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Native American Indians Native American Indians By Cody Jackson      Mrs. Burke Mrs. Burke    2009

The Kootenai tribe The Kootenai tribe  • This This tribe tribe’ss name is spelled two ways,  name is spelled two ways Kootenai and Kutenai.  They lived in northern  Idaho and in Montana but mostly in Canada Idaho and in Montana, but mostly in Canada.   They were also called ‘River People’ because  where they lived Important warriors wore where they lived.  Important warriors wore  feathers on there heads.  This tribe made bark  canoes They ate a lot of fish they also canoes.  They ate a lot of fish, they also  hunted moose and elk.    

The Kalispel tribe The Kalispel tribe • This This tribe was called Pend d tribe was called Pend d’ Oreille.  This  Oreille This name means ear bob. They got this name  because they wore shell ornaments in there because they wore shell ornaments in there  ears.  They didn’t have many horses so they  hunted in a different way This tribe ate small hunted in a different way.  This tribe ate small  and large game like bear, buffalo, rabbits, and  beaver.              beaver

The Coeur d’ Alene tribe  The Coeur d Alene tribe • This tribe was sometimes called Skitwish or  Camas people.  The tribe didn’t have many  horses so they hunted in a different way.   They would chase deer into lakes and kill  them from canoes.  It was hard to pull a  travois were they lived because they  lived  in the forest.

The Nez Perce tribe The Nez Perce tribe  • This tribe was a great tribe for breeding  g g horses.  They were famous for there  pp y g , Appaloosa horses.  They lived in longhouses,  tipis, and sweat houses.  They  hunted deer,  y bear and ducks.  They also ate salmon and  trout.

The Shoshone tribe The Shoshone tribe • This This tribe tribe’ss name is spelled two ways  name is spelled two ways Shoshone and Shoshoni.  • They were also called snake Indians.  The  They were also called snake Indians The Snake River was named after this tribe. • There food was harder to find than the  Th f d h d fi d h h northern Idaho.   

The Bannock tribe The Bannock tribe

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