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Ioannis Grigoriadis

About Me I am Giannis, an Architect and Phd Candidate from Greece. I am currently practicing architecture as a freelance architect as well as conducting academic research, with my main field of interest being architect - user interactions and participatory design.









Free-Time Space

Diploma Thesis, Individual Work Theoretical and designerly investigation of the problem of correlation between spatial configuration and social practices. Case study in an existing building / site in Aeghion: Proposal for a multiuse space designed to facilitate an everyday transition from the enclosed to the open-air, from the ephemeral to the more structured. A space that on a design level, constantly shifts from the typical to the atypical, in order to encourage corresponding practices of inhabitaton. Supervising Professors: Stavros Stavridis, Spyros Raftopoulos NTUA, School of Architecture, 2006


Sketches from scenes from the movies “The travelling players” (1975) and “Synoikia to oneiro” (1961). These films were picked as reference points, for incorporating a visual language as well as a social context, relevant to the existing as well as the desired architectural scenario for the site. Investigation of the typical - atypical bipole in vernacular / popular architecture, ephemeral - performative everyday practices and their representation in space.



The interior of the existing structure is emptied and occupied anew by a steel- and wooden frame. Crooked routes are organised around the existing structure’s interior corners. Along these routes, spaces of varying degrees of enclosedness - openess, are designed to encourage a similar transition from more relaxed to more concrete everyday practices. The straight and crooked line, as well as the symmetrical and the asymmetrical, become the leitmotifs of the whole synthesis.

Apart from the design and defining of the forms and the materials of the project, the visualisation of a scenario of inhabitation was considered necessary, in order to illustrate its desired transitional / performative dimension. A storyboard was produced, 24 sketches covering the span of 24 hours in the proposed space, seen through the eyes of two local teenagers, who begin as simple passers-by and end up getting to know a local theater group, and watching their evening performance from backstage. This transition illustrates the goal of the design and is in turn illustrated in it: A place of many thresholds, where everything is neither fully enclosed, nor open, but mostly “inbetween�, encouraging a more inclusive and multivalent framework of social relations.

A building for the Festival of Athens Student Project, Individual Work

Mixed-use building, consisting of office spaces, a small public library and shop, an auditorium and parking space, in Klafthmonos square, in the center of Athens. The main goal here was to face the paradoxical claim, that the building should be simultaneously extrovert, because of its public function and introvert, because of the need for privacy at the office spaces. Supervising Professors: Nelly Marda, Kostas Moraitis NTUA, School of Architecture, 2003

A layer of GKD, covering the front facade, creates a public-oriented, yet opaque “screen”, which advertises the festival’s activities but also provides privacy for the workspaces; the ground floor and entrance space, are configured as a crooked passageway, twisting around an atrium, which functions as a continuation of the urban pedestrian network, revealing the building’s internal functions to the passers-by.

Reuse: Redefining the Shell

Student Project, In collaboration with Stelios Giamarelos The problem of incorporating new formal and constructional vocabulary in an existing, older building, in an environment with a strong local and historical character (The island of Aegina). The older structure is preserved but also laid bare, left with only its strongest, more fundamental elements. Those will afterwards act like a supporting structure for various new, ephemeral “infills�, thus rendering the overall composition flexible and receptive to change. It is then encased in a new wooden and steel frame, which acts like a cultural and historical threshold, to and from its more traditional surroundings. Furthermore, these structures are complimented by a series of new spatial configurations, intended to facilitate a variety of indoor, to semi-outdoor, to fully open-air activities. Supervising Professors: Giorgos Parmenidis, Christos Didonis NTUA School of Architecture, 2002

Floating Radio Station in Thassos Workshop, Individual work

A study in ephemeral, interactive environments and architecture. One of the oldest, immaterial networks, the radio, is chosen here as a point of departure for the installation of an ephemeral, interactive network, in the city of Thassos. Coordinating Professor: Dimitris Polychronopoulos DUTH, department of Architecture, 2009

The idea of a floating broadcasting point, aims to enhance the experience of the ephemeral inhabitation of space, almost as a non-place, the floating being triggered by the beginning of the broadcast of one’s personal “radio show”. On the other end of the transimission, temporary structures, or “receivers”, fashioned in the form of a speaker, are installed, and broadcast automatically when there is a show, in various points in the city and the harbor. The idea behind this installation is the ephemeral experience of the visitor or the tourist themselves, and it is introduced as a means of telling these individual, local stories, but at the same time keeping them dislocated and temporary, as a reminder of their superficiality.

Bridge & Door

International Competition, In collaboration with Anthi Rozi The “Bridge and Door” proposal for a Nature Observatory in Monsanto Parque Florestal, Lisbon, aims to complement the existing facilities in the area of intervention, including the Panoramic Restaurant, to create a new pole of interest for tourists and locals alike. The proposal takes up the double challenge of addressing the “natural” and man-made, immediate and distant environment, by introducing 19th century sociologist Georg Simmel’s theoretical concept of the “Bridge and Door”, in the context of today’s Lisbon.

The Bridge, according to G.Simmel, is an element that connects two points in space but at the same time identifies them as separate and distinct entities. The Door, on the other hand, is unique in that it at once connects and separates an “enclosed� space from its surrounding environment, thus distinguishing that which is better known or controlled by us, and that which is yet to be known or reached.

A passageway in two levels (the “Bridge”), connects the Panoramico with a new, open Amphitheater in the east side of the intervention area. The double passageway is perpetrated diagonally by smaller passageways (the “Door”), which lead to a camping area to the north, and a gardening area to the south. The point of this proposal is to facilitate, using architectural elements, a gradual, as well as diverse immersion, in the natural and man-made, immediate and distant environment of the Monsanto Florestal Park.


Three-family house in Saronida, Attica

Assistant Architect, Ark-Sign Architecture and Planning Office

Expansion for an existing hotel in Agia Pelagia, Kythira Assistant Architect, Ark-Sign Architecture and Planning Office


Restoration and conversion of a 19th century neoclassical house in Athens

Assistant Architect, Ark-Sign Architecture and Planning Office right:

Conversion of a 19th century neoclassical building to a theater and multi-use space in Athens

Assistant Architect, Ark-Sign Architecture and Planning Office

Ioannis Grigoriadis Architect MSc

Contact T: +30 6939369261 +46 (0)730796796 E: L:

Short CV Experience


2010 - present Private Practice, Freelance Architect Design and supervision of construction of small scale private projects, in collaboration with Tonia Katerini, Architect

2012 - present Phd Candidate - Architectural Design National Technical University of Athens

2008 - 2010 Ark-Sign, Assistant Architect Design and supervision of construction of various small and medium scale private projects, in Ark-Sign, Architecture and Planning Office

2009 - 2011 MSc Architecture - Spatial Design National Technical University of Athens 2005 Erasmus Exchange Student TU/Eindhoven



1999 - 2006 Diploma, Architectural Engineer National Technical University of Athens

Autocad 2D Autodesk Revit Autodesk 3DS max Sketchup Photoshop InDesign Microsoft Office

English (fluent) Swedish (intermediate) German (beginner) Greek (native)

Academic Activity


2010 - 2012 Mutating Characters and Politics for the Centres of Athens and Pireaus, Researcher Research Program under the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change and the National Technical University of Athens

2010 - 2014 State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) State Scholarship for first and second cycle Postgraduate studies in Architecture

2010 - 2011 History and Theory of Architecture, 4th to 8th semesters, Teaching Assistant National Technical University of Athens

Giannis Grigoriadis Portfolio  

Selected Works and Projects / Last Updated : November 2016

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