Gibbs Red Angus 2023 Annual Bull Sale

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Welcome to the Gibbs Red Angus 2023 Annual Bull Sale!

We’re honored to have you consider our program. We think you’ll find a quality selection of Eastern Montana raised bulls with balanced traits. All bulls were born unassisted and developed at the ranch. They have been DNA tested and ultrasounded for EPD accuracy. Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us. We look forward to working with you and your operations!

Gibbs Red Angus Guarantee:

We guarantee you’ll like any “sight-unseen” purchases. All bulls are first season guaranteed breeders excluding injury. All claims for adjustment or refund must be made within the first six months of sale date.

Sale Terms & Condi ons:

Terms and condi ons not covered by the catalog will refer to The Standard Terms & Condi ons set forth by the Red Angus Associa on of America at

Þ Bulls will sell in catalog order (by birthdate).

Þ Bulls are DNA tested for parentage and EPD accuracy.

Þ All catalog EPD’s current as of 02/10/2023

Þ Ultra-sound carcass data and scrotal measurements will be available sale day.

Þ Fer lity and Breeding Soundness tested.

Þ Bulls fed through the end of April and delivered in May.

Þ Free delivery 300 miles and nego able beyond.

Þ Gibbs Red Angus retains 50% semen interest in all bulls.

The Gibbs Family

Gibbs Red Angus

513 Van Norman Road

Jordan, MT 59337

Pat Gibbs 406.977.2852

Bill Gibbs 406.853.2096

Sale Info & Location: Thursday


Lunch at Noon


7444 HWY 42

Glasgow,MT59230 406.228.9306

Contacts/To Leave a Bid:

Pat Gibbs 406.977.2852

Bill Gibbs 406.853.2096

Iva Murch — GSIYardsManager — 406.263.7529

Ed Hinton Auctioneer 406.783.7285

Rachael Oliver - RedAngusCommercialMarketing Specialist 406.480.1569

EPD’s are updated weekly. For the most current info on the sale bulls or reference sires, visit: -> Data Search & Tools -> Find An Animal -> Enter the Registration Number. You’ll be able to view current EPDs and Pedigree.

Breeding Soundness Exam:

MarilynHowell,DMV Circle Veterinarian Clinic



Carcass Ultrasound Data:

Elin Kittelmann Certified Ultrasound Tech



Bull Clipping:

Austin Buzanowski

B Diamond Cattle Services



Did you know?

Video of the sale bulls will be available for viewing at

You’ll also find the sale day supplement sheet loaded there as soon as the data is available to us.

If you have any addi onal video or pictures you would like to see of a par cular bull, please reach out and we’ll do our best to oblige. You are always welcome to stop by and view them at the ranch any me. Hope to see you at the sale!

The Gibbs Family

Watch the Sale & Bid Online at: Or www.Ca
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Gibbs Red Angus Reference Sires

5L Blazin’ Steel 3493671 RAB Atomic 3474996 RAB Spartacus 1617230 HXC Dawson 3816299 Feddes Silver Bow 1687147 Collier Finished Product 3861137 LSF Grand Prairie 3722657 3SCC Domain 1619642 Brown JYJ Redemption 1441805 Red U2 Malbec 195D 3721545 Spur Franchise of Garton 3469042 Andras’ Mr. Black Jeans 1422034 Brown Halfman Top Tier 4118786 LSF F842 4021314 GIB Franchise 001 4342641 LSF 9350G 4110654

So what about the Black Red Gene Carrier bulls (lot# 3 and lot# 17)? Their sire is a Black Red Gene Carrier bull registered with both the Black and Red Angus Associations. Black is dominant. On Black cows they will throw Black calves. On Red cows the calves have a 50/50 chance of being Red or Black. This is the rule of thumb. If the cows have a different color in their recent pedigree, the odds may change a little.

Source:h ps:// cs/understanding-the-gene cs-of-coat-colour/#gallery

Lot# 1

Lot# 3

Lot# 5

Lot# 8

Lot# 10

Lot# 12

Lot# 13

Lot# 16

Lot# 17

Lot# 19

Lot# 22

Lot# 23

Lot# 26

Lot# 27

Lot# 30

Lot# 31

Lot# 34

Lot# 36

Lot# 38

Lot# 40

6 Lot# 7
9 Lot# 11
Lot# God Bless America!
Gibbs Red Angus 4069772852 513 Van Norman Road Jordan, MT 59337