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Inside Gibbs Gillespie


A history of success


Independent and established


Trusted brand


Accredited estate agency


Multi-office network


Our associated London, Park Lane office


Open for business


Gibbs Gillespie people


The Gibbs Gillespie team


Shared commission


Online matchmaking


WWWow ...


Attention to detail


An all important ‘Sellers Quote’


Powerful and thorough marketing


Gibbs Gillespie Web TV


Pioneers in cutting edge technology


Capturing the company movers


Our Upper Class magazine


Communication is vital


A complete service

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Inside Gibbs Gillespie Over 20 years ago we had a vision - to create the finest estate agency in the UK. What motivated us was the excitement of shaping an organisation that excels at every level. That still drives us today. At Gibbs Gillespie we aim to be the best. We strive to shine in every area of our business, continually reinventing ourselves as we find better ways to achieve our clients’ goals. We are a learning organisation. We regularly review our structure, systems and processes, asking ourselves: How can we improve our service to our clients?

3Paul Gillespie

While our main focus is selling and letting residential property, we have a range of complementary services to make it easier for you to do business. As well as our sales and lettings team, we offer expert help in the areas of mortgages, conveyancing, property management and investment, professional surveys and valuations, land development and new home sales and marketing. We want the process of buying, selling and renting to be an exciting, seamless experience for you. You could say we’re high tech and high touch. We use technology to maximise results while continuing to offer excellent customer service.

Our reputation is built on: Integrity:

You can rely on our advice.

Communication: We market properties effectively. Customer Care: We value our clients and express this in our relationships. Results:

We achieve superior results in every situation.

To succeed as an organisation facing today’s business challenges, we continually develop our people, refine our systems and upgrade our service standards. More importantly, we believe in the business of being human. We value our clients and business partners, understanding that good working relationships need care and consideration. As we move forward and expand we continue to be enthusiastic, optimistic and grateful for your support. We are delighted to work with the best and brightest people in the business as we serve your property needs.

James Gibbs

Coming of age 20 years in property


A history of success Coming of age - 20 years in property The number of times buyers and sellers have heard us

Of course, there’s more to Gibbs Gillespie than just

utter the word ‘sold’ over 20 years is a staggering figure.

saying ‘sold’. We also manage and let properties, and

And, each time it meant another successful sale, another

our landlords are just as happy with our service as our

happy seller and another new beginning.

sellers. We take great care to hire the right people and train them thoroughly, so whether selling or letting, you

We’ve grown quite a bit since 1991. Now, with offices

know you’re getting the help of an expert who actually

right across Middlesex and Hertfordshire and expanding

understands the importance of their responsibilities.

ever further into Buckinghamshire, we can say we’re the most successful estate agency group, which means we

Mainly, however, we sell and let property and nobody

tend to say ‘sold’ quite a lot. We’ve become successful

else does it better.

because we work hard to bring a price that makes people happy enough to come back to us next time they have a property to sell.

A history of success 6

Independent and established Independence means performance With 20 years of experience we know what makes our business tick and how to successfully sell or let every conceivable type of property in every kind of market. We are privately owned and operated. We cherish our independence because it motivates us to care about every single thing that happens within our company.


We also understand that to stay at the top you need to be ahead of the game. That’s why we make significant investment in new technology and fiercely protect our independence. You can get a flavour of what independent thinking creates when you visit our offices. Each is positioned at a strategic location and each welcomes hundreds of customers every week. What do people see when they visit us? A dynamic, result driven, technologically advanced company that combines professionalism with passion.

Independent and established 8


Trusted brand Trust and confidence The strength of Gibbs Gillespie lies in our reputation. Buyers and sellers are aware of who we are and what we stand for. They know that the Gibbs Gillespie brand is a stamp of quality and they know to look for the logo. When you sell or let your property with Gibbs Gillespie you benefit from this brand association. Not only will any advertisement for your property be readily seen by potential buyers and tenants, it will be just as readily trusted.

