Serrano Graduating Class President Distribution of Certificates and Awarding ………………………….Mrs. Rebecca S. Esguerra, Guest & Teachers Graduation Song ……………………………………………………. Graduates I’ts only Jesus Class Pledge …………………………………………………………Ed Louis C. Uy Graduating Class Vigilance Officer Dedicatory Prayer ……………………………………………………Pastor Enrico C. Meneses School Board Chairman Closing Remarks …………………………………………………….Mrs. Rebecca S. Esguerra School Principal Closing Prayer ……………………………………………………….Mr. Noel M. Roque Head Elder, Natividad SDA Church Recessional 41 | NAESIAN14

IT’S ONLY JESUS I. Challenges are won our way Sometimes we face our day, we dismay When we fail to reach our goal There will much we at all Chorus: It’s only Jesus Christ A path to a greater knowledge When we lack wisdom We just ask Him in Prayer For He promised us to claim With all our hearts longed we proclaim In Him alone success is attained II. Now we know whom shall we call We never in need an answer in kind We can make our dreams come true Whatever one to pursue (Repeat Chorus) III. Let our pride , our dance, our bye When sow to victorious on our side Each tell the glory be our win And gave His might to do all this 42 | NAESIAN14

(Repeat Chorus) In Him alone success is attained

KAPAMPANGAN HYMN Kapampangan misapwak King legwan na ning alaya Gabun ding pantas at marangal Sibul ning lugud, karinan ning tepangan Batis ning katalaruan at panamdam makabalen Ligaya mi ing mie payapa King malugud mung kandungan Koro: Kapampangan, sale ning legwan Kapampangan, sandalan ning katimawan Kilub ding pusu mi, atin kang dambana Luid ka! Luid ka! Palsintan ming Kapampangan


N Class Pledge

We the graduates of Natividad Adventist Elementary School, Inc. do hereby pledge to be loyal and bring honor to our dear Alma Mater. Realizing the need to pursue the higher education, we promise from here to conduct ourselves honorably and to uphold the Christian standard of education, thus bring glory to our Creator. We, the graduates, expect to pass this world but once. And good things therefore, that we can do or any kindness we can show to our fellow human beings, we will do it now, for we shall not pass this way again. May the divine guidance be upon us in our pursuit to achieve higher and greater learning that we may better serve our home, church, community, and to live for honorable life our Alma Mater stands for! So help us God. 43 | NAESIAN14

SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Chairman Associate Chairman Secretary School Treasurer Church Treasurer H.S.A. President Education Secretary Members

Pastor Enrico C. Meneses Mr. Noel M. Roque Mrs. Rebecca S. Esguerra Mrs. Merlyn D. Dizon Mrs. Gloria G. Apostol Mrs. Lanie A. Maglalang Mrs. Annie M. Manalang Mrs. Zenaida G. Apostol Ms. Armie Dizon

HOME & SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Mrs. Lanie A. Maglalang Vice-Pres Religious Mrs. Liezel M. Humilde Vice-Pres Social Mr. Adam C. Barrun Secretary Mrs. Marites S. Naguit Treasurer Auditor Mrs. Suzette L. Manalang P.I.O. Mrs. Glenda M. Ronquillo COMMITEE LEADERS Program Social Project Food

44 | NAESIAN14

Mrs. Maureen Pelimco Mrs. Belmar Calilung Mr. Romy Lozano Mrs. Nowie Lozano

45 | NAESIAN14

KINDER II Ba単ez, Vincent Kyel Y. Lozano, Vince Henrick D. Maglalang, Breana Glenice A. Malit, Ysabel M. Naguit, Aaron S. Rivera, Harvey L. GRADE I Balmaceda, Denise Francheska L. Eseyo, Denise Angel M. Estubo, James Ryan S. Humilde, Renzel Hailey M. Maglalang, Clarence Geanie A. Morallos, Rusty S. Ronquillo, Kimdon M. Roque, Gabrielle S. Roque, John Rhay Q. Tiongson, Emmanuel Cedie J.

GRADE II Bautista, Evan Clyde T. De Leva, Sherrilein S. Guiao, Kobe S. Lapira, Pauline G. Roque, Chelsea R. GRADE III Apostol, Lance Jezreel B. David, Jade Ann A. Dizon, Ryza Mae B. Gumtang, Samantha Louise M. Hernando, Fea Amor S. Manlulu, Jeyc E. Paule, Angela Christine L. Ronquillo, Ralph Gabriel M. Roque, Zachary Louise S. Villanueva, Danielle B. GRADE IV Canlas, John Daniel M. Isip, Adrian S. Manlulu, Jemuel M. Naguit, John Charlie S. Pineda, Ivan L. Sampang, Paolyn E.

a c h i e v e r s

KINDER I Canlas, Janelle Alyson M. Dayao, Ansherina Louise M. Manlulu, Cassandra L. Ronquillo, Jerwin Kyle R. Santos, Hanz Xyril P.

