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by Ryan Gibson

About Me


My hobbies, Interests and background as a designer.


Bowers & Wilkins

Graphic Design & Illustration A collection of freelance graphic design work.


In a throwaway culture, could a clever kettle spark a behaviour change towards a more sustainable model of living?


A live project with Bowers & Wilkins to conceive an entry level Bluetooth speaker for a new value space.


A Kettle for Life

Non Literal Form An exploration of form through sketchwork, 3D CAD, soft modelling and hard modelling.


Philips A group project in interaction design, led by Gavin Proctor, head designer at Phillips.

A new camera experience Recreate the charm and adventure of home movies through a tactile, playful device that appeals to an active adventurous youth.


DMM Some highlights from my 16 month placement with DMM Climbing.

Curriculum Vitae by Ryan Gibson 07511455708 | | 2 Honister Road, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8HS

About Me: My two great interests are design and the outdoors. I have devoted a great deal of time to both since a young age.

Freelance Graphic Design 2009 - Present

My goal in life is to set exceptional standards in everything I do and Northumbria University’s Design for Industry course is helping me achieve just that.

As soon as I became aware of Adobe Illustrator, I was hooked on producing basic logos for anything from local companies to sports teams. Later down the line, this developed into a small branding enterprise. Producing brand guidelines for local environmental charities, cover art for up and coming sportsmen looking for media sponsorship, and keeping university societies close to my heart looking cool and professional.

With each project I expand my knowledge and experience. I always seek to improve my design and thinking skills. I am always open to new approaches to design.

Qualifications: Currently Studying Design for Industry BA (Hons) at Northumbria University.

Hobbies and Achievements: 3 A levels including: Mathematics, Physics and Product Design. West Cumbria Catholic Sixth Form Centre, Cumbria.

9 GCSE’s from A*-C including: English, Mathematics and French. St. Benedicts RC High School, Cumbria.

Work Experience: Graphic Design & Marketing at DMM Climbing April 2012 – August 2013 After the 3 month placement I was originally contracted for, DMM offered to employ me directly for a further 12 months, deferring my studies. My time at DMM was spent building and strengthening the companies brand internationally, in order to compete with industry giants such as Black Diamond and Petzl. Learning the brand very quickly was essential. With first hand experience of the employee’s passion for their company and their sport, I quickly grasped how DMM presented itself on the world stage as the premium climbing hardware manufacturer. My responsibilities involved extensive graphic design, point of sale & packaging design, web design and sales & marketing discussions. My colleagues at DMM were a vastly varied and cultured group, ranging in backgrounds, skill-sets, hobbies and senses of humour. I thrived in this environment. Learning to collaborate and express my unique value in the team dynamic has pushed my abilities further than I could have anticipated, but I feel there’s so much more to learn and contribute in equal parts.

I actively take part in many team sports and activities, and take many of them to levels of responsibility. Kayaking Arguably my favourite sport, kayaking has been a part of my life since 2002 and was what introduced me to the outdoors lifestyle. Living in Cumbria was a great catalyst to getting to paddle in a beautiful location with excellent quality white water. I now coach kayaking locally. Climbing I started indoor bouldering in 2011 at climbing walls in and around Newcastle. Since moving to Llanberis for my design placement at DMM I have practiced fell walking, scrambling, Outdoor bouldering and Trad Climbing. Road Cycling I started road cycling in December 2011 and since, I have taken every opportunity I can to excel. In May 2013 I cycled 850 Miles through Vietnam in 10 days, raising over £2,500 for Newborns Vietnam. I currently hold this as my greatest sporting achievement.