Trusted brand 10

Accredited estate agency We’re not just any estate agent For 20 years we’ve been Middlesex and Hertfordshire’s most awarded and successful estate agency. The reasons for our success are simple; we are passionate about property, we are honest and forthright in our dealings with clients, our innovations set industry standards and we never lose sight of the fact that we owe everything to our clients and the communities in which we operate. So here’s a heartfelt thank you to all our clients, customers, team and friends for helping us win these fantastic awards and just like mum displaying your kinder paintings on the fridge, where it’s always nice to be recognised for a job well done, here they all are...


Marks of a respected agent In addition, to help give you peace of mind and ensure we maintain the highest professional standards of service we are proud members of these industry organisations and conform to their guidelines. It’s a clear sign you’re dealing with a thoroughly reputable and respected agent. Remember, not all estate agents want to be accountable for their actions.

Accredited estate agency 12


Multi-office network We have your buyer or tenant surrounded There are many advantages to being part of a broad

We offer nearly 100 sales and lettings people across

network and our offices dominate the Middlesex and

our network working together to ensure the best

Hertfordshire market.

results are achieved for you.

As far as our clients are concerned, the most important is

It only takes the Gibbs Gillespie success rate to realise

that we work in unison to ensure we attract more buyers

that a team effort is much more powerful than a

and tenants. More buyers and tenants add up to a more

solo performance.

successful result and a happy client. Each office and every agent has access to a central sales and lettings database, so no matter which office you’re dealing with, your property will receive maximum exposure.

Multi-office network 14


Our associated London, Park Lane office Reaching the London and international market In recent years, the influence of the London buyer on the market in Middlesex and Hertfordshire has steadily increased. With this in mind, our associated prestigious showroom on London’s Park Lane is vital to us and a major part of our marketing strategy in selling our premium properties. We offer a bespoke service for all clients selling homes valued at over £1,000,000. Through this service the property is marketed to the international and London market through the Park Lane office as well as locally through the Gibbs Gillespie network.

Our associated London, Park Lane office 16

Open for business Longer opening hours We have always worked harder than anyone else to make life easier for house hunters. We believe success comes from being open and ready to do business on our clients’ behalf at times convenient to buyers and tenants which is why our offices are open for business 7 days a week from: 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Thursday 9 am to 6 pm Fridays 9 am to 5 pm Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm Sundays and Bank Holidays In addition, our phone lines are open 9 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5pm Saturdays and 10 am - 4 pm Sundays. We even chauffeur house hunters to your door to ensure they arrive in a relaxed and positive frame of mind.


Open for business 18


Gibbs Gillespie people Our greatest asset Gibbs Gillespie’s sales and lettings team members are highly skilled and experienced and are our greatest asset. They are the calibre of people you want on your side for the challenging and crucially important business of buying, selling or renting your property. People who have used Gibbs Gillespie always say our greatest strength is our people. Our on-going in-house training for the entire team ensures they are equipped with all the skills necessary to sell or let your property efficiently and quickly. And because we look after our people, we attract and retain the best people in the business. So, you’ll always see familiar faces every time you visit our offices.

Gibbs Gillespie people 20


The Gibbs Gillespie team at Pinner Headquarters Local expertise



Shared commission Our unique approach to staff performance All our teams benefit from ‘pooled commission’... and so do you! Unlike almost every other estate agent, we still share commission between the team. This means that every one of us will look after your interests (not just one individual looking after their own).

Shared commission 24

Online matchmaking Getting the sale or letting of your property off to the best possible start

This unique innovation enables Gibbs Gillespie to

Properties receive more attention from house hunters

registered a profile that matches your property,

when they’re first put on the open market.

even before it’s advertised.

That’s why we’ve created [be first] an exclusive buyer

Just imagine, your property particulars landing in

and tenant registration system that instantly matches

the ‘inbox’ of house hunters everywhere; and that’s

qualified buyers and tenants to our clients’ properties

just what we do on the first day!

from the moment they are listed. Buyers and tenants register either on-line or by completing a registration form to gain immediate access to comprehensive information about the properties that match the profile they’ve registered with us.


bring ‘hot’ house hunters to your door who have

Online matchmaking 26


We are grateful to Chaplins furniture for allowing us the use of some of their great pieces visit

