Booklet: Innovative Strategies for Women's Empowerment

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under the auspices of

His Excellency Dr. Omar Razzaz, Prime Minister of Jordan

Innovative Strategies for Women's Empowerment A Women as Partners in Progress ConferenceÂ

August 25 - August 28, 2019 Hilton Dead Sea Jordan | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

Innovative Strategies for Women's Empowerment A Women as Partners in Progress ConferenceÂ

August 25 - August 28, 2019 Hilton Dead Sea Jordan | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

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Day one: Monday, Aug. 26......................................................2 Day two: Tuesday, Aug. 27......................................................5 Day three: Wednesday, Aug. 28............................................8 ABOUT: WOMEN as PARTNERS in PROGRESS (WPP)








Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).......................17 University of Maryland (UMD)............................................18 College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS).........19 Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace.......................20 World of Letters........................................................................21 JossourFFM................................................................................22 Abolish Article 153....................................................................23 PARTICIPANT LISTS


WPP Delegations Jordan.....................................................................................24 Morocco..................................................................................25 Kuwait.....................................................................................27 Representatives...................................................................28 Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia United Arab Emirates, West Bank/Gaza, United States and UMD....................................................28 MEPI, U.S. Embassies, AUB, IREX, LAU........................29




Welcoming Reception




WELCOMING REMARKS Deputizing for H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Omar Razzaz, H.E. Jumana Ghunaimat | Keynote Speaker State Minister for Media Affairs, Government Spokesperson

Dean Gregory Ball | Keynote Speaker College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland

Dr. Rita Stephan Program Director, MEPI, U.S. State Department

Ms. May Rihani Director, Gibran Chair | Director, WPP University of Maryland

10:30 Coffee Break 10:45 OPENING SESSION Introduction of Delegations and Representatives WPP Delegations: Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait Egyptian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Saudi Arabian, Tunisian, Emirati and American Representatives; and U.S. Embassies and MEPI Representatives

Jordanian Cultural Presentation


Lunch Break

3 PANEL ONE: WPP-Jordan: World of Letters




In luencing the Laws to Ensure an Equitable and Safe Environment for Women in the Workplace Mayyada Abu Jaber, Founder/CEO, World of Letters; Coordinator, WPP-Jordan An Overview of Two Articles (69 and 29) that WPP Targeted in Order to Ratify Them

H.E. Dr. Sawsan Majali, Senator The Role of the Senate in Influencing Equitable Policy Change for Women

H.E. Asma Khader, Former Minister | Former Senator The Role Women's Rights Organizations Played in Partnership with WPP to Advocate for Change regarding Articles 69 and 29

Rasha Laswi, Lawyer | CEO, Zalloum & Laswi Law Firm Analyzing Laws for Gender Bias

Q&A 3:30

Group Photo + Coffee Break


PANEL TWO: WPP-Jordan, World of Letters

Breaking Glass Doors-Community Engagement and Mindset Change Towards Womenomics Lina Al-Tal, Director General, National Center for Culture and Arts The Role of the WPP Coalition in Developing Advocacy Strategy and Engaging All Stakeholders



4 Dr. Reem Al-Zoubi, Director, Information and Media Affairs, Al al-Bayt University The Role of Drama in Engaging Youth in a Dialogue to Influence Mindset Change

Kawthar Al-Adwan, President, AlTawaan CBO in AlShunna The Role of Local Communities in Influencing Mindset Change

Mohammad Al-Ammad, Social Media Coordinator, WoL The Role of Social and Mass Media in Creating Change and Using Innovative Approaches





WPP-Jordan Presents: Tawazon A Play about Women in the Labor Force + Discussion Presented by: The Jordan Performing Arts Center


Dinner | @gibranchair | #WPPConference




PANEL THREE: WPP-Morocco: Jossour FFM

Overview of WPP in Morocco and the Legal Priority




Dr. Omayma Achour, President, Jossour FFM Jossour's Commitment to Women's Rights and the Advancement of Equality

