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FROMTHEEDITOR he Bedan Herald believes that Bedans deserve the best—our best. In this newest issue of Rave magazine, we strive for meticulously edited and well thought-of articles. Through these articles, we will help Bedans keep track of the multiple trends that involve our school and culture, emphasizing only the relevant ones. We go past the hype and clutter, cut to the chase, and speak to you, our readers, intelligently. We strive to achieve a meaningful goal of making a difference in your everyday lives as students. Here at Rave, it is our goal to ignite that ánimo and inspire Bedans to be better


versions of themselves. The overall theme of Rave this issue is going beyond the façade—discovering deeper than what we see up front. Of course, this can be associated with one of the most famous sayings, “beauty is nothing without brains.” Yes, it’s cliché, but may Rave help crystallize how students view this by giving the best manifestation. As you can see in our cover stories, we feature two of the most beautiful and successful female Bedans of their time: Mikaela LagdameoMartinez, Woman of Glamour and Prestige (front cover); and Kaye TermuloGarcia, Woman of Elegance and Excellence (back cover). In line with the theme, we carefully selected student role models to represent their courses. They had undergone screenings and interviews, proving to us they all deserve to be called Men and Women of Style and Substance. Also, in line with San Beda College Alabang’s Ruby Anniversary, we would like to celebrate with our alma mater for achieving another great milestone. With the theme, “Moving ahead at Forty”, we trace back our roots and anticipate what’s next for SBCA.This brings us to a special section in Rave magazine, “Faces of Ruby” where we give tribute to SBCA’s 40 years of producing prominent personalities and, at the same time, recognition to our alma mater’s alumni who have given honor to this institution. I believe that teaching is a professor’s noble obligation; as such, Rave honors our college instructors in our section “Passion for Teaching” in which long-tenured professors with almost 20 years of service are featured. In retrospect, it seems that we seldom get a personal glimpse of our Benedictine monks. Outside peace retreats and the four corners of the chapel every Holy mass, we hardly see them. Monks are men of silence, but Rave magazine asked for their time, breaking their silence for a minute or two so that we can introduce them better to you. The theme for the Food section this issue is “International Cuisines” because we want to throw that fast food hype out the window and give Bedans a better food selection. We believe that Bedans should be acquainted with the distinctive flavors of the world. To convey the message and core objectives of this magazine, we, The Bedan Herald Volume 17, decided the Rave motto to be: “Inspiring and Igniting the Bedan Spirit.” Beyond words, it is our goal to publish stories that will inspire every Bedan to reach greater heights and make a difference not only to the school, but also to the country and the world. More than that, we wish Rave will ignite the passion in the hearts of Bedans—showing that the prominent Bedan alumni featured in this issue were once like us, simple students, and that like them, we are never far from reaching what they have accomplished. If we set our heart on the right path just like what they did, and by having an achieving and aspiring heart, we can be successful as well. We celebrate intelligent choices, audacious characters, and unwavering belief in oneself—Bedans with style and substance. The ones stated above are just the highlights. As you turn each page of Rave, you will discover the difference on how we present the same stories in new and broader perspectives. And so here it is, after months and months of preparation, we are thrilled to present to you the latest and best issue of Rave! This is not your ordinary Bedan magazine—this is Rave, REDefining the Southern Bedan culture.

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Rave’s issue 2 features two of the most prominent alumnae of San Beda College Alabang: Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez (left), woman of glamour and prestige and Kathleen Kaye Termulo-Garcia (right), woman of elegance and excellence. Find out their success stories in the coming pages.