WWWow … Online advertising We’ve invested heavily in making one of the best in the business so it’s no wonder that it is the most visited website of all local estate agents. The internet is growing rapidly as a marketing tool, allowing a great deal of interaction between house hunters and your property. is updated with new properties everyday and features floorplans, multiple photographs, location maps, video tours, aerial maps, local information and printable full colour brochures for every property, regardless of price. Perhaps most important of all is our high ranking on all search engines. If you don’t believe it, Google us. In addition, when you list your property with Gibbs Gillespie, we’ll also ensure it appears on the top property portals including:

WWWow … 28

Attention to detail Professional photography and floorplans Why can two properties that appear the same on

The images we reproduce come from specialist datographers

paper, sell for vastly different prices? Quite often it

(highly skilled floorplanners and photographers) to help

simply comes down to a matter of presentation.

paint the best picture possible of every property we list. And with our in-house hi-tech printers we can produce quality

That’s why we put more effort into producing better marketing materials because first impressions count. All our property particulars are produced to superior standards giving comprehensive, clear and accurate representations, including detailed floorplans.


details the very same day.

Attention to detail 30


An all important ‘Sellers Quote’ Exceeding expectation We understand that people are passionate about their

In just the same way, if home improvements have

property. It is our firm belief that traditional estate

been carried out, we will not only want to describe the

agency techniques fail to convey some of that passion

work but also convey how the lifestyle of the owner

to prospective buyers. If owners love and enjoy their

has been improved as a result.

homes, the people carrying out a viewing should be made aware of that fact, and understand why.

This powerful ‘Sellers Quote’ is then used on all our marketing material to further enhance the sale of

So, we take the time to uncover exactly what the

your property.

people in a property enjoy most about living there by asking you – the seller – for a very important ‘Sellers Quote’. After all, the very factors which attracted you to the property in the first place are probably those which will attract those who will want to buy it now.

An all important ‘Sellers Quote’ 32

Open longer

Sign boards

Regional magazines Local press advertising Open house

Professional photography Stylish brochures Local expertise

Powerful and thorough marketing Maximum exposure At Gibbs Gillespie we understand the power of

Our distinctive boards, media advertising, Upper Class

advertising. Place your property with Gibbs Gillespie

magazine, Property Magazine and colour brochures, together

and you become part of the most sophisticated

with marketing on our own website and the fIve major

marketing programme in the business. Our presence

property portals, maximises your property’s exposure.

in the media creates higher awareness among potential buyers and tenants.

A professional marketing campaign helps to sell or let a property for the highest possible price and we spend more

By developing a specific marketing campaign for

money in the media, on behalf of our clients, than anyone

each property we sell or let, we generate the

else and you’ll find our ads in the best positions week in,

maximum response from the right buyers or tenants

week out maximising your property’s exposure.

in the marketplace.


Social media Automatic email alerts Multi-office network

Video tours Brand advertising

Upper class magazine covers

TV advertising

Google search

Intensive training programme

Online marketing

Upper class magazine interior

Powerful and thorough marketing 34

Gibbs Gillespie Web TV The future of online property marketing The internet has been revolutionising the way we work, live and play for many years. Now, the process of selling your home will be brought in well and truly into the 21st Century by is our very own online TV site promoting a full range of properties with professionally-produced videos and is a very useful source of information about your area, our agency and how we can help you move. It also has testimonials and general information about all aspects on buying, selling or letting your property. The launch of our web TV service is in addition to our already multi award-wining and innovative marketing and is another first for Gibbs Gillespie.


Gibbs Gillespie Web TV 36


Pioneers in cutting edge technology We use video to bring your property to life Your property will be showcased to maximum effect in a short animated video, complete with background music and professional voice over, bringing it to life for a wide audience of potential buyers. Video tours are important in property marketing and will significantly enhance your home’s appeal, helping to elevate it in a competitive market. Video tours are a compelling way to animate your property, engaging buyers in a virtual tour of your home, helping them to visualise its key features in more detail.

Pioneers in cutting edge technology 38

Capturing the company movers Corporate buyers and tenants

How can they help sell or let your home?

