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==== ==== For great gift ideas check this out ==== ==== Almost everyone expects to receive some type of gift during certain times of the year. Some people are also looking forward to giving gifts mainly because it is expected of them, and sometimes because it would make the other party happy and appreciative. If you are like most people, you have probably spent weeks agonizing over finding the "perfect" gift to give those you love. Most of us hope we please our children most with the gifts we provide. We know you have searched the malls, catalogs, websites and stores for the perfect gift so we thought we would help you with your shopping. The gift ideas we share have are sure to please love ones and friends. These gifts never go out of style and cannot be worn out. Give Hugs and Kisses. There is nothing better and nothing easier to give. All kids like to know you care about them and this is one of the quickest ways to show it. Even the usually aloof teenager probably won't mind a quick arm around the shoulder and squeeze when their friends aren't watching. Cook Something they like. Who has time to bake you say? Not many of us, but isn't that what makes this most special. Bake some of the foods you remember as a child and tell the family stories that go with them. Find out your children's favorite foods and why not have a meal with only those foods. Who cares if it doesn't meet with nutrition practices-what fun! Write Something They Will Remember. Make a list of all the things you love about a family member and then frame it for them to see EVERYDAY. Start a journal today to give to them next Christmas with something special for everyday of the year. Write them a poem, explain a favorite memory or write a story about when your child was born. Create a Photo Album. Collect all the pictures you love and put them together for a one of a kind trip down memory lane. Add stories or writing to go with it. Create Something They Will Enjoy. Paint a picture, sketch a landscape, knit a scarf. Don't forget to include the tag "Made with love". Give of Your Time. Spend time with your loved ones doing something you all enjoy. Be creative. Try a new hobby, remember an old one you have loved, teach your children something you are good at. Your undivided attention is a gift they crave but probably won't put on their list. While these "gifts" may seem unusual, wouldn't you love to get one of these from your children? We know you would. You will remember receiving these kinds of gifts for a long time. Suggesting readings: A Short Guide to a Happy Life By Anna Quindlen

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==== ==== For great gift ideas check this out ==== ====

In Pursuit of The 'Perfect' Elusive Gift  

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