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Gianmaria Citron. Portfolio.

Leaves is a bicycle rack. It allows fastening both the wheel and the frame. Every leaf is made of a steel rope due to make it flexible. Thanks to the base shape matching 2 or more bike racks is fast and simple: it doesn’t need to measure distances, just lay every rack to the previous one, or to the wall. 1


Mauri wanted to renovate their image with a very low budget. Tipping over the packaging, both from the physical and the conceptual point of view, the result is like an old cheese board. On the new base product informations, one the top a simple graphic composed by few clear elements. The best one: a colour code. Bended paper is a key element of the redesign: it permits to consume the cheese and put the remaining into the box easily.

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5 1 Mauri between tradition and innovation 2 Nutritional values 3 Ingredients 4 Specs 5 Guarantee certifications 6 Handmade signature

“Looking at sakura� is an infographic. As a foreign designer in Japan I made a research to understand Japanese culture. The result is an infographic which show origins and links between all the cultural elements I discovered during my experience in Japan.

Train 째 ing is a book made for TOEI, a Tokyo transportation company. As a gift for transportation companies abroad, the book wants to inspire them drescibing how TOEI works to mantain its service exellent. The book style is iconographic and each chapter describes a specific area of action. Train 째 ing binding is inspired by japanese traditional book, and the book is wrapped in a furoshiki.

BIANCO+BIANCO is a coffee table. Inspired by the work of Paolo Scheggi, artist influenced by New Dada and spatialism, table plans design was made following the shape of a golden spiral, practicing the method used by the artist in the creation of his works. Shapes drilled on the third layer were extruded to became table legs.

Snooze is an earplugs packaging. I wanted to give more value to the earplugs packaging creating a module which day after day, use after use, could offer a real solution against noise. Snooze is a pyramid made by a soundproof material and when you attach one element next to the others it contribute to make the wall soundproof.

Removing the protective film is possible take out the earplugs

Adhesive layer


Soundproof material earplugs packaging

On the bottom there is a protective film that hides an adhesive layer

Attach the packaging on the wall: time after time, using the product constantly, your wall will be covered by soundproof pyramids and your room will be acoustically isolated.

Citron Gianmaria Portfolio  

A selection of my favourite works.