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Sound Design PRESENTER: Brian Eimer, ImagesInSound

Sound design is as important to the giant screen experience as the crisp visuals and stunning 3D. Presenter Brian Eimer would even be so bold as to say more important. The understanding of that, and what it means to create a giant screen soundtrack, is as important as the camera you use and the lens you put on it. Brian will discuss the layers and textures of sound design needed to create an immersive soundtrack for the giant screen, from the importance of location sound recordings, to designing and mixing for the new sound formats now available, including the ability to create for the new dimension of height. He will also talk about the importance of workflow and understanding the need to plan for the final delivery format in preproduction through to all the final deliverables. Location Audio Recording for the Giant Screen PRESENTER: Tim Archer, Masters Digital

Tim Archer will explore the technical and creative aspects of multi-channel location audio recording for the giant screen. He’ll discuss and answer questions about the tools used and some tricks of the trade. Tim will also discuss the similarities and differences between location audio recording for the giant screen or recording for feature films and television. IMAX 12.0 Immersive Sound System Demo PRESENTER: Cory Mandel, Technicolor Creative Services–Toronto

Presenter Cory Mandel will look at the evolution of cinema sound from the days of silent film to the immersive sound formats of today, with special focus on the new IMAX 12-Channel Immersive Sound System, which he helped to design. He will explain some of the science and aesthetic rationale that went into the design of the new IMAX 12-channel sound format and how it differs from other immersive formats. He will then discuss some of the best ways to use the new immersive format to provide audiences

with uniquely immersive experiences. Cory will then present the very first 12.0 IMAX Immersive sound demo that was created as proof of concept for the new format. CHRISTIE HIGH FRAME RATE DEMO

Thursday, March 10 1:00-2:00 pm, Sheraton East Ballroom

MODERATOR: Michael Daut, Evans & Sutherland PRESENTERS: Gord Harris, Christie Digital; Pierre

Hughes Routhier, Creat3

As camera manufacturers are pushing higher and higher spatial resolutions, the question of temporal resolution begs to be asked: Would the giant screen format benefit from more pixels in the frame, or from more frames per second? Models prove an increase in temporal resolution would be preferable, but as seeing is believing, this presentation will show the difference with actual footage. Gord Harris, Senior Program Manager-Research and Innovation at Christie Digital Systems, will present Christie’s High Frame Rate solution, which projects an effective 4K120 image. Advanced imaging expert and cinematographer Pierre (Pete) Routhier will present footage showing split-screen comparisons between classic 4K capture at 24 fps and 120fps. There will also be a presentation of a full, high-action clip shot natively at 120fps to show the potential of high frame rate large screen presentations, as well as a splitscreen comparison between native 24fps and down-converted 120fps to 24fps, to show how dual frame rate workflows can be achieved on future productions. POST-PRODUCTION: THE DELIVERABLES

Thursday, March 10 2:00-3:00 pm, Sheraton East Ballroom MODERATOR: Andrew Oran, FotoKem

Join us for an overview of the increasingly complex world of giant screen deliverables, which have expanded from the modicum of simplicity—1570 2D prints from 65mm negative—to encompass a dizzying array of multi-platform masters, of varying lengths, 31

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GSCA 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium Program  

A listing of the films, sessions, and presenters at the Giant Screen Cinema Association's 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium held in Los...

GSCA 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium Program  

A listing of the films, sessions, and presenters at the Giant Screen Cinema Association's 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium held in Los...