Statistics show that one in five of every home moves

Buyers and tenants on a company move are quite

in the UK is a transaction as a result of job relocation.

simply the best around. They are highly motivated

Many companies retain a Relocation Agent to look

professional people, usually with the resources and

after the housing needs of their employees and to

backing of the company at their disposal.

meet the growing demands of the relocation populace. Every Gibbs Gillespie office has been selected as Gibbs Gillespie has links with the Personnel

designated ‘Relocation Centres’ by Cartus, giving Gibbs

departments of many large local companies, as well

Gillespie first and preferential access to these top

as all the UK’s major relocation companies including

quality buyers and tenants.

an exclusive relationship with Cartus, the largest relocation company in the world. These companies are tasked with moving thousands of prospective employees in an out of the South East every year.




We are grateful to Chaplins furniture for allowing us the use of some of their great pieces visit

Our Upper Class magazine... ...has set a standard others aspire to Professionally published, Upper Class magazine is a

Printing over 10,000 copies per edition, the Upper

supreme and lavish publication with a difference. Top

Class magazine is dropped every time to:

lifestyle and property writers come together with the finest properties our sales and lettings team has to

• AB1 local residents

offer, creating an exciting magazine twice a year. It’s

• All Gibbs Gillespie offices

no wonder it is such a popular read and has such a

• Open houses

long shelf-life.

• 400+ cafes, newsagents and businesses • Seminars and events

A dedicated prestige magazine for showcasing our

• Subscriptions

clients’ top end properties in all their glory and attracting buyers and tenants who may otherwise not be reached through traditional forms of advertising.

Our Upper Class magazine 42

Communication is vital It’s about people, not just property One of the greatest frustrations with property transactions is not being kept informed of the progress by your agent. Here are four words that motivate us: you have a choice. Whether its renting an apartment or selling your house we know that if you get excellent service you will want to work with us again. That’s why we devote so much of our time to communicating, keeping clients up to date on progress, discussing issues, conveying viewing feedback, offering advice, removing unnecessary administration and making buying, selling, renting or letting as problem-free as possible.


We don’t shirk the difficult calls either – if things aren’t going as they should be we will analyse why and discuss solutions with you. How you and we get there is the real key to a successful transaction. It’s why we think our business is about people – not just property.



A complete service A total solution approach While our main focus is selling and letting residential property, we have also established a full range of complementary services to make it easier for you to do business. Gibbs Gillespie is now a total solution property services company that also offers: • Professional Surveys and Valuations • Property Management • Tenancy Management • New Home Sales and Marketing • Relocation and Removal Services • Conveyancing • Land Development • Mortgage Services to clients through The Mortgage and Insurance Bureau • Trades People

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A complete service 46

Gibbs Gillespie Directory Gibbs Gillespie Offices are open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm Fridays, 9am to 5pm Saturdays and 10am to 1pm Sundays & Bank Holidays.

Gibbs Gillespie Middlesex Harrow 020 8861 6100

Northwood 01923 823333

Ickenham 01895 635555

Harrow on the Hill 020 8422 4422

Moor Park 01923 835835

Hillingdon 01895 232232

Rayners Lane 020 8868 9966

Eastcote 020 8868 3456

Uxbridge 01895 272742

Pinner 020 8866 2777

Ruislip Manor 01895 634201

Harefield 01895 822222

Hatch End 020 8428 5555

Ruislip 01895 622220

Head Office 020 8866 6428

Rickmansworth 01923 771771

Chenies 01923 286111

Moor Park 01923 835835

Chorleywood 01923 285600

Sarratt 01923 270170

Watford 01923 244700

Loudwater 01923 778778

Chipperfield 01923 263500

Gibbs Gillespie Hertfordshire

Gibbs Gillespie London Park Lane, Mayfair 020 7079 1406

Gibbs Gillespie Buckinghamshire Denham 01895 835835

Gerrards Cross (opening soon)

Gibbs Gillespie Lettings Harrow 020 8426 1466

Rickmansworth 01923 773773

Ruislip 01895 622884

Pinner 020 8866 7866

Chorleywood 01923 285456

Uxbridge 01895 252542

Northwood 01923 824444

Watford 01923 244701

Hillingdon 01895 252521

Conveyancing 0844 244 0354

New Homes 0845 688 5292

Relocation 020 8429 1897

Land & Development 020 8866 0000

Property Management 020 8429 3597

Surveys 020 8866 6565

Mortgages 0800 1444 744

Tenancy Management 020 8868 1761

Other Services

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