To whom it may concern, I had the pleasure of working with Ryan for a period of approximately 18 months. Ryan joined our Marketing Department for which I was responsible as Brand Manager at DMM International. We are a small company, and we are a small department , and so we needed somebody who would fit in quickly and understand the company ethos and approach. Ryan did exactly this, and very quickly was able to take on a wide variety of tasks. In a small department this versatility was essential and he worked concurrently on different projects , from Packaging, Ad design, POS, Trade Stand design and much more. Ryan brought a fresh approach, new ideas and a refreshingly open attitude to the job. He produced new and Innovative solutions and ideas, but at the same time was confident enough to listen to advice and criticisms in the light that they were given. The way he listened and interacted with other members of the sales team was in fact very mature indeed and his interpersonal skills undoubtedly played a great part in this. If you would like any further information or details I am happy to supply them. Chris Rowlands, Brand Manager / Export Sales Manager DMM International, Y Glyn, Llanberis, Gwynedd, LL55 4EL

WACOM Bamboo Pen in 3D CAD.


A Kettle for Life In a throwaway culture, could a clever kettle spark a behaviour change towards a more sustainable model of living?


U.K households dispose of over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical appliance waste every year.

A broken kettle. Could you repair it?

Everything in the kitchen is in reach of my kids, they just can’t keep their hands off! -Mum

My wallet hates limescale. It’s destroyed at least 4 kettles since we moved here. -Dad

We had a hob top kettle once with the horizontal handle. Well as soon as the arthritis got worse, it was just horrendous to pour. -Grandma

Why on earth does it need a million flashing lights? Just seems too much to me. -Eldest Son

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Induction friendly glass

Spun Stainless Steel Copper Induction Coil Spot Welded, Hot Forged Stainless Steel

Zircotec Ceramic Coating

Layered modular circuitry

Polyurethane Base

Non ferrous bolt to hold the whole thing together


A new camera experience Recreate the charm and adventure of home movies through a tactile, playful device that appeals to an active adventurous youth.

Which market appreciates a more tactile experience more than children?

Home movies of the 80’s and 90’s captured a childs imagination, yet modern day low end camera’s and camera phones are too premium and delicate for backyard adventures.


The First Iteration Inspired by the retro View-Master and the form factor of binoculars, this form means the user can film in 3D, and view in 3D real time.

Further Sketching The previous form seemed constricting in its extreme curves and angles. Through a more subtle, simple form factor, I could start experimenting with user interaction.

The Second Iteration This quick model looked a lot more accessible. The single form hits a slightly more mature audience, although excessive curves still make the form too childlike. The camera is to be used it a rough environment: Skateparks, Local woodland, The muddy Backyard, so ambidextrous controls seem to make sense.

Extended Controls The camera needs an on button, a record button, focus controls, zoom controls, and depth of field controls. This iteration saw one dial where the thumb would sit. This was difficult to use as the thumb often supports the form in the hand.

The Third Iteration This was the first model where scale and proportions were a factor. The 1:1 scale model has 2 “shoulder� buttons, inspired by video came controllers. Along with control dials on either side, it was positive to see the form work well and fit in the hand.

Scale and Proportion At 160x160mm the form was rather large, although much more mature in form factor. The extended space suggested a full hand grip. This was an awkward way to hold the device. The shoulder buttons being to far to one end of the form put the whole thing of balance in the hand. The dials on the side didn’t work. A dial as a mechanical feature would be prone to breaking, and the horizontal motion isn’t accessible to the fingers, when holding the form as intended.

Innovating Controls The trigger controls are an alternative to free wheeling dials. Nudging up and down have the same effect as the dials turning. The vertical nature of the motion sits with the fingers natural resting position and the minimised mechanical motion will be a more durable method. Not to mention this gives an opportunity to sculpt the button to a more finger friendly shape.

A Complete Form 2 Record buttons, (for either hand) a power button, 3 LED’s to quickly reference the levels of charge, a mode/ wifi connect button, a trigger to control zoom and a trigger to control Depth of field (the physical distance between the 2 camera lenses.) Accompanied by twin viewfinders displaying real time 3D and various settings/ information.


Bowers & Wilkins A live project with Bowers & Wilkins to conceive an entry level Bluetooth speaker for a new value space.

