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Final Presentation of Product Design Engineering Degree Show



The Force.Distort is a distortion guitar effect that allows guitarists to expressively control their level of distortion by simply squeezing their hand.

Wireless transfer of data means that the guitarist can control effects up to 30m away

There are four different settings for the distortion effect. By simply standing on the dial, control is switched to the hand unit.

Distortion: Sets how much distortion to apply to the signal

Bass / Treble : Moves between filtering low and high frequencies

The LED display changes colour as level increase: Low



Gain : Sets how much gain to apply to the signal

On / Bypass : Switches between applying the distortion effect and leaving the guitar’s sound ‘clean’

Volume / Level : Sets how much of the effect is applied

The hand unit is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery to give long battery life. The hand unit has two pressure tubes (up/down) which when squeezed apply a force to Force Sensing Resistors. This measurement then increases / decreases the level of effect settings

Finger push 5mm diameter P

Gibran Farrah

MEng 5

G.Farrah- PDE Degree Show  

Final project for my PDE degree

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