Rhizlaine Benachir, Vice President, Jossour FFM; Coordinator, WPP-Morocco The Power of WPP in Morocco: The Launch, Action Plan, and Multidisciplinary and Multisectoral Activities

Saadia Wadah, Lawyer | Regional President, National Human Rights Council, Casablanca Law 103-13 and Addressing Violence: WPP’s Work on This Law, and How WPP-Morocco is Making a Difference

Mohammed Abdelouahab Rafiqui, Researcher, Islamic Studies A Testimony

Q&A 10:45 Coffee Break


11:00 PANEL FOUR: WPP-Morocco, Jossour FFM

Changi ng Mi ndsets Regardi ng Equal i ty Between Women and Men Radia Laraki, Representative, "We act for Africa" NGO | Board Member, Jossour FFM Videos Discussing Moroccan Proverbs and Their Impact: Stereotypes Regarding Women in Our Society: Ideas to Deconstruct


6 Khaoula Assebab Benomar, Film Director | Board Member, Jossour FFM Why a Documentary on Arab Women Pioneers?

Zouhir Adaoui, President, Y-PEER PETRI Morocco The Succession: Training on The Themes of Leadership and Gender in Numerous Regions in Morocco.

Hayat Outemma, Youth Leader, AKHIAM Association The Succession: WPP Youth Engagement, Empowerment, and Achievements

Q&A 12:15 Lunch Break PANEL FIVE: WPP-Kuwait, Abolish 153



In l uenci ng Narrati ves on Women’ s Leadershi p


Dr. Alanoud Al Sharekh, Co-Founder, Abolish 153 | Coordinator, WPP-Kuwait Why Women's Leadership is the Answer Hosnia Hashim, Chairwoman, Board of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (Energy Venture) The Value of Gender Diversity in the Industry

Maha Albaghli, Municipal Council Member | Founder & Managing Director, Safira CSR Co. How to Capitalize on Opportunities Dr. Abeer Al Omar, Senior Executive, EQUATE Petrochemical Company Empowering Kuwaiti Women in the Corporate Sector

Q&A 3:15

Coffee Break

7 3:30

A Poetry Reading in Arabic by Nouhad Hayek


PANEL SIX: WPP-Kuwait, Abolish 153

Challenging Misogynistic Stereotypes in Kuwait



Dr. Amar Behbehani, Senior Psychologist, Art Psychotherapist | Vice Dean of College of Architecture, KU Gender-Based Learning: A Cultural Perspective

Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi, Founder, Kuwait Secular Rally Unsung Heroes

Rudaina Al Qatami, Playwright | Int'l Relations, Diwan Amiri Art: The Middle Ground Between Reality and Stereotypes





WPP-Morocco Presents: Maktoub A Play About Inheritance + Discussion Presented by: L’Association Issil pour le Théâtre et l’Animation Culturelle


Dinner | @gibranchair | #WPPConference





Interactive Presentation and Interview: The Hub ( Presentation by May Rihani Interview by Dr. Cory Heyman, WPP Evaluator

Q&A 10:05 WPP Documentary Premiere: " ‫أن‬ َ ‫( ﺗ َ​َﺠ ّﺮ‬They Dared)"

Powerful Foundations and Looking Forward



Video Presentation and Interview about the Documentary The Powerful Foundations and Beginnings of the Arab Women’s Movement with a Focus on Eight Pioneers Dr. Cory Heyman to interview May Rihani, Khaoula Assebab Benomar, Dr. Rita Stephan

11:20 Coffee Break 11:35

Statistics: Gender Perceptions in Arab Countries Aseel Alayli, Arab Barometer (Princeton University)

12:00 Presentation by WPP Leaders of the Delegations: Moving Forward Mayyada Abu Jaber: Jordan Dr. Omayma Achour & Rhizlaine Benachir: Morocco Dr. Alanoud Alsharekh: Kuwait

12:30 WPP-Kuwait Presents: A Dance Performance

9 12:40 CLOSING REMARKS H.E. Jumana Ghunaimat State Minister for Media Affairs, Government Spokesperson