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Faces of Ruby

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More than just a pretty face


Timeless Nobility Nocturnal Life: COSA NOSTRA


Basic how-to’s on Photgraphy Photoshop


Beyond Prayer & Work


40 yrs of Benedictine Heritage

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Style guide for Men and Women Just for Nails


Bedan Wall of Fame


Students Extraordinaire

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Notable Alumn SBCAAA: Giving back to the community



SAN BEDA COLLEGE Alabang is nearing its 40th year of existence. During those 40 years, SBCA has produced thousands of graduates who went on their ways to excel in their chosen fields. We have Jon Santos, a famous comedian and high school Bedan alumnus. Husband-and-wife Augusto Cesare Syjuco and Micaela Anna Wee Sit-Syjuco are some of the most notable alumni of our college. John Paul Abellera and Jose Ma. Antonio “Peewee” Gonzales are also carving their names on television and film industry as Creative Manager and In-house director respectively.


nd there are others who are so familiar; we need not mention them – who does not know Mr. Talentado and just recently, the Househusband? But for every Bedan student, the most notable of all alumni are not those who stand in the limelight as they earn the admiration of everyone. They are those who stand behind every student and give them the support and encouragement they need; they are those who, in return, continuously serve San Beda through their institution—the San Beda College Alabang Alumni Association (SBCAAA).

27 years of giving back Nearly 30 years ago, Very Rev. Fr. Bellarmine Baltasar, OSB, SBCA’s then RectorPresident in 1985, founded the alumni association in Alabang which he patterned after SBC Mendiola’s alumni association. He assigned Fr. Basil Apostol, OSB as the association’s first moderator. Since then, the SBCAAA, persistent to its mission and vision, has served Bedan students with the help and cooperation of the entire Bedan alumni community. Through the years, the SBCAAA has been a helping hand to student organizations, supporting worthy projects through sponsorships. Aside from that, the alumni association also organizes events such as outreach programs, fundraising activities, and the annual Grand Alumni Homecoming—reuniting Bedan alumni and strengthening their ties with the graduating high



school and college students. It also spearheads the Enrollment Assistance Program as well as fundraising activities to support the Scholarship Program of the school. At present, Mila Agregado acts as the current moderator of the association.

Bedans’ big brothers “As their big brothers, we are one united family and willing to support their endeavors.” Agregado says, considering the alumni association’s involvement with student organizations “as their way of reaching out to the needs of the students.” If being a kuya or ate is all about support, the SBCAAA has been really good brothers and sisters to Bedan students. The alumni association does not stop helping Bedan students through supporting the Scholarship Program of the school. In fact, they go further, making them nobler in the eyes of every Bedan by helping student organizations surpass hindrances that disable them from holding an event through financial support. Indeed, several student organizations, co-curricular and extra-curricular alike, seek help from SBCAAA countless times to sponsor their projects. It is also true, according to Agregado, that the alumni association offers sponsorships to student organizations. She added that the SBCAAA believes that the financial assistance they give to these organizations help them realize their objectives and make their activities successful.

mnio In the few months since the academic year 2011-2012 started, the SBCAAA has helped and offered assistance to several Bedan organizations with their projects such as the HS Graduation Ball, CAS Math Challenge and SEC Workshop and Leadership seminar. Developing outstanding Bedans Agregado is among the many Bedan alumni who believe that education, even for alumni, is a continuing process that never ends. In line with this and inspired by their vision and mission, the SBCAAA created a development program plan that can be divided into six. First is the Curriculum and Academic Development Program which they are continuously working on through sponsorships to several student organizations and activities. Second is the Faculty Personnel Development. Agregado says that in the future, they plan to set up a Faculty Endowment Fund. Third is the Scholarship Program which,



like the first category, is supported through fund raising programs in the form of conducting paid concerts and shows on school grounds in which part of the proceeds will go to the Scholarship Program. Fourth is the Student Development Program. Through their outreach programs, the Alumni Association believes that values among students and alumni will be strengthened. This kind of activity instills on Bedans the spirit of service and develops leadership skills among students. Fifth is the Alumni Program which prepares SBCA graduates to be part of the alumni formation program. It aims to assist Bedan alumni in their spiritual formation while strengthening their Red Lion spirit, loyalty and service to the school. Sixth and last is the Sport Development Program. This category encourages alumni to be fit through the help of sports. Furthermore, they are developing skills of Bedan in sports, helping the school be the leading performer in intercollegiate competitions. Through these programs, Agregado believes that the SBCA Alumni Association is developing Bedans to be outstanding members of the society. R

