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Looking Back at

This trimester was an amazing trimester! Hope everyone likes second trimester :D

First Trimester

By: Yaya Topete

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As the leaves change so does the school -Nick Arevalo

First Trimester

Lets, Go, Tigers!

50 Hours of Unselfish Dedicated Work By: BreeAnna Boggio

Being a senior is always a joy. But there is one thing all seniors despise. And that is senior projects. Nick is doing 50 hours community service to benefit mainly The Lincoln Court.

Connie Moralez said some words about Arevalo’s work, “I think its thoughtful he’s not doing it only out of his own benefit, but also to help the community.”

“I don’t like senior projects, but it’s a good way to prepare for the real world,” said Arevalo.

Moralez also thinks everybody should be doing things not to just help themselves, but to help others and the community.

This is Nick’s second year attending Jerome High School. He has played football, basketball, and ran track while being here. He has enjoyed living in Jerome for the past year. “There’s a lot more to do here than where I used to live. I’ve made some good friendships,” said Arevalo. Arevalo spent a lot of his summer working on his project. He did a variety of things. He removed carpet from old homes and took down walls using tools such as sledge hammers and crowbars. He also did other tasks like mowing lawns, raking leaves, pulling weeds and much more. Arevalo thinks that every upcoming senior should get started on their project early so that senior year isn’t as busy as his.

Bowling By: Diana Diaz

Bowling season is finally here again! Everyone get ready! First practice is Monday November 22nd. Once again we are lucky to have Coach Koby, coaching our bowling team. This is going to be his third year coaching the JHS bowling team. “I’m very excited for this year’s season,” coach Koby said. Bowling is open for everyone who wants to join. It is open for boys and girls. You don’t have to know how to bowl . If you’re a beginner or an advanced bowler you could still join. Come on everyone get ready and join the bowling team this year. The practices restart the first week of December, and they’re going to be Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 3:30p.m. at the Jerome Bowling Alley. This season the girls are going to have seven matches and the boys five. State is going to be on February 3rd in Burley. Everyone come and join the 2010-11 bowling team this season!

History of Cheerleading By:Yaya Topete A Cheerleader is an athlete who can jump, kick, toss, catch, stunt, tumble, fly and cheer. Cheerleading is one of the most popular athletic activities. It wasn’t until 1898 that cheerleading was introduced to the University of Minnesota by a student. Johnny Campbell directed what was the very first cheer ever November 2, 1898. The University of Minnesota was having a horrible football season and that’s what made them decide to have a cheer to pump up their players. The first cheer consisted of the words “Rah Rah Rah”. Minnesota’s cheer squad was composed of 6 males. They started cheering in 1903 and organized the first cheerleading group in history. Cheerleading started out with only men. It was considered a male sport. Their deep loud voices were more projecting than a woman’s voice. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that women became more involved in cheerleading and began to incorporate tumbling, and stunts. At today’s high schools, most females are cheerleaders. It is known to be more of a “girl thing”. However, college cheerleading is still about fifty percent male. In 1900, pom poms, were introduced by Lawrence Herkimer. Poms are what symbolize cheerleading. Herkimer is known as the grandfather of cheerleading. Herkimer was the founder of National Cheerleading Association and holding cheerleading clinics back in 1946 and 1947. Herkimer’s camps have now extended worldwide.

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"The refs have always been blind, it's our job to make them deaf."

all e k i l , but dication” y s a e d de ook l n t a i k e mak ard wor y a h m “We s it takes t spor "You have to really love cheerleading to keep up with the schedule!"

"We practice 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 10 months a year, all for 2.5 minutes of routine . Is it worth it? Absoletly..”

"There is no I in TEAM!"