47 | NAESIAN14

(achievers continuation)


GRADE V GRADE I Clarence Geanie A. Maglalang Bacani, Erlene C. Renzel Hailey M. Humilde Calma, Hazel Ann G. Garcia, Redginald J. GRADE II Garcia, Seiji S. Evan Clyde T. Bautista Lozano, Yvonne Y. Chelsea R. Roque Manalang, Jessica M. Queg, Shekinah Danielle G. GRADE III Roque, Gwen Estefani S. Lance Jezreel B. Apostol GRADE VI Maninang, Andrea D. Sampang, Yodelyn E. Serrano, Allysa Jerlyn S. Uy, Ed Louis C.

48 | NAESIAN14

Angela Christine L. Paule GRADE IV Jemuel M. Manlulu Vanessa Mae O. Bacani GRADE V Redginald J. Garcia Erlene C. Bacani GRADE VI Ed Louise C. Uy Allysa Jerlyn S. Serrano

LOYALTY Bituin, Justin M. Dellupac, Johnver M. De Mesa, Cobbie Andrei S. Dimalanta, Michael G. Lansang, Justine S. Macam, France Lester M. Pangilinan, Kenneth C. Santos, Bryan Dale C. Secretario, Anthony Jasper E. Casabuena, Eunice B. Dizon, Lexi Anne M. Garcia, Nicole G. Ronquillo, Geneveve Reign M. Sampang, Yodelyn E. Serrano, Allysa Jerlyn S.

PATRON Mr. & Mrs. Alberto S. De Mesa Mr. & Mrs. Enrico M. Dimalanta Mr. & Mrs. Simon E. Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Alberto O. Lansang Mrs. Luz M. Macam Mr. & Mrs. Rolando G. Pangilinan Ms. Antonette D. Esguerra Mr. & Mrs. Wilfredo Cyprian Richeleu E. Uy Mr. & Mrs. Agapito C. Casabuena Ms. Cecille P. Cagungun Mr. & Mrs. Aurelio D. Martin PATHFINDER AWARDS Commander : Maninang, Andrea D. Model Camper ( Boys ) : Sarmiento, Khimmo M. ( Girls ) : Queg, Shekinah Danielle G. Model Unit Leader ( Boys ) : Macam, France Lester M. ( Girls ) : Maninang, Andrea D.

VARSITIES OF THE YEAR De Mesa, Cobbie Andrei S. Dellupac, Johnver M. Dizon, Justin Jacob D. Garcia, Seiji S. Macam, France Lester M. Manlulu, Jath E. Naguit, John Charlie S. Pangilinan Kenneth C. Roque, Timothy S. Salalila, Cogie C. Santos, Bryan Dale C. Secretario, Anthony Jasper E. Serrano, Aron Justine S.

49 | NAESIAN14

Mrs. Normita L. Barrun Grade VI Adviser

Mrs. Rebecca S. Esguerra Principal | Grade V Adviser

Mrs. Melba V. Sarmiento Grade I Adviser

Mr. Danilo M. Esguerra Grade IV Adviser

Ms. Grace Joy L. Golle Kinder I & II Adviser

Mrs. Nanarine D. Corre Grade III Adviser

Mrs. Charo S. Bautista Computer Teacher

Mrs. Gloria S. Roque Grade II Adviser

Ms. Marichu H. Dizon Lady Guard

51 | NAESIAN14

52 | NAESIAN14

53 | NAESIAN14

54 | NAESIAN14

55 | NAESIAN14

56 | NAESIAN14

57 | NAESIAN14

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The school would like to acknowledge the following persons/sponsors for their untiring support to NAES and for their presence in this momentous event: Mr. Teddy Manalang Mr. Ogie Mr. Dennis Roque Mr. Roman Roque Mr. Noel Roque Mr. Cecil Roque Arlene Ocampo May God’s bountiful blessings be showered upon you for always. ANNOUNCEMENTS April 3 , 2014 : Distribution of Cards May 5 , 2014 - onwards : Enrolment for S.Y. 2014-2015 June 2, 2014 : Opening of Classes S.Y. 2014-2015 58 | NAESIAN14

Naes 2014  
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