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Soccer By: Leslie Tapia There’s not just spring soccer there is also indoor soccer here in JHS, Soccer in the Rec Center, and even the Twin Falls Rapids Soccer League.

“I think Rapids is amazing like ah-mazing,” said Jose Hernandez. Twin Falls rapid is a competitive program within the Twin Falls soccer association. There will be registrations for both players and coaches for spring 2011. At Jerome high school there are 17 students attending the Rapids. These are some of the students attending Rapids, Adrian Chavez, Simon Reyes, Alejandro Vidaca, some girls are Sara Walker and Yesina Martinez. “I think Rapids has a lot of money but doesn’t know about coaching,” said Erik Mendoza. Our teams also travel to Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Hailey, Boise, Utah, and Wyoming to compete in tournaments and games. There are 20% of the players that receive either scholarships or obtain sponsors. Couch Robert Garcia is helping with Rapids. “I like to teach the game because I like to see the kids exercise fun and have an experience of them playing an organized game.” said Garcia.

At the Jerome recreation center there are sigh ups from February 7- march 11, 2011. Students that are in the district only pay $17.

Indoor soccer is not just playing soccer there also playing other activities. While spring soccer plays outside. “I always had a ball on my feet I’m here to score a lot of goals it’s why we play the game anything is possible and can happen its simple but difficult to play,” Said Alejandra Gonzalez. Sergio Madrigal started playing sence he was born . Indoor soccer starts on February 5. “When i sprint to get the ball i love the way my hair moves to the sides really SEXY (girls like it).” said Madrigal.

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