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2016 Film Expo & Filmmaker Symposium

PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT showcase a unique, educational and immersive experience that’s all about Mars. Five members of the Centauri Squad and their dog will take audiences to explore the many obstacles and dangers currently impeding human exploration of the Martian surface and examine the technology it takes to make a trip to Mars possible. MAXIMUM POWER

RELEASE: September 2017 FORMATS: 2D and 3D, 15/70, IMAX Digital, IMAX

Laser, DCI-compliant Digital, Dome-customized 15/70, Fulldome Digital LENGTH: 45:00 PRODUCER: Masters Digital and 144 Productions DISTRIBUTOR: To be determined CONTACT: Tim Archer,

What is electricity? How many people does it take to turn on a light bulb? How much energy does it take to do a Google search? Most significantly: Are we running out of energy sources? As demand for power is ever increasing, science is examining new power sources such as Solar, Geothermal, Wind and Biomass along with the more familiar Fossil Fuels, Hydro and Nuclear. Maximum Power explores the physics surrounding the science of electricity from electrons and amps to volts, watts and current. The audience is introduced to the founding fathers of electricity such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, James Watt, Nikola Tesla and many more. Maximum Power will engage audiences through amazing visuals, awe-inspiring animation and spellbinding soundscapes. Through stat- ofthe-art immersive giant screen technology, audiences are taken on an electrifying journey of discovery. Electricity might seem mysterious but once you understand the science...the light goes on. MOBY DUCK

RELEASE: 2018 FORMATS: 2D and 3D, 15/70, IMAX Digital, IMAX Laser LENGTH: To be determined PRODUCER: To be determined DISTRIBUTOR: IMAX Corporation CONTACT: Gina Glen,


After a huge storm batters a ship in the north Pacific, its cargo of thousands of rubber ducks is lost at sea. Years later, the ducks wash up on beaches in Alaska...and eventually around the world. The mysterious voyage of these ducks is the inspiration behind this whimsical and revealing scientific adventure. Moby Duck explores several interlocking threads such as how oceanic currents work, the effects of plastic on wildlife like fish and birds, and the phenomenon of gyres and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s a story about inquiry and how something as simple and familiar as a rubber ducky and can reveal natural mysteries as deep as the ocean itself. OCEANS: THE BLUE PLANET

RELEASE: December 2018 FORMATS: 2D and 3D, IMAX Digital, IMAX Laser,

DCI-compliant Digital LENGTH: 40:00 PRODUCER: BBC Earth DISTRIBUTOR: BBC Earth and Giant Screen Films CONTACT: Tom Rooney,

Oceans: The Blue Planet is an extraordinary journey of discovery and wonder, transporting the audience to the deep, mysterious worlds of our oceans. Packed with drama, awe and spectacle, we reveal untold stories of the ocean’s most astonishing creatures in all-immersive 3D. The scientific community has made more discoveries within the last 10 years than the previous 100 years, expanding our frontiers of knowledge and revealing richer diversity than we could ever have imagined. From the freezing shores of the Arctic to the balmy waters of the tropics, we share these extraordinary new discoveries. Using revolutionary underwater and on-board filming technology, we’ll dive into the giant void of the big blue, journey with a deep-sea current, and witness scenes of wonder from the greatest fishery on earth. In stunning 3D, Oceans: The Blue Planet takes the audience to magical worlds and delivers a connection to the ocean like never before.

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GSCA 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium Program  

A listing of the films, sessions, and presenters at the Giant Screen Cinema Association's 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium held in Los...

GSCA 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium Program  

A listing of the films, sessions, and presenters at the Giant Screen Cinema Association's 2016 Film Expo and Filmmaker Symposium held in Los...