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Library Newsletter October 2012

Library Newsletter I hope the start to your school year is going smoothly! We have all had a busy start to the year. I just want to give you an update on things in the library and also show you some new things that could help you in your classrooms. Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions, I am here to help you!


Extension 1421 I will let all of you know when my email address gets changed! SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST New Databases Class Resource Pages In-service trainings

LIBRARY RESERVATIONS AND COLLABORATIONS Please let me know if you would like to reserve the library for your classes or if you would like collaborate on any upcoming projects. I love to work with classes on projects as well as help you to teach research topics to your students. This could include just a simple library orientation, learning how to

use the databases, how to evaluate websites for research projects, or any other technology class projects you would like to incorporate. I am here to help YOU!!! Please let me know if you have any ideas for projects or need help with anything!

"Wear the old coat and buy the new book." — Austin Phelps CLASS PROJECT RESOURCES Another way I can help you with your lessons is creating a research “database” for your classes research project or other lesson that they will be using online resources. This can help to direct students to appropriate sources, but also to make them aware of different resources that the school has to offer like databases. I am including some examples of project databases that I have set up for other classes that have come to the library since the beginning of the school year. Please let me know of any upcoming lessons you will be doing and I can put together some resources for your class. Even if it is last minute I can usually put something together to help your students do great research. Ms. Beason-Economic Systems Debate Ms. Cristy-Canterbury Tales Project Mrs. Brown-Periodic Table Research Project Ms. Parris– Research Project


NEW DATABASES! We have some great new databases that the district has subscribed to for the high school level. There are some great resources available through these databases especially for the Common Core and if you are working with Lexile reading levels. ABC-CLIO This database is great for many subject areas but especially Social Studies and English classes. There are 10 databases included in this subscription, including American Government, American History, Current Issues, Pop Culture, Geography for both the United States and for the World, World History, World at War , World History: Modern Era and World Religions. There is also a collection of eBooks that are included with this database.

Biography In-Context A wonderful database for biographies, there is a huge variety of biographies that are included, anything from presidents to movie stars, it also includes the option to search under time periods, occupations, and other ways to narrow down a search. This database also includes Lexile reading levels on almost all the articles and gives the option to read the article out loud as well. These tools can help both your high and low level readers understand the articles.

Science In-Context Science In-Context is a great science subject area database. It has lots of great resources on different topics in the science world. It also includes the curriculum standards for the Common Core and has resources that you can use to help implement those standards. There are lots of journal articles and resources, almost all of which have a reading level included. If you have a lower level class or an advanced class you can pick out articles for them that are more at their reading levels. There is also the option to have the articles read aloud for lower level students to follow along. 3

BRITTANICA IMAGE QUEST DATABASE Britannica Image Quest is another new database that has been subscribed to. This is a great image only database that has copyright friendly images that can be used for PowerPoints, posters, and other projects in your classroom. This database has great images that are relevant to today, students that have used it in the library have loved it so

far and were able to “spice up� their presentations.

Check it out there are some great things on Image Quest!

COLLEGE AND CAREER RESOURCE CENTER There is a new area for college and career resources in the library. This includes test preparation materials, college information, scholarships, open houses for colleges and career planning resources. If you know of any students who are in need of help with planning for college please guide them to check out this area for more information.


REQUESTING MATERIALS FOR LIBRARY If there are any supplemental materials that you need for your curriculum or if you have some topics that you would like to have represented in the library for extra resources please let me know. These could be books, videos, magazines, etc. Please either stop down and see me or fill out the following online request form: Library Materials Request Form If you are requesting any DVDs please be very specific in what you are looking for! It would be helpful if you had a catalog or a printed summary to help with ordering.

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." — Frederick Douglass IN-SERVICE OPPORTUNITY FOR CLASSROOM TOOLS I am planning on offering after school inservice sessions a couple times per month for teachers to learn different tools for their classrooms. This could range from learning about the Gibbs High School databases the district has purchased or free online tools to use with your Fusion pages or to help “spice” up your lessons. This would only be for 45 minutes to an hour after school once or twice a month (Inservice hours!). If you would be interested in these sessions or have some ideas on things you would like to learn about let me know. Here are a few examples of different things we could go over: Prezi- A fun way to present information instead of using PowerPoint. Socrative-Ways to incorporate cell phones into lessons

How to use the new library databases into your classes Using Google Applications in the classroom (Google Drive, Reader, etc.) Social Networking in Education Please fill out the online form below if you are interested and also give me some ideas of different topics you would like to learn more about. Library In-Service Survey Please let me know if you have questions! I look forward to seeing you in the library! Dana Rider 5

GHS Library Newsletter October 2012  
GHS Library Newsletter October 2012  

Newsletter for the Gibbs High School Library October 2012