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Native Americans of Idaho Jennifer Hernandez 10yr. Mrs. Burke December 2,, 2009

The Nez Perce Tribe

• The Nez Perce means ‘pierced nose’ in French. nose French Née Née-Moo-Poo Moo Poo means We The People. • The Nez Perce ate fish like salmon and trout. The hunted such as deer,, bear ,,rabbits and duck. Roots, nuts and berries were also gathered for food. • The Nez Perce used coiled baskets to store their food.

The Shoshone Tribe • The Shoshone tribe has another way to spell their name. • The Shoshone are also called The Snake Indains.They say they got their named because they painted snakes on their heads to scare their enemies. • The Shoshone lived li ed in a mat-covered mat co ered and skin-covered tipis.

The Coeur d d’Alene Alene Tribe • The Coeur d d’Alene Alene were sometimes call “Skitwish” • Most of their tools were made of bone bone, antler, stone, wood, and sinew. • Both B th men and d women wore b buckskin k ki tunicans with long loose sleeves.

The Bannocks • The Bannocks lived in Oregon. • The Bannocks used mortal and pestle and mano and metate to grind food food. • The men wore breechcloths and the women wore aprons.

The Kootenai • They lived in northern Idaho and Montana. • The were sometimes called “The The River People”. • Whenever Wh a chief hi f was named, d he h would decide where that tribe was going to live. li e

The Kalispal Tribe • The Kalispel p Indians were sometimes called The Pend d’Oreille. They got there name because they wore shell ornaments on their th i ears. • The men wore long fringed buckskin shirts long leggings breechcloths, shirts, breechcloths belts, belts moccasins. • It is also believed the Kalispel may have put rattlesnake poison on the tips of their arrows.

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