H.E. Dr. Fidaa Alhmoud President, Jordan Legislative Council | Former Senator

Dr. Gregory Ball Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland

Dr. Rita Stephan Program Director, MEPI, U.S. State Department

Ms. May Rihani Director, Gibran Chair | Director, WPP University of Maryland


Group Photo


Lunch Break

End of Conference | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


About Women as Partners in Progress (WPP)

Arab Women in the Middle East know what they need and what needs to change. And they are making changes across the region. Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) is a project funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) of the U.S. Department of State. WPP’s goal is to promote women’s leadership and gender inclusive policies working with our three partners: in Morocco in North Africa with JossourFFM; in Jordan in the Levant with World of Letters; and in Kuwait in the Gulf with Abolish153. With our partners, we support women leaders in amplifying their voices on issues important to them. WPP is unique in its starting point. In each country we begin with a Knowledge Seminar where 30 selected established and emerging women leaders from diverse geographic areas, urban and rural, and diverse sectors —government, business, NGO, media, etc.— discuss the knowledge presented to inform their collective choice of up to three issues to work on together over the life of the project. This synthesized research, both qualitative and quantitative, is from local and international sources including academic journals, universities, think tanks, and government and international organizations. Women leaders use the knowledge to inform their choice of up to three issues. They then draft an action plan. Our partners coordinate implementation of the multi-pronged action plan—leveraging the diverse skills, insights, networks, and expertise of the women as they work together to advance shared goals. To further support their collective action as change agents, WPP holds a follow-up Leadership Workshop in each country. Women leaders with men allies from each country will meet at a conference in Jordan near the end of the WPP project. Their expanding network, professional sharing, and possible future joint endeavors will be sustained beyond WPP with a WPP Hub for networking and resources. WPP is a force for change. | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

The Pioneers and Leaders Hub


The Pioneers and Leaders Hub is a Knowledge Center that acknowledges the advancement of Arab women’s progress. It aims to break stereotypes and support the empowerment of women & their allies. It is designed for knowledge seekers: women, men, policy makers, NGOs, research institutes, business people, international development agencies, students and the media, among others. Launched by the Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) Project, this Knowledge Center/Hub is designed to acknowledge and support the advancement of Arab Women’s progress by Arab Women Pioneers, Leaders, and Arab civil society organizations. The Hub is a work-in-progress providing Knowledge Resources and networks for women and their allies in the Arab world and internationally. It is designed for all who are curious about women in the Arab world.

A dynamic and expanding resource, the Hub currently contains: Three Directories; Women Pioneers from 15 Arab countries; Women Leaders from 15 Arab countries; Civil Society Organizations supporting issues that impact women in the 15 Arab countries; Three Knowledge Seminars with five presentations; A MENA Progress Report in the form of a matrix about the intersections of gender with socio-economic and political sectors, stating progress made to date in these Arab countries; and A Bibliography citing research by individual researchers as well as local and international think tanks, research centers and institutes, organizations, and other sources of knowledge.



The Pioneers are the extraordinary women in the Arab world who pushed society to think bigger, changed some unfair norms and regulations, overcame barriers, and broke glass ceilings. Each one of the 57 Pioneers of the Hub accomplished a first in her field. Read more about them on the website.

