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Gianni Cardone

via Tirreno 129 - 10136 Torino - Italy


Gianni Cardone I was born in Turin in 1983. In 2006 I took Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design to the “Politecnico di Torino”. Since 2007 I have worked as freelance designer and product designer for “Ferrino S.p.A.”

“Create� means to have material in my hands, play with it, shape it to realize my ideas. This brought me to the point I am...

Bowl 2004 Basket sofa, for indoor and outdoor use, realized for “Bonacina”.

Sella 2004 Basket chair. Winner of the 1st prize of the Design contest held by the company “Bonacina�.

TrĂŠteau 2005 Wood made tripod that can be used in two different position. Easy to set up, composed by only three elements without any screw.

Fruttolo 2005 Thermoformed plastic dish. Designed to contain fruits and sweets.

‘l vej genepy 2006 Graphic and packaging design for fine liquors and brews production. Made by craftsmen Giacobino Dario in Ostana - Cuneo

Fast 2006 - Bachelor’s Degree Quick set-up tent. With asymmetric and ergonomic structure. Realized in collaboration with “Ferrino S.p.A.” and “Politecnico di Torino”

Denali 2007 Mountaineering backpack with special technical and ergonomic features to make it top-quality product for all climbing activities.

McKinley 2007 Mountaineering backpack with ergonomic shoulder straps and back for greater stability and weight distribution.

Samstag 2008 Multipurpose and ergonomic briefcase that can be used also for carrying a laptop

Canotta 2009 Multipurpose bag realized with a vest. Designed as promotional material for PERA NERA at COLOPHON 2009

1/2 2009 Handy multi-compartment wallet. 2 compartment for bank notes and a useful bellows pocket for loose change that can be used separately.

Gianni Cardone Portfolio  
Gianni Cardone Portfolio  

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