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Hi, I’m Shirley! You probably already know me and how “Ask Shirley” works, but in case you don’t, here’s the down low. On the school website, you comment on whatever link and write your problems to me. Once I read it, I’ll comment back and give you your advice! I’ll give you nice advice along with some NOT-SO-nice advice. I hope to hear from you soon!

Steve here. Just like Shirley, I have an advice column, too. The difference between us is that she’s the girl and I’m the guy. That way, if you have a question that really wouldn’t be very appropriate for a girl to answer, you can ask me and I’ll help you out. Just like “Ask Shirley” my advice column will have a polite answer and a more straightforward answer. That said; hope to hear from you soon!

Yours truly,




Advice Column  

How the advice column works. Introducing Ask Shirley and Ask Steve

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