Huda Sha'rawi, Egypt

May Ziade, Lebanon

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, West Bank & Gaza

Dr. Fatema Mernissi, Morocco

Dr. Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, Saudi Arabia

Fethia Mokhtar Mzali, Tunisia

Leila Sharaf, Jordan

Dr. Assia Djebar, Algeria

Zaha Hadid, Iraq

Ghanima al-Marzouq, Kuwait

Nayla Al Khaja, United Arab Emirates

Ramziya Al-Iryani, Yemen | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

Women Pioneers Who Changed the Arab World


A letter from May Rihani The 57 Arab women pioneers profiled in the HUB might already be household names and some might be less known, however, they all deserve our attention. These pioneering figures changed their countries thanks to their enormous contributions to women’s rights, education, academia, health, science, politics, literature, art, architecture, media, aviation, and many other fields. They worked towards a future of equity, equality, and justice as basic values. All of these agents of change are strong voices, tireless advocates, and major activists for reform in their countries with a common goal of advancing gender equality and women’s rights. Many of them persisted despite numerous social, cultural and political obstacles. The writers, thinkers, and journalists among them helped ignite, through their articles and public speeches, the will of others to advocate for women’s rights. The political activists led the way and traced a path where women could play new roles outside traditional roles and thereby helped guide their societies and countries in new directions. The pioneer women scientists called on other scientists to protect against nuclear hazards, or worked with them on preventing diseases and expanding access to health services. These pioneers founded civil society organizations, presided over universities, increased access to educational systems, reformed health systems, helped launch new movements, organized women’s marches, challenged traditional norms, and worked with leading national figures to improve the status of women and girls in their countries. Each one of the 57 pioneers accomplished a first in her field. In the late 19th century and in most of the 20th century, it was highly unusual to find a female in many of the positions that these pioneers occupied.

14 Each of these women dared to be the first. Each of these women challenged convention, and stepped outside of expected roles, and thus created new opportunities for her sisters. Many of these pathfinders believed that the status quo was not an option. These extraordinary women pushed society to think bigger, change some unfair norms and regulations, overcome barriers, break glass ceilings, and move forward. The 57 women in the directory are excellent examples of women with powerful visions, boundless courage, strong will, and inspiring determination to create a more equitable world. They changed the Arab world by transcending boundaries in their fields and by opening new paths for women and future generations. Thanks to each of them, women and girls are able to live with fewer restraints and greater dreams. These pioneers are Arab history's greatest female role models. | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


WPP Statistics (As of July 18, 2019)

PARTICIPANTS Women Women Leaders Leaders Women

+ WomenLeaders + Men Leaders Men Allies



who attended the WPP Knowledge Seminars in Morocco, Jordan & Kuwait in 2017-18


who attended the WPP Leadership Workshops in Morocco, Jordan & Kuwait in 2018-19


Expected Participants Participants

at the 2019 WPP Final Conference in Jordan at the Dead Sea, held to celebrate + showcase the 2-year project's activities & highlight project lessons and successes





WPP OVERVIEW 46 107 114

partnerships established articles and interviews published by or about trainees policy influencers and media professionals engaged


3 Plays Sponsored by WPP


people saw World of Letters' partner The National Centre for Culture and Arts perform Tawazon


people saw Abolish 153's performance Kiri Miri


people saw Jossour FFM's partner Association Issil pour le Théâtre et l'Animation Culturelle perform Maktoub


PIONEERS AND LEADERS HUB Since its launch in February 2019 until August 2019, the Hub has had:

22,839 pageviews




Ot he r Co 6% untri es

Eu ro 20 pe %


US & Canada

32% US A

+ Ca 32 na % da




42% ME 42 NA %

Middle East & North Africa

From the top 50 countries users accessed the Hub as of July 2019: MENA: Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Qatar, Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen, Oman Europe: France, UK, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Romania, Norway, Cyprus. Other countries include: Australia, India, China, Japan, Colombia, Pakistan, Brazil, Kenya, South Korea, Argentina, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the Philippines.



MIDDLE EAST PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVE Funder of Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) from the United States. Aiming to advance stability and prosperity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a U.S. State Department program that supports governments and their citizens to achieve shared political, economic and stability objectives. The MEPI program responds to needs and emerging opportunities for citizens and organizations that target two core objectives: Participatory Governance and Economic Opportunity. A cross cutting theme is the focus on government-citizen relations: empowering partnerships between citizens, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and government institutions to promote shared solutions for the people of MENA. MEPI’s Gender and Women’s Empowerment projects empower women to strengthen democratic institutions in the MENA region. MEPI works in partnership with local leaders and indigenous organizations to increase women’s political and economic participation, support women visionaries, provide training to enhance women’s capabilities to contribute to their countries’ development, and build the capacity of civil society to secure equal rights and economic prosperity for women and their families. @USMEPI | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) is one of America's leading academic centers for scholarship, education and public service. Ranked in the top tier of the nation's public research universities, UMD's faculty is known nationally and internationally for their myriad contributions to the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, computer science, economics, government, politics, international relations, sociology and the humanities. Located adjacent to the nation's capital, UMD draws to its campus a truly international student body and contributes its faculty's expertise to the development of national and international policy and public opinion through the major departments of national government and global institutions like IMF and World Bank. Â @UofMaryland | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