“Wimps lift Weights, Cheerleaders lift People”

Wrestling 2010-2011 By: Constance Moralez

Fall is finally over and now it’s winter time. And along with the cold weather and the snow are winter sports. Here at JHS we take wrestling very seriously. Last year Jerome was district champions and took 5th at state. Most wrestlers prepare for wrestling season by going to camps over the summer and doing fall sports to help get in shape. “Wrestling is an extremely challenging sport so getting in shape is really difficult if you don’t commit,” said Nick. Joining the coaching staff this year is Tech teacher Tyler Wardle. Everyone is excited to have Wardle on the staff this year. Coach Wardle wrestled in high school and loved every minute of it. He LOVES wrestling!! “I’m hoping to be able to work with the bigger wrestlers so I can show them moves that work better for bigger kids,” said Wardle. Nick Thorne placed first in districts and 4th in state for the 130 lb weight class last year. And is returning in the 135 lb weight class and is driving to take first place this year. “Movement is what I have to improve on the most,” said Thorne. Returning state participants are; Eric Ayala, Alex Boguslawski, Joe Carey, Layne Lasike, Kaden Luper, Jade Parsons, Tate Patterson, and Nick Thorne. When asked who is expected to go to state this year Coach Case replies, “all the students mentioned above, but they will have to earn their way. I also hope some others will step up for us this year.” Expected from our wrestlers this year is hard work, improvement every day, and to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. Case is looking forward to seeing this team compete and to see how they stack up with the rest of the state. Everyone should have the goal to go to state but it boils down to who works the hardest for it. Jerome has great potential to have a good team this year. We are going to have some tough competition this year. All the schools in the district are getting better. Traditionally, Minco is the toughest to compete against but with the dedication of all the wrestlers to give out 110% Jerome might just concur all.

“My favorite part about wrestling is the one on one competition,� said Nick.

Anything is Possible By: Constance Moralez

Jerome always has an amazing set of athletes. Last year Jerome placed 6th in state and is looking to do even better this upcoming season. Returning varsity players are Spencer Parker and Jake Hollifield. New to the varsity squad this year are Chase Wright, Austin Leavitt, Spencer Geist, Brady Craig, Shaquille Kennedy, Adam Gramkow, Nick Arevalo, Riley Parrish, and Jordy Garrad. The team consists of 8 seniors and 3 juniors. “My favorite part about coaching is seeing kids excel and succeed. Not only on the floor but off it as well,” said head coach Joe Messick. As always every school has a team that is as good as them and that is going to be hard to beat. Well for Jerome that school is Minico. Minico has a solid perimeter and good post plays. Messick’s advice to his player is, “Having a great attitude and working hard are the keys to being successful in life.” Expectations for this year would be to improve as a basketball team each time they step on the floor. When February comes around they want to put themselves in position to do well in the state tournament. “I really enjoy this group of kids. They come to practice every day and they work extremely hard. This group also listens and that will definitely help us improve over the course of the season,” said Messick. “I like the team we have this year. We have potential to do great. As long as

we work hard, anything is possible,” said Nick Arevalo.

by: Amalie Myhre

By: Shelby Peters For the first time since 1994, Jerome’s Drama Team won third place in state. Never before have they done so well at state. Even at districts, which were held at Canyon Ridge High School, Jerome’s team took home the 1st place trophy. They qualified 38 pieces to go to state, this year held at Columbia High School in Boise. Once they got that far, a lot of them made it to semifinals. The students from Jerome High School that placed at state include: Michael Rexroat, who placed in third for his solo humorous piece; Shelby Peters, who took 2nd place in solo humorous; and Thomas Crozier who won 1st place for his solo audition piece. Junior Meghan Burnham, a semifinalist for her original humorous piece Everything Bad Always Happens to Orphans,

Peters performs solo humerous

with Shelby Peters (also a junior) said, “I am very proud that our piece made it as far as it did. It was a piece that Shelby and I wrote and I am very happy that people, mainly the judges, liked it.” Junior Lauren Ramos, another semifinalist for her solo audition (two contrasting pieces; one a humorous and the other a serious piece) said, “I felt really good about my audition. I worked really hard on it and it was nice to see that all my effort paid off. It was my first year in this category, and I feel I did it justice. I would have loved to place at state, but knowing that I made it to semifinals only motivates me to do ten times better next year.” Ramos also participated in an ensemble mime with sophomores Andrea Moreno and Emily Olsen. Ramos said, “It didn’t make it past districts, but me, Andrea, and Emily worked as best as we could on it. I loved that piece and would have loved to see it go further because it was so much fun.” Moreno agreed with Ramos. “I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed that we didn’t make it to state, however this was my first hear in drama, and I figure there’s nowhere to go but up.” Because there are no set rules on how to act, the judging might seem a bit subjective. When asked if the competition is fair, Ramos stated, “For the most part. There are some pieces that win or place that I sometimes question and