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an Beda College Alabang (then known as Benedictine Abbey School) has grown to be one of the most outstanding academic institutions in the South since its founding in 1972, producing a great number of alumni who excel in different professional fields. Niko Baua, Michelle Syjuco, Luis Carlo San Juan, and Franco Lopez are just of one of the few distinguished graduates of SBCA who serve as a testament to the excellence of Benedictine education. As SBCA prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary, we feature these red-blooded Bedan alumni all giving honor and fame to the Mighty Red School.



TV PATROLLER.. JOURNALIST. BEDAN. DANGER, URGENCY AND stress are re all in a day’s work for real journalists. Inn a ti tick ck of the clock anything newsworthy hy can happen—crimes, landslides, bomb blasts, hasty TRO issuances, attempted escapes, scap apes ap es, es et cetera—and a journalist must ha have the nose for it; more so, the guts to chas chase asee it as it. Seasoned in his job as an ABS-CBN N Ne News correspondent, Nikolo Baua just loves the tnessing thrill of journalism. He enjoys witnessing re and chronicling history as it unfoldss before his eyes, against all odds.



NIKO BAUA,” AS he is popularly known, is an alumnus of St. Benedict College (now San Beda College Alabang). His first course in SBC was BA Psychology, but later on he shifted to Communication and Media Studies degree program by the time it was established in 1998. He graduated in 2003 and was part of the pioneer batch of CMS. When he was in college, Niko shares that he was not the studious type of student unlike the library gals or the eager beavers in the class. “If I were interested with a particular subject, then I would focus on that. But in other subjects, I really would easily get bored. Kung ano ang narinig ko sa klasrum, as long as naintindihan ko, okay na ako doon,” he admits. But despite his easygoing academic life, Niko was still a student extraordinaire. He allotted most of his time being active in student organizations. He was the first president of Bene.Comm, the cocurricular organization of CMS (which at present is called Beda.Comm). When Niko was a sophomore, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of the College of Arts and Sciences’ then student publication, The Benedictine Clarion. And with much glee, he remembers working along with CMS fellow John Paul Abellera (now creative director at Star Cinema and an instructor in the CAS), who was then The Benedictine Clarion’s literary editor. Due to some reasons, he left the student publication the following year and later on became Prime Minister of the College’s Debate Society. AS ‘PATROL NG PILIPINO’ Now in his sixth year as ABS-CBN News reporter, Niko shares with Rave his realization that

true stories are never served on a silver platter. Early on in his job he just covered feature stories about museum openings, book launchings and others that did not require so much effort. Niko perhaps found the thrill of journalism when, for the longest time, he became a graveyard re p o r ter — o n e who covers crime stories such as murders, robberies, abductions, etc. He does not fear reporting crimes, but enjoys them even. “There’ll be times na bigla na lang magkakaroon ng barilan,” he says, then quickly adds, “but it’s actually fun. I like the adrenaline rush.” H i s beat at present is not restricted to one type of story anymore. Niko has already covered national disasters, politics, demolitions, Cory’s funeral, and just recently, the plight of the Hacienda Luisita farmers in Tarlac—his subject matter in ABS-CBN’s news documentary program, Patrol ng Pilipino, which aired on Dec. 13, 2011. “I’m really happy I’ve covered Hacienda Luisita. It’s an 80’s problem; noong bata ako lagi ko siyang naririnig pero hindi ko siya naiintindihan. Ngayon na reporter ako naiintindihan ko na siya, at naaappreciate ko na siya kung bakit siya importante at kailangang ibalita,” Niko shares. Being a reporter is demanding, unpredictable and not that financially rewarding, admits the SBC alumnus. But journalism is “fun

and worth it,” he says, because of the fascinating opportunity to travel to many places, to meet a lot of people with big names such as Imelda Marcos, and to see big stories unfurl right before his eyes. Having had covered several issues—from something of national scope to minor ones—Niko has really been into competing for the best stories. He does his job with excellence and ethics that he recently was hailed by ABS-CBN as one of the 20 best employees among the company’s pool of reporters. Moreover, he also won a Mahatma Gandhi citation for ethical journalism after he decried a bribe insistently given him by a governor—he just donated the money to ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc., sent the receipt back to the unscrupulous politician, and remained impartial with