COLLEGE OF BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) is the University of Marland's academic center for teaching and research in psychology, sociology, economics, government and politics, hearing and speech sciences, anthropology, geographical sciences, criminology and criminal justice and African American studies. The College increases understanding of and pursues innovative solutions to the challenges facing our global community, drawing on its Washington, D.C., and worldwide connections to enrich its teaching, research, and service. The BSOS community works to enhance international relations, advance global sustainability, understand societies and cultures and improve the human condition. The College aims to Be the Solution to the world’s great challenges. @bsosumd | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


THE KAHLIL GIBRAN CHAIR FOR VALUES AND PEACE The Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace underwent a relaunch in 2016 that expanded its scope. Presently, the Chair's active program addresses major global topics such as: Studying the Pursuit of Peace; Researching Social Justice as a Condition of Peace; Understanding Cultural Pluralism; Acknowledging Common Ground and Deepening Cross-Cultural Understanding between the East and West; Contributing to the Advancement of Women in Arab Countries; Documenting the Contributions of Women Pioneers and Leaders; Studying the Contributions of Key Arab-American Figures through Poetry, Literature, and Thought; and Celebrating Universal Values.

Within the range of topic areas it explores, the Chair places special emphasis on interrogating the role and significance of values, those essential principles, that often are universal and that, on an individual level, motivate and discipline behavior, and on a collective level, brace the frame of society and build bridges among cultures. Â @GibranChair | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


WORLD OF LETTERS Implementing partner of Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) in Jordan; Focusing on increasing opportunities for women in the labor force, and on influencing the revision of the textbooks in order to portray girls and boys, women and men in an equitable way. Key activities include: Working with lawyers and other women leaders to change laws that discriminate against women; designing and implementing a National Advocacy Campaign about women in the labor force; and working with the Jordanian government and the Jordanian National Commission for Women to influence the revision of textbooks World of Letters (WoL) is a social enterprise established in Jordan in 2006 with the vision of fostering pride, dignity, and equity among youth in the Arab region. WoL serves as a regional hub for Leaders in Girls Education and hosts the "Girls Education Champion Network" to empower and strengthen girls’ education leaders in the MENA region. WoL collaborates with local communities to target key issues, such as altering the discriminatory gender norms that young Jordanian women face when transitioning into the workforce. WoL launched the JoWomenomics initiative, a national committee that promotes the participation of women in the Jordanian workforce. @WoLetters | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


JOSSOUR FFM Implementing partner of Women Progress (WPP) in Morocco;




Focusing on the promotion of equality and citizenship, and combating violence against women and girls. Key activities include: Advocating for changes in laws to ensure women’s rights, creating a series of 12 videos addressing equality issues and how to combat violence, media campaigns regarding women’s rights, and performing a play in rural and urban areas followed by debates with the audience regarding women’s and girls’ inheritance. Jossour FFM is a non-governmental organization in Morocco that advocates for women’s rights. Established in 1995, this NGO has previously worked with several international partners, including MEPI. Their efforts have focused on joining with political entities to advance women's rights in the different regions of Morocco. Jossour’s strategic vision has three critical components: Studying and honing in on the difficulties women face, and providing platforms to find solutions to the issues concerning women and their communities by; Disseminating positive messages that promote female empowerment and raise awareness in order to alter the status of Moroccan women; and Supporting events that elucidate the value of women as contributors. @JoussourFFM | @gibranchair | #WPPConference


ABOLISH ARTICLE 153 Implementing partner of Progress (WPP) in Kuwait;





