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Louis Poulsen Lighting

mission Our passion is to design and sell outstanding lighting state­­­­­­ments through products that provide ambience to people and architecture.

vision Wherever outstanding lighting statements are desired, Louis Poulsen is the most preferred partner and brand.

1874 Founded as by Ludwig Poulsen

Ludwig Poulsens nephew becomes a partner, 1896

Louis Poulsen

’Here I met a man who was just as crazy as I was, and a lot of good came out of it.’ PH about his first meeting with Sophus K. Olsen

Sophus K. Olsen

Poul Henningsen’s Demonstration room at Louis Poulsen

poul Henningsen

1925 - Paris lamp Gold Medal Paris Exhibition 1925

Poul the Inventor

PH based his designs on endless calculations and darkroom experiments. He was a hands-on person, who did most of the theoretical and practical work himself.

Timeless Design

Forum - Exhibition hall in Copenhagen 1926 - the first 3 shade lamp in a project

PH´s logarithmic Spiral

PH´s logarithmic Spiral

PH´s logarithmic Spiral

The PH lamp and its numbers PH smallest (1/1) and largest (8/6)

The PH lamp and its numbers

The Louis Poulsen FCA™ Atmosphere




comfort atmosphere

Upholding the heritage The majority of the architects and designers Louis Poulsen has worked with were, and are, equally concerned with the atmosphere created by the lighting fixtures as with their functional qualities.


a r n e j a co b s e n


t h e s a s roya l h o t e l

Product AJ Table, Floor & Wall

Design Arne Jacobsen

Designed in 1960

Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen A typical Arne Jacobsen design as distinct, clear and refined as his architecture Has become a classic - used all over the World Provides suitable direct downward reading light Ashtray hole‌.

Product AJ Pendant

Design Arne Jacobsen

Designed in 1960

Designed for the SAS Royal hotel in Copenhagen Creates distinct direct light and a soft uplight Self-illuminating Typical minimalistic Arne Jacobsen design

Dining Hall, St. Catherine’s College

Product AJ Discus

Design Arne Jacobsen

Designed in 1959

Made for City Hall in Rødovre, Dennark Often used by Arne Jacobsen in his own architecture e.g. Sct. Cathrine’s college in Oxford Three-layered mouth blown glass Glass has a clear edge, creating a halo of light around the perimeter Is suitable to hang on the ceiling as well as on the wall

campbell louise campbell

Product Campbell

Design Louise Campbell

Designed in 2004, 2007

Inspiration for nature’s own light source. The sun finds it’s way through the leaves of the trees Light & shadow comes alive and changes constantly Three-layered mouth blown glass Sandblasted stripes Ø210: Adjustable suspension

Product Collage series

Design Louise Campbell

Designed in 2005

Inspiration from nature’s own light source. The sun finds it’s way through the leaves of the trees Laser cut acrylic Light & shadow comes alive and changes constantly Base in concrete in contrast to the fine shades – inspired by a sunshade-base Smashing colours

Product Snow

Design Louise Campbell

Designed in 2009

Light in 4 directions Inspired by the ultimate Danish winter Silk-screened white dots is an innovative ways to avoid glare Sculptural yet functional Emits diffuse light into the room A counterweight balances the fitting

enigma s h o i c h i u c h i ya m a

Product Enigma

Design Shoichi Uchiyama

Designed in 2003, 2007

Minimalistic Japanese design Non-glaring and soft light Penetration and reflection of light Ultra-thin wires See through the product A sculptural and floating pendant – has the ability to be used for multiple purposes

aeros ro s s l ove g rove

Product Aeros

Design Ross Lovegrove

Designed in 2009

Majority of the light is directed downwards Suitable for both residential and professional applications Pattern inspired from the microscopic look at bone structure Strong visual expression from all angles Reflector inspired by Fibonacci’s spiral Glare free

flindt christian flindt

Product Flindt family

Design Christian Flindt

Designed in 2007

Departure: plastics Inspiration: Filtering the light Weaving the light - dual shades – a cylinder and a cone 3-dimentional transparent expression Changing patterns Light source placed in the “waist” Floor lamp with integrated dimmer

panton ve r n e r p a n t o n

Product Panthella

Design Verner Panton

Designed in 1972

Provides a soft and comfortable light Hot retro design by one of the most controversial designers in the 1970’ies

moser anu moser

Product Moser

Design Anu Moser

Designed in 2002

Designed for Anu Moser’s own gallery The three different sizes, three different stages of blowing glass without tools Creates exceptional uniform diffuse light Three-layered mouth blown glass. Intelligent suspension Extremely suitable to be hung in cloisters

satellite v i l h e l m wo h l e r t

Product Satellite

Design Vilhelm Wohlert

Designed in 1959

Provides uniform, general and diffuse lighting Opening at the bottom produces direct light Evenly lit surface

Product Toldbod Glass

Design Louis Poulsen

Designed in 2003

Uniform and soft light due to the three-layered mouth blown glass The placing of the light source ensures a completely evenly lit fitting – from top to bottom Extremely suitable to be hung in cloisters

toldbod toldbod 155


poul henningsen

Product PH 3-shade System Design Poul Henningsen

PH 2/1 Pendant

PH 2/1 Wall

PH 2/1 Table

PH 2/1 Stem Fitting

PH 3/2 Pendant

PH 3/2 Table

PH 3/2 Wall

PH 3/2 Academy

PH 4/3 Pendant

PH 4/3 Table

PH Wall

PH 3-2½ Wall

Year of Introduction 1925-2002

PH 3½-2½ Floor

Product PH 3-shade System

Design Poul Henningsen

Designed in 1924-2002

The meaning of the number: 2=Diameter 20 cm, 3=Diameter 30 cm Non-glaring light Exceptional piece of three-layered mouth-blown glass, which challenges even the best glass works Glass shades: Diffuse light Metal shades: Light directed downwards

Product PH 5/PH 5 Plus

Design Poul Henningsen

Designed in 1958

The meaning of the number: 5=Diameter 50 cm Non-glaring light full-shielded Designed for dinner tables – hanging low Design icon Red coloured ring enhances the feeling of a soft and warm light- creating atmosphere.

Product PH 5/4½

Design Poul Henningsen

Designed in 1984

Designed for Concert Hall in Århus, Denmark Based on PH 6½/6 made in 1979 for Exhibition Hall Charlottenborg, Denmark Non-glaring light Is suitable for regular as well as high ceiling spaces – for example halls or hanging over a large dining table

Product PH 80

Design Poul Henningsen

Designed in 1974

A celebration Poul Henningsen’s 80th birthday Opal acrylic shades - same illumination as glass shades Red top reflector creates as warmer tone of light

Product PH Snowball

Design Poul Henningsen

Designed in 1983

Based on the PH Louvre made for The Adventist Church in Skodsborg, Denmark Non-glaring light Top of shades are glossy - creating sparkling light Underside are matt - avoiding reflections Extremely suitable for hanging over tables

Product PH Artichoke

Design Poul Henningsen

Designed in 1958

Classical masterpiece – a statement in the room Made for the Restaurant Langeliniepavillionen in Copenhagen, where 17 pcs are still hanging Non-glaring - Light source not visible from any angle 72 leaves in 12 different sizes Each leave is hand brushed, painted white on the inside and lacquered on the outside

Product PH Hat

Design Poul Henningsen

Designed in 1961

The inside of the globe is pale rose providing a warmer tone of light Designed for his own bedroom Shade can be tilted from 0 to 67 degrees Suitable not only for bedrooms, but also as a wall light in general – mounted and low

Louis Poulsen. Iluminación  

Louis Poulsen. Iluminación

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