think, ‘what the cheese and crackers?’ but ultimately, it just depends on the type of judge you have.” Ramos said that it all depends on the judge you have. If they don’t like your piece and don’t think you did a good job, then that’s that. Burnham agreed that the competition is subjective, but fair for the most part. “There were a couple of pieces that I thought should have got further that they did, but all in all, a fair competition.” Will the Jerome Tiger Troupe do as well next year? “There’s a lot of talent on the team,” Moreno stated, “and a lot of potential to take it to the top.” Congratulations again to the Tiger Troupe for doing so well at state. Good luck next year!

Ramos rehearses audition piece

“Together we can save a life” By: Nicole Brewton

Every two seconds someone in the U.S needs blood. You may know what I’m talking about by the quote. Does American Red Cross ring a bell? Brady Craig did a Blood Drive for his Senior Project. “It’s like killing two birds with one stone” said Craig about his senior project. Also referring to saving lives. Last year, Brady volunteered with a friend and gave blood and thought that it meant a lot and wanted to do that for his senior project. Knowing you can save three lives just by donating blood makes you feel great and you know that it’s worth it in the end. Lots of people came and wanted to help Brady. Most of the volunteers had the same response about giving blood. “I’m not afraid of needles, saving someone’s life is the easiest thing anyone can do, I’m happy to be helping.” said senior Mark Vanden-Bosch. Undergoing getting your blood taken is rather simple. All you have to do is first be 17 years of age. Then you go behind this computer to confirm all of your information and make sure you are eligible to give blood, then you sit in this blue chair, relax and get ready to feel like a hero. “I didn’t really want to give blood but then when I was asked, I wasn’t going to say no. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now.” said Edgar Malena, a volunteer and also a senior here at the High School. Craig stated that one person can affect three people’s lives. With him saving lives, it’s worth it. “I wanted to help with this because it means a lot, it’s easy and it’s a good cause.” Said Sydney, an assistant with the American Red Cross. Not everyone liked the needles. Senior Joseph Carey stated “I don’t like

needles, I was nervous about giving blood. But it’s a good cause and that’s all that matters.” Myron Peters, also a senior was very nervous for giving blood. For one, he hates needles, and doesn’t like much pain. But all that matters is saving someone’s life! There were more than enough people that came and volunteered. Brady Craig wanted to thank everyone that helped him. He said it means a lot.

Above right: American Red Cross Slogan Above Right: Arika, getting ready to give blood. Bottom Left: Joesph in the process of giving blood! :)

La Virgen De Guadalupe By: Magali Medrano On December 12, 1531, La Virgen De Guadalupe (the Virgin Mary) appeared to an Aztec Indian named Juan Diego on his way to mass in honor of The Virgen De Guadalupe. On the hill of Tepeyac, Mexico City, the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego and had sent him to tell the Bishop of Mexico to build a chapel where she would appear. Diego went and told the Bishop, but the Bishop didn’t believe him so he demanded evidence. Diego’s uncle got very ill and consequently ignored The Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary told Diego that his uncle would recover if Diego would give roses to the Bishop in her name. When, Diego opened his tilma (robe), roses fell out the tilma and an image of the Virgin Mary appeared like she looked on the hill. The Bishop now believed that Diego was telling the truth. Since then, every Catholic Church celebrates in her honor on December 12. Sophomore Jose Ocaranza, and freshman Selena Garcia from JHS, danced for The Virgin Mary, in her mass on Sunday December 12. “I danced for her because I’m grateful for her and I appreciate her,” said Ocaranza. They danced many more dances, and people even sang songs to her. This was Garcia’s first year dancing, but it was Ocaranza’s 6th year. Dancing for The Virgin Mary was important to Garcia because it’s a big part of her religion. Ocaranza and Garcia and their group practiced really hard to make that day special in honor of The Virgin Mary.

The Aztec Dance

Selena Garcia

The Rooster Fight

Jose Ocaranza


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