Focusing on changing mindsets about gender roles and the glass ceiling, and increasing the percentage of women in decision making in governmental positions. Key activities include: Designing and implementing a media campaign to influence the mindsets regarding women’s rights, performing a play on campuses to influence the new generations about gender roles; organizing meetings with parliamentarians and other decisions makers to influence them regarding increasing the percentage of women in decision making governmental positions. Abolish Article 153 is a non-governmental organization in Kuwait. Their campaign aims to abolish Article 153 from Kuwait’s penal code, which effectively gives men regulatory, judicial and executive power over their female kin in blatant disregard of the constitution, international agreements on human and women’s rights and even the Islamic Sharia. Their ultimate goal is to create a safe environment where mothers, daughters, sisters and wives are protected from all forms of violence, to raise awareness of these violent practices and the legislation that sanctions them, and ensure the creation of safe houses for women under threat of violence. @abolish153 | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

Participant Lists


In Aphabetical Order

THE WPP DELEGATIONS: JORDAN Dr. Hassan Abu Arqoub, Mufti, Department of Iftaa' H.E. Reem Abu Hassan, Former Minister Dr. Aaida Abu Jaber, Manager, International General Insurance Mayyada Abu Jaber, Founder and CEO, World of Letters | Coordinator, WPP-Jordan Dr. Aydah Abu Tayeh, Doctor & Researcher, Al-Hussein Bin Talal Univ. Bayan Abul-Rub, Co-Founder, Bridges PR and Events Kawther Al-Adwan, President, Al Taawon CBO, AlShunna Mohammad Al-Ammad, Social Media Specialist, World of Letters Nour Al Emam, Legal Consultant, UNDP H.E. Dr. Fidaa Alhmoud, President, Jordan Legislative Council | Former Senator H.E. Dr. Rowaida Al Maaitah, Senator, Member of the Upper Parliament Dr. Kafa Akroush, Member, Gender Unit, Ministry of Education H.E. Maha Ali, Co-Founder & CEO, Enrich Business Consulting | Former Minister Maher Al-Tal, Co-Founder, World of Letters Lina Al-Tal, Director General, The National Center for Culture and Arts Katia Al-Tal, Sculptor, Nuwa Creations Dr. Reem Al Zoubi, Director, Information and Media Affairs, Al al-Bayt Univ. Dr. Talah Arabiyat, Vice Dean, Talal Abu Ghazaleh College of Business Rana Ardah, Senior Specialist, Royal Scientific Society Reem Aslan, Co-Founder, SADAQA Randa Azar, ROYA Television H.E. Reem Badran, Former Minister | Chairwoman, National Microfinance Bank H.E. Wafa Bani Mustafa, Member of Parliament | Lawyer Dr. Ruba Bataineh, Director, National Center for Curriculum Development Dr. Rula Bataineh, Manager General, Al-Awj for Special Education and Autism Meisa Batayneh, Principal Architect & Founder, Maisam Architects & Engineers Deema Bibi, Director General, INJAZ | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

25 Rawan Da’as, Policy Adviser, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands H.E. Haifa Hajjar Najjar, Senator | Superintendent, Ahliyyah & Bishop's Schools Rana Husseini, Senior Reporter, The Jordan Times | Human Rights Activist Rania Kamhawi, Deputy Director, National Center for Culture and Arts Nadine Kanaan, Consultant, World of Letters Dima Karadsheh, Independent Consultant on Women's Rights and Gender Yara Katami, SMEs Manager, Ahli Bank Thanaa Khasawneh, Executive Director, Business & Professional Women Assoc. Dina Khayat, Member of Board of Directors, Zarqa Chamber of Industry Rasha Laswi, Lawyer | CEO and Founder, Zalloum and Laswi Law Firm H.E. Dr. Sawsan Majali, Senator | Founder, Durrat Al-Manal for Devel. & Training Mona Naffa, Founder and Director, Monaco Business Development Company Dr. Salma Nims, Secretary General, Jordanian National Commission for Women Dr. Eman Okour, Director, Ministry of Labor Hams Rabah, Editor-in-Chief, Aramram Web TV Ayah Saeed, Research and Communications Associate, Endeavor Jordan H.E. Dr. Lina Shbeeb, Assis. Professor, Al-Ahliyya Amman Univ. | Former Minister Dr. Safa Shweihat, Professor, German Jordanian Univ. Tala Sweis, Director, Madrasati Initiative Bayan Tal, Senior Consultant, Jordan Media Institute Linda Tubaishat, Regional Director, Blumont, Inc. Manal Wazani, Director, Durrat Al-Manal for Development and Training Nuha Zaidah, Deputy Secretary General, Jordan National Commission for Women