The Current Range Bowers & Wilkins are world leaders in audio monitor technology.

Their entry level products compress high end technology into affordable packages, for the Audiophile on a budget.

Undeniable Quality

Bowers & Wilkins The Study

Its all about class. The dark wood finish, aluminium details and clean lines scream subtlety, from the desk at home, to the board room table, heads will turn, and your ears will be singing. Continued perfection. Simplicity just got simpler, with touch buttons built into the dark wood and that’s all. The two-touch feature does all the hard work, simply hold both volume buttons while syncing with your iPhone or other media and the product is set-up. No fuss, no fiddling, the way you live your life. Only the finest, sir. Indulge in luxury at home or on the move, with the fine, silk bound body and real wood panels, it feels like your carrying your study with you.

Unrivaled Style

Bowers & Wilkins The Stack

Inspired, by the guy who smiles. The very same guy who goes to the park for a picnic, or restores a retro bike for leisure. That cool guy everyone knows, and everyone knows has a good music taste. On trend, popular and love airing your tunes? Then you’re exactly who the stackable speakers from B+W are meant for. A stylish and simplistic appearance, ultimate compatibility and customizable surround sound make you a walking studio.

The ultra-simple design and use are for you. Four buttons are all that adorn the stack, because that’s all you need. Neither adding to, nor taking away from the recorded performance. The Stack is über social, get your friends over with their stack and connect with the press of 2 buttons, pretty soon you have a surround sound system the envy of most. Air you’re tunes, air your speaker. Inspired by Bowers + Wilkins research on the Nautilus, even in this small space the quality of sound output isn’t jeopardised by an enclosed body. Shock absorption in the base won’t mangle you’re sound when you stack the Stack.

Ultimate Performance

Bowers & Wilkins The Horn

Form follows function. Everyone can appreciate Form follows Function, and there is no better example than the Nautilus. Here is a direct descendant, the Horn. Taking the basic principles of the Nautilus and shrinking it down wasn’t enough however, thus the Horn was born. Simplicity is the word. The horn is the ultimate in simplicity, utilizing the elegant form to the maximum to achieve excellent sound quality and intuitive basic function was the key to a successful design.

Fashion, fashion, fashion. The Horn is aimed at those who love sexy, chic sound. Take it along when you go for coffee, to a friend’s house or out for a walk, and you can be sure it will never feel out of place. Trendy or elegant, its your choice. Cherry red for the ostentatious, outgoing individual, or satin black for the class appeal, either way you’re sure to turn heads with the horn on the end of your arm. Inductive Charging To add to the free feeling experience, Included is an inductive charging hook. Simple hang your Speaker from this hook and let the good tunes roll.


Non Literal Form An exploration of form through sketchwork, 3D CAD, soft modelling and hard modelling.

Sometimes we just need something to keep our hands busy.


DMM Some highlights from my 16 month placement with DMM Climbing. Much of the work I produced is confidential and therefore not included here.

New Website The current DMM website splits the brand unnecesserily. I was asked to unify the brand under one site, keeping different markets contained, but freeing the consumers to explore them all freely.

Balanced Styling

Simple Navigation

Partitioned Sub Brands

Each product has the potential to be used in life or death situations, and all conform to strict health and safety standards.

DMM Designs, engineers and manufactures hundreds of product, so the navigation had to be clear and easy to follow.

As the company has distinctly separated markets, the home page needed to represent all of them equally, without confusing those who were unfamiliar with other markets.

Striking the balance between selling beautiful products and remaining a responsible online service was vital.

DMM Engineering One of my responsibilities at DMM involved producing marketing tools for the consultancy side of the company. With the second most advanced aluminium factory in the UK, the stakes were always high. My tasks ranged from producing stands for European trade shows to print documents and presentations for NATO certified countries military.


Graphic Design & Illustration A collection of freelance graphic design work.