“There’ll be times na bigla na lang magkakaroon ng barilan,but it’s actually fun. I like the adrenaline rush.”

his news. There must be something within this Bedan that made him at par with his fellow reporters, most of whom came from topnotch schools like Ateneo, UP, La Salle, and UST. With conviction, Niko Baua shares that “it does not really matter what school you came from. As long as magsipag ka, as long as you can prove to these people that you can also work as hard, do as much, there shouldn’t be a problem.” Niko Baua has really been one of the most notable alumni of St. Benedict College/San Beda College Alabang. He conquered all challenges that came his way, and put in much hard work and heart work to his job, making him one of the most credible reporters in Philippine television. Against all odds, Niko would chase stories—whether crucial or trivial— and let them known to everyone in the name of public service. Niko leaves a piece of advice for aspiring journalists/ reporters and for his fellow Bedans: “Read more. Write more. Go out more. Do more. Huwag ka mahiyang magtrabaho. That’s the only way you can actually keep up with the competition.” R

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PAINTER. POET. SINGER. WRITER. SCULPTOR. JEWELRY ARTIST. BEDAN. One time during high school in PAREF Woodrose School, she dyed her hair neon green and the rest of the girls followed. Sadly, it was banned and prohibited by the school administrators later on. But the said event only proved that in just a young age, it was evident that Michelline Syjuco was beyond ordinary.



CTUALLY, BEING EXTRAORDINARY is quite an understatement for the eldest daughter of renowned artists, Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco. Michelline was one of the youngest painters ever featured in the annual exhibition of the Art Association of the Philippines. She wrote reviews about kiddy movies for her regular column in Sunday Times magazine. She got to act for children shows like Sesame Street and Batibot. She was the lead vocalist of the band she and her siblings formed called “Faust!” under Vicor Records. It was around these days when her designing roots grew. Whenever they had gigs, music videos and television appearances, she designed their own clothes, bags, hats, and jewelry. Soon after, she became known as one of the bravest and avant-garde jewelry designers of her time. She showed her inconceivable talent as an artist when she launched her first show called “Armadillion” in Magnet Café and Gallery at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. All of her hard work paid off when it was included in the Ateneo Art Awards, a first for a jewelry designer. Syjuco admitted that her jewelry and accessory creations were all self-taught and considers “trial and error” as the best teachers. Despite her remarkable lineage, the brilliant artist claimed she was completely unknown when she began in the business. But eventually, she won the respect of the major players and found her place in the fashion industry. “I had to make my way up the ladder. Now, I consider most of the big shots in the fashion realm

as my close friends and colleagues. I have worked on numerous fashion shows and projects and have made a lot of industry connections along the way,” says Syjuco. There is a belief that a person can either be artistic or intelligent, never both. Michelline Syjuco defied that ridiculous idea. She graduated Magna Cum Laude under Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Batch’03, but designing was not part of her plan. “I got into designing jewelry by accident. I was working on a series of miniature sculptures, and decided to weld one onto a basic cuff. I got so many compliments for it, even National Artist Napoleon Abueva said that I should produce more and so I’ve been doing that

“I had to make my way up the ladder. Now, I consider most of the bigs hots in the fashion realm as my close friends and colleagues. I have worked on numerous fashion shows and projects and have made a lot of industry connections along the way.” ever since,” she explains. niable flair and With Syjuco’s undeniable nts and success that perseverance, the achievements or are, without a she has been acknowledged for doubt, well-deserved. She revealed, ealed, “I’ve received uding the prestigious several awards for my art including onsecutive years.” Her Ateneo Art Awards for two consecutive works have been featured in major magazines in the Philippines such as Megaa Magazine and Metro Society, and newspapers namely ly Manila Times and Business World. Regardless of all the success, Syjuco makes a point to be the samee person before everything began. But with the reputation she now upholds, she stated that she iss more driven than ever. She tries to have a few exhibitions xhibitions of her sculptural artworks at top galleries leries to show her passion not only for art itselff but also for jewelry. Crafting better creations is what at she makes sure of since her products are known for or their excellent quality and standards. R

