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concept: a clothing retailer which commits to providing its customers with one ethic throughout all of its outputs.. . convenience.

Looking at the customer: menswear ‘They shop the way they drive’ Paco Underhill. From undertaking research into the male customer demographic the conclusion that was made was that the conventional man either hates shopping for clothes or see it as a chore. The concept for this high street store was generated from this research; which is simply quick convenience. An express way of shopping. ‘Aisle’ provides an easily navigatable environment which is designed so that you can ‘pop’ in and easily grab the essential items that that customer intended to buy. however with certain devices the experience also transforms the planned visit into making unplanned purchases and encourage impulse buys.

Customer experience The project was developed from the idea of a supermarket embodying a male comfort zone. The enviroment is familiar so the the fashion brand and shop fit out will strive to convey a language that connects the customer with the experience of grocery shopping to accomodate the male shopper.

shoppers The store is split up into




Customer journey

Scenario: the man is shopping for an outfit to wear out tonight

The store is designed around outfit building

trend The customer is informed what is located in each aisle with these simple graphics to ensure ease of navigation for quick purchases.



knitwear Shoes Checkout

The customer can choose which way they would like to pay

Self Service or


The exterior of the shop is mostly glazed so as customers can see the seasonal changing window display. The arrow is pointing out the ‘hot offer’.

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ ⑪

⑪ ⑩

⑨ ⑧

⑦ ⑥ ⑤

④ ③ ②

Window display Shopping basket pick up Mannequin display Basket style product display Checkout Behind till storage for returns and customer holds Self Service checkout Table and crates product display Fridge freezer product display Fitting room clearing rail Fitting Rooms

This image expresses the customer journey within the store. From the shop window at the start of the arrow to the fridge fixtures the image ties together all of the elements that make the shopping experience.

outfits displayed suggest what the customer can find in that aisle and also provide inspiration 605 of purchases are unplanned


Acacia wood shelf fixture.

Polished concrete flooring.

Product additionally lit by ‘be cool’ tube light by Deltalight. 1203mmx118mm

① custom made steel bracket

② bracket screwed to timber stud

③ painted plywood (h)18mm, (l)220mm, (b)240mm

④ softwood a=196cm, (l) 184mm

⑤ painted plywood (h)18mm, (l)220mm, (b)370mm

⑥ cutom made steel

② ③ ④ ⑤

⑦ ⑧

⑩ ⑪

braket ⑦ painted plywood (h)18mm, (l)220mm, (b)350mm ⑧ softwood a=397cm, (l)184mm ⑨ painted plywood (h)18mm, (l)220mm, (b) 496mm ⑩ polished concrete floor level ⑪ timber stud frame horizontal beam (h) 2055mm, (l)45mm, (b)97mm vertical beam (h) , (l)45mm, (b)97mm

② ① ③

Attendant station IN greets customer security tags issued OUT items handed back item prepped for floor

Sorting passage items are passed through for another member of staff to return them to floor. (maximise sales + keep FR tidy)

Sorting Station staff members can sort items into aisle numbers to be put back on the sales floor without disturbing fitting room traffic.


Folding screens white linen material from ‘Boundtree’.

Vinyl sticker is applied to painted plaster for the fitting room graphcs. Removable so that it can change with each season.

⑫ Hanging ceiling fixture ⑬ Denim display table ⑭ Product display unit ⑮ Hanging display fixture for

‘Smart’ clothing ⑯ Self Service checkout ⑰ Staff use ‘shoogle’ system (to check for stock) ⑱ Footwear area seating ⑲ Sale shoes ⑳ Footwear product display 21 Aisle overhead lighting

⑯ ⑰ ⑱ ⑲

Clear plastic shelves are slotted through the carboard structurehighlighted above in blue.

The seating area is made up of these blue plastic crates underneath a padded upholstered square.

Aluminium pole fixture -painted with royal blue high gloss paint.

Wooden shoe tree to hold shoes.

Tan Hessian material. Large stitching detail.


Flange screwed to ceiling. covered with concealing cap.

Product is lit from above head lights. Zero Foto lamps by Thomas Bernstrand.

Open refrigerators display the accessories.

ground Product here is lit inside by 90w refrigerator appliance tubular lightbulb.


Self service Interface by Intel

Customers can choose which way to pay.

Cashier or self service

① To add to the store ethic of quick convenience this allows customers who are perhaps in a rush to quickly ‘pop’ in and out for their items, knowing this service is available may appeal to a male demographic.

② The interface works with the stores security alarm system to eradicate shoplifting.

Jennifer Tait- Menswear Retail Project  

Menswear Retail based around the concept of the supermarket

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