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Spring Track By: Magali Medrano

It’s not Bowling, and it’s not Basketball its Spring Track. Many people here in JHS are excited for track to start, track starts February25th. Winter Workouts already started. The Winter Workouts is a way to stay fit before spring track starts; it is a voluntary workout from Monday – Thursday from 3:30-4:00 after school. Athletes who are already in winter sports do not come. There have been from 5-20 boys and 10-40 girls that are doing the winter workouts. “My Favorite part of track is meeting new people and having fun,” said Sophomore Marisol Bresenio. Track is a perfect way to stay fit, and it’s only an hour a day.

“I chose to do track, to get in shape and get good college applications,” said freshman Vanessa Fontes. Track is not really about being fast; it’s about whether or not you’re in shape. “In my freshman year I was able to run the 400 but my sophomore year I couldn’t, but this year I did cross country so hopefully I’m in shape now,” said Junior Nicole Brewton. Couch Capps, Burnham, Tolman, Waitley, and Musgrave teach different kinds of activities. “In Track you have a lot of fun and you do the events that you want to do,” says Coach Musgrave. Couch Capps teaches pole vault, Couch Burnham teaches how to sprint, and Coach Tolman is teaching long - distance, Coach Waitley Teaches how to throw and Coach Musgrave teaches the jumps. Sophomore Elizabeth Mendoza will be running the Long-Distance.

The main runners for spring track are: McKenzie Chojnacky Miskesell Clegg Jasmine Nesbitt Kirsten Busbauk Melissa Traughber Sydney Suitter Jordan Mogenson Marisol Bresenio Kaitlyn Brooks Elizabeth Mendoza They will have the Nampa USATF Meet, and the Pocatello Simplot Games. McKenzie Chojnacky, Miskesell Clegg, and Jasmine Nesbitt already ran in the Pocatello USTAF Meet. Chojnacky got 2nd place in 3200 – 3rd in 1600. Clegg got 3rd place in the 3200 – 4th in 1600. Nesbitt got 1st in 800. Good luck on your next track meet girls.

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