MOROCCO Dr. Omayma Achour, President, Jossour FFM Omniya Achour, President, Moroccan Women Mentoring / Networking Zouhir Adaoui, President, Y-PEER PETRI Morocco Latefa Ahrrare, Film Director Said Ait Bajja, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Rajaa Amraoui, Teacher | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

26 Mohammed Atir, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Ouafae Ben Abdennebi, Founding Pres., Moroccan Assoc. of Schools for Devel. Rhizlaine Benachir, Vice President, Jossour FFM | Coordinator, WPP-Morocco Oum Elfadl Ben Moussa, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Bouteina Bennani, Journalist, L'Opinion Daily Khaoula Assebab Benomar, Film Director | Board Member, Jossour FFM Abdelmounaim Bouamama, Treasurer, Y-PEER PETRI Morocco Bouchra Bouchentouf, Treasurer, Jossour FFM Lahoucine Echaabi, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Tarik El Ghazali, Project Assistant, WPP-Morocco Zahra El Houaoui, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Benaissa El Jirari, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Dr. Latifa El Mahdati, Vice Dean, Mohammed V Univ. Dr. Jaouad Ennouhi, Professor, Mohammed V Univ. Dr. Imane Errazi, Secretary General, Moroccan Assoc. of Gender & Devel. Dr. Malak Gharbi, Pharmacist Dr. Amina Hanรงali, VP, Jossour FFM | Microbiologist, National Institute of Hygiene Hamza Lagmah, Teacher Dr. Amal Mrani Alaoui, Clinical Pharmacist Radia Laraki, NGO "We act for Africa" | Board Member, Jossour FFM Nadia Mokhtari, Financial and Administrative Assistant, Jossour FFM Soumaya Mounsif, Party of Progress and Socialism Sidi Mohamed Najah, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Hayat Outemma, Youth Leader, AKHIAM Association Mohamed Abdelouahab Rafiqui, Researcher, Islamic Studies Farid Regragui, Issil Association for Theater and Cultural Animation Lamyae Regragui, Director, Social Complex Ibtissama in Meknes City Soumicha Riyaha, President, Regional Council of Human Rights Bahaa Ronda, Musician, Arabo-Andalusian music, Gharnati Siham Ronda, Representative, High Authority of Audiovisual Communication Raouf Sebbahi, Film Director | @gibranchair | #WPPConference

27 Fatima Sekkak, Vice Pres., Jossour FFM | Pres., Cultural Alliance & Ed. Assoc. Khadouj Slassi, Artist | Professor | Human Rights Activist Nadia Soubat, Democratic Confederation of Labor Amina Toubali, Board Member, Jossour FFM | Pres., Socialist Internat'l Women Saadia Wadah, Regional President, National Human Rights Council, Casablanca Dr. Zakia Zarouf, Research Professor, Université Ibn Tofail, Kénitra Fatima Zohra Chaoui, President, AMVEF | Lawyer