Adobe Illustrator practice

kayak NOrThumbria taster SESSiON Kayak Northumbria is a club dedicated to introducing and developing our sport in the North East. Though many students are members, you don’t have to be a student to join! Join us for a taster session at Outer West Pool on Sunday 22nd September to have a go, all levels of experience are welcome! email or visit:

001.indd 1

16/09/2013 09:31:38

Turquoise & Cream

Forest & Cream

Charcoal & Cream

Heather & Cyan

TI 13 TIME Branding for a small conceptual project which aimed to introduce 13 hours onto the conventional analogue clock face.

origuru origuru


An arts and crafts company who’s flagship product is a beginner’s origami set.

A hypothetical design consultancy intended to be humorous and light hearted.





St. Andrews University film making society approached me wanting an edgy and powerful logo, which is obviously film production related with guerilla themes.

The first Community that bought a mountain. This charitable organisation focuses on the restoration of the beautiful and picturesque welsh mountain Moel y Ci.

THE Mountain bike instructor of North Wales. Gareth commissioned this logo to better represent the professional level of tuition he offered his clients.


Philips A group project in interaction design, led by Gavin Proctor, head designer at Phillips.

“Smart Fridge?

Idiot Fridge, more like...” -Susie Steiner, the Guardian.

“No one wants the obligation of keeping their fridge informed...”

-Susie Steiner, the Guardian.

“50.6% of households in NewYork contain a single individual.� Jennifer Senior, New York Magazine. This target market is ideal for the PHILIPS Kitchen. A single man or woman living alone is often required to be completely self sufficient, however the rigours of everyday life mean that this can not always be the case. A system which could aid these individuals in an effective and simplistic way would add significant value to various lifestyle experiences.

RFID Readers. Housed in each PHILIPS kitchen shelf are 4 RFID tag readers, which when stacked within a fridge, freezer or cupboard create a gate in which any product entering must pass through. Because of this, all products can be effortlessly scanned into your inventory.


Weight Difference Calculated. How much milk is too little? To provide an answer to this question, each shelf recognises the ‘checked in’ product, and compares its current weight to it’s original weight, as detailed on the RFID Tag. When a product is checked out and in, the scales register the weight difference, calculating how much of this product has been used.

RFID Application. An avenue that could be capitalised on is the possibility for PHILIPS to produce the RFID Tags that correspond directly to this system. The costs of the design and manufacture of this service could be offset by the opportunity to gain brand placement on a huge range of consumer products. Benefits of introducing the RFID system into mainstream product packaging.

User. A better all round product experience. Increased awareness of personal inventory. Enhanced lifestyle experiences.

External Brands. The opportunity for direct product placement and tailored advertising. Enhanced likelihood of return custom.

PHILIPS Gain greater market penetration, through increased brand presence on products. The chance for new market exposure.

RFID Application. Here is a mock-up of the application of a PHILIPS branded RFID tag to a popular consumer product. The opportunity to have a constant, long-term presence in place on products not necessarily related to PHILIPS could be hugely beneficial to the brand on a commercial level.

1 A Timely Reminder. 2 A Friendly Nudge. The subtle push notification’s keep you in stock of your favourites and essentials. By collaborating with the lifestyle apps on your smart phone, the reminders come at times most convenient and best suited to you, the individual.

PHILIPS You might like to buy some Milk on the way home.

PHILIPS Everywhere is designed to help you squeeze the most value out of popular apps, extending the user experience beyond basic inventory towards a more complete lifestyle package.

PHILIPS You don’t quite have the right ingredients for this dish. Required Ingredients: Ripe Tomatoes

Jamie and his pals. Whether it be dinner parties, a BBQ with friends or the opportunity to put your culinary genius to the test, PHILIPS Everywhere gives the user a platform to extract the most out of every experience. By collaborating with present apps, the user is offered hints, nudges and friendly advice, intended to make the experience a fuller and more enjoyable one.



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