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A Quinceanera is celebrated when a Hispanic girl is turning fifteen turning from a young girl to an adult.

Magali Medrano

The Quinceanera would have to choose what colors she wanted and what kind of dress she wanted.. She would have to wear a crown that symbolizes that she is the princess of the party. The Quinceanera would have a church to celebrate her day. The priest is the one that gives the blessing to the young women at church. It was a choice if they wanted to have a party/dance after the church.

Andrea Juarez Jocelyn Jacome

For the party she would choose where she wanted it, where it would be held at, who would be invited and how it would have to be decorated. The Quinceanera would have to choose a guy to join her on her day as her escort. She would have to start off with the father daughter dance.

Rosa Hernandez

The Quinceanera would have the choice to have a waltz with her friends she would choose some guys or both guys and girls. They would have to learn a dance to dance with her.

Diana Lira Cisneros

In many Quinceanera’s they would have a surprise dance held after the waltz it could be any kind of dance from rock n’ roll to duranguense and techno. After the waltz the party would to be continued by partying all night.

Norma Mendez

Magali Medrano By:Magali Medrano

I’m a sophomore here in JHS I celebrated my Quinceanera on March 27, 2010. Church was held at St. Jerome’s Catholic Church. After, I went and took pictures with my family and friends and then came the dance which was at the Jerome Fairgrounds.

My colors were hot pink and yellow.

Main Chambelan: Gerardo Gonzalez My Damas and Chambelanes: Jocelyn Jacome and Edgar Gonzalez Leslie Reyes and Julio Jara Reyna Sarceno and Mario Reyes Rosa Soria and Stefan Torres Jessica Martinez and Miguel Martinez

My Mom, sister, and brother made my dream come true that I always wanted as a little girl they tried and made it the best even though my dad wasn’t here. The dance I liked the most was the toast because I really like how it went and I really liked the song. I hated that I didn’t dance my second surprise which was techno that me and my Damas and Chambelanes really worked hard on. Best part of my Quinceanera was spending it with my family and friends.

Abby Torres and Albert Esparza Jessica Vega and Christian Juarez Lizbeth Diaz and Mariano Reyes Tatyana Reyes and Giovani Reyes Deanna Romo and Danny Diaz Adi Martinez and Gustavo Lopez Erika Lozano and Erik Mendoza

Juarez has 6 chamberlains. Alex Olmos, Manuel Rodriguez, Pablo Gudaramma, Christian Juarez, Christian Lopez, Gustavo Lopez. Her Main chamberlain was

Andrea Juarez bY: lEsLiE TApIa At JHS there’s a fun and exciting person that had here Quinceanera. Her name is Andrea Juarez a freshman this year. “I think the hardest thing from my Quinceanera was doing my waltz,” said Juarez. Juarez Quinceanera was in Twin Falls, Radio Ronderoo on September 18, 2010. Her Padrinos were Porfiria and Roberto Olmos. Juarez went to church at St. Catholic Church at 2:00pm. The dress color she wore was Yellow Black and Blue. After coming from celebrating at church they went to her party which started at 3:00pm-1:00am. Juarez rode on a Cadillac Escalade Limousine. There was a lot of drama that went around her party like people fighting. “I got a lot of presents,” said Juarez.

Juan Castro.

Jocelyn Jacome

By: Magali Medrano Jocelyn Jacome a sophomore here in JHS celebrated her Quinceanera on June 26, 2010. Toluca, Mexico. Hot Pink was her Quinceanera color. Her church was held at 6:00pm at San Bartolome, Villa Cuanutemac. made everything possible for Jocelyn to have the best Quinceanera with all her family members there, and so Jocelyn won’t forget that they did all that because they care about her. Salon Becerril where she danced with her Chambelanes and her family. The most exciting part of her because she likes to dance.

was the dance for sure

Jacome did not hate anything about her Quinceanera she liked evbit of it. Asked if she her Quinceanera she replied, “Yes, I liked it because it was so fun and I liked how all my family worked hard to organize it for me.”

Jocelyn Jacome

Rock n’ Roll.

Chambelanes: Alan, Alejandro, Ricardo, and Eduardo.

ROSA Hernandez BY: Leslie TAPIA Here at JHS Rosa Hernandez a FRESHMAN this year had her Quinceanera on November 28, 2009. “I was really NERVIOUS we were going to mest up the DANCE=),” said Hernandez. THEY practiced for a WEEK. Hernandez PARENTS celebrated her party in El SOMBRERO. Hernandez Dress was WHITE with red details. She HAD 4 chamberlains and 4DAMAS. Florencio TORRES, Jesus Lizarrga, Guillermo Hernandez RICHARD. Cindy Madrigal, MARCY, Jennifer Vallejo, Gloria. Hernandez main chamberlain was JESUS MARTINEZ. She had D.J. SONIDO GARCIA. “The HARDEST thing was cooking the food but the FUN nest was DANCING=),” said Hernandez.

Diana Lira Cisneros By: Magali Medrano

Chambelanes: Keno Pulido, Ivan Lucatero, Jose Lira, Ricardo Vivanco, Edgardo Vega, Leo Guzman, Robert Perez, Danny Diaz, Gustavo Lopez, Luis Romero, and Pablo Rojas.

Diana Lira Cisneros a sophomore here in JHS celebrated her Quinceanera on July 31, 2010. Cisneros loved her Quinceanera because it was fun and existing and a memory for her. Parents Maria and Miguel Lira made the dream she always wanted as a little girl come true. Cisneros color of the Quinceanera was Orange and Yellow.

Cisneros had a church celebrating her Quinceanera that took place in St. Jerome’s Catholic Church at 2:00pm. After, she went and took pictures with her Chambelanes, Padrinos, and family, then came the fun part of the day having her big party that took place at The Radio Rondevoo in Twin falls. When asked what was her exciting part of her Quinceanera? She answered, “Everything was exciting from beginning to end and I was very excited for that day to come.” Cisneros didn’t hate anything about her Quinceanera she just hated that her waltz didn’t go as she expected and the DJ didn’t as well. “My surprise dance was the dance that I liked the most,” said Cisneros. It took her a year to get everything ready and planning it, choosing the color the dress the salon the day and who was going to be in it.

Norma Mendez By: Magali Medrano

Sophomore Norma Mendez here in JHS celebrated her Quinceanera on April 8, 2010. Mendez had a church that took place in St. Jerome’s Catholic Church at 2:00pm. As fallowed the party/dance that took place in The Jerome Fair Grounds. Mendez colors were Gold and white. She took a year and a half to get everything ready and stated practicing for on December of 2009. When asked if she liked her Quinceanera she answered, “Hell yea it was a day all about me!” Martin and Elia Mendez parents of Norma Mendez worked so hard to make that day special for her and wanted her to have everything she wanted to make that day how dreamed it would be. “Dancing the waltz with my dad was very exciting and emotional,” said Mendez. Mendez hated getting up early to get ready but she said it was worth it.

Main Chambelan: Ricardo Maciel Chambelanes: Jose Armando Ocaranza, Miguel Garcia, Daniel Lopez, Daniel Acuna, Ramiro Mendez, Martin Sandoval, Adolfo Contreras, Victor Rizo, Edgar Gonzalez, and Julio Jara.



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