KUWAIT Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi, Secretary General, Kuwait Secular Rally | Filmmaker Leanah Al-Awadhi, Co-Founder, Cross Cultural Diwaniya Balsam Al Ayoub, Founder, Balsam International Maha Albaghli, Municipal Council Member | Founder, Safira CSR Company Danah Alenezi, Political Researcher, National Security Bureau Aisha Al-Faris, Francophone Activist |Co-founder, Vanity Room Salon Nadia Al Hassan, Project Manager, EKWIP/WDL | Ibtkar Strategic Consultancy Noha Almansour, Economic Researcher, Ministry of Planning | Founder, Seven Style Nour AlMukhled, Project Manager, WPP/Abolish 153 | Eithar Sheikha Alnafisi, Co-Founder, Abolish 153 Dr. Abeer Al-Omar, Senior Executive, EQUATE Petrochemical Company Jumana Al Refai, Freelance Choreographer Athraa Al Rifai, Lawyer, Athraa Al Rifai Law & Arbitration & Family Counseling Munirah Al Shami, Freelance Multimedia Designer Dr. Alanoud Al Sharekh, Cofounder, Abolish153 | Dir., Ibtkar Strategic Consultancy Rudaina Al Qatami, Head of Sector, International Relations, Amiri Dewan Dr. Amar Behbehani, Assistant Professor, KU | President, Soroptimist Kuwait Amira Behbehani, Co-Founder of Abolish 153 and | Artist Sahar Deinparvar, Co-Founder, Inspirational Hangout Hosnia Hashim, Chairwoman, Board of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (Energy Venture) Asrar Hayat, Committee Member, Kuwait Transparency Society | @gibranchair | #WPPConference



LEBANON Dr. Salwa Khalil Al-Amine, Founder and President, Diwan Ahl Al Kalam Racha Al-Amine, Executive Director, Diwan Ahl Al Kalam Aseel Alayli, Communications Associate, Arab Barometer, Princeton University Brigitte Chelebian, Attorney | Founder & Exec. Dir., Justice Without Frontiers Dr. Dima Dabbous, MENA Regional Director, Equality Now Nouhad Hayek, UN Reviser | Poet | Writer Dr. Charlotte Karam, Associate Professor, American University of Beirut Dr. Mona Mrad, Assistant Professor, Lebanese American University

TUNISIA Dr. Neila Chaabane, Dean, University of Carthage

SAUDI ARABIA Dr. Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, President, Effat University

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Dr. Nawar Golley, Professor, American University Sharja Daleen Hassan, Bureau Chief, Euronews UAE

UNITED STATES Piney Kesting, Freelance writer who specializes in the Middle East

WEST BANK/GAZA Naila Ayesh, Human Rights Activist

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Dr. Gregory Ball, Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Science Dr. Cory Heyman, WPP Evaluator Aina Krupinski-Puig, WPP Coordinator | Gibran Chair Staff Mona Rezvani, WPP Coordinator | Gibran Chair Staff May A. Rihani, Director, Gibran Chair | Director, WPP Yasasvhinnie Santharam, Gibran Chair Staff


MEPI Ahmed Gutan, Senior Project Manager, Middle East Partnership Initiative Dr. Rita Stephan, Director, Middle East Partnership Initiative

U.S. EMBASSIES Nour Bdioui, Embassy in Tunisia Souad Lehtihet, Embassy in Algeria Ruba Matarneh, MEPI Specialist | Embassy in Amman, Jordan Hajer Saadouni, Embassy in Tunisia Nadia Talbi, Grant Management Specialist | Embassy in Rabat, Morocco

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT/MEPI Melissa Ajamian, Program Manager, AUB MEPI-TL, Lebanon Loubaba Al Wazir, Student, Lebanon Abrar Salhoba, Student, Libya

IREX/MEPI Dhaherah Al-Jahani, MEPI, Student Leaders Alumna, Saudi Arabia Afaf Assas, MEPI, Student Leaders Alumna, Algeria Francesca Ciriaci, Office Country Director, Jordan Maram Suleiman, Regional Program Officer - MEPI Alumni Connection, Jordan Zobida Tadj, MEPI, Student Leaders Alumna, Algeria

LEBANESE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY/MEPI Marwa Ben Khalifa, Student, Tunisia Kaies Ben Mariem, Student, Tunisia Malak Buhardan, Student, Bahrain Fatima Hallal, Student, Lebanon Ikram Hamzi , Student, Algeria Abdelmadjid Hayi, Student, Algeria Kawthar Kadhem, Student, Bahrain Verginia Mobarak, Student, Lebanon Myriam Sfeir, Director, Arab Institute for Women, LAU, Lebanon | @gibranchair | #WPPConference



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