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LIFESTYLE WRITER. STYLIST. BEDAN. “ONE THING I like about that makes me proud of being a Bedan is the way we are grounded and how we can mingle with different kinds of people. It helps with my work.” - Luis Carlo San Juan



ring out the challenges and he’ll win them all. The Philippine Daily Inquirer 2bU Lifestyle writer and stylist Luis Carlo San Juan is now roaring in the field of journalism as he showcases his working skills, the Bedan way. San Juan graduated in high school, batch 1997 at San Beda College Alabang and took a degree in Business Management in San Beda College Mendiola. He did not take journalism as a course for he took the advice of his mom who is also a journalist. His mother told him that one can be a journalist without earning a degree, as long as one knows how to write and does have an eye for something. It was not smooth sailing for San Juan to become the writer that he is now. It started because he felt his “articles are lacking something.” Eventually, San Juan conquered the challenge through the help of his mother. After he graduated from college, his mother called her former teachers in St. Theresa’s College asking them if they can teach grammar to her son. To his surprise, it was an 80-year-old nun, who was almost blind but had a very sharp mind. Luis shared that it was the most poignant part of his career because the training was basic and grade school-like. But it was that basic training by the nun that molded San Juan to be a great writer. He started writing at The Philippine Star at the age of 16, following the footsteps of his mother, Lifestyle section editor of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Feature writing is something he really knows and has a passion for because he was exposed to the profession at a young age. During his early beginnings in writing, his articles were usually about high school life, events and crushes. And that time writing in newspaper was in a way like blogging, but the difference was that it was published and read by numerous people. When he reached tertiary level at SBC Mendiola, his articles shifted from high school topics to college life. He described college life as “more about life and an eyeopener.” His first National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) article was published by the school that flattered and inspired him to improve on his craft. However, in spite of the skills and talent in writing, San Juan did not join the official student publication of SBC Mendiola The Bedan because of conflict in schedule. Instead, he became a member of the Sea Lions—the swim team of San Beda. “Writing for me opens a lot of doors in which you have to learn other things,” says San Juan. In

y his current work at Philippine Daily o Inquirer, he is not just a writer. He also does styling, marketing and at thee o same time guides the layout artist to the desired pagination of their stories.. San Juan is currently the editor of PDI’s 2bU section. The 2bU ’s section tackles topics on what’s d happening with young people and what they have in their minds. “San Beda was not justt a ma. school we attended to get a diploma. We enjoyed the process, the learning,, sm the experiences, and the enthusiasm we got coming to school, no matterr how tough it was,” San Juan wrote inn his article “An Ode to Brotherhood.” eda For San Juan, San Beda

College (Alabang and Mendiola) taught him a lot of things. Despite of the underdog mentality the Bedans have, he firmly believes that we can do tremendous things and be at par with prominent colleges and universities. He definitely proved San Beda is a good school by striving and improving on his craft. Through his articles and profession, he never forgets to roar out the Bedan Pride within. R

“San Beda wass not just j a school we attended oma. We to get a diploma. enjoyed the pprocess, the learning,, the experiences, and the enthusiasm siasm we got coming ming to school, no o matter how tough it was.” The Bedan Herald 15



TV AND PRINT MODEL. BUSINESSMAN. BEDAN. He is a man who never fails to see the good side of life amidst his busy entrepreneurial career and his life in front of the cameras. He finds the positivity behind the challenges and the time to unwind despite the pressure on top of his head.


Life is short, be happy most of the time, if not always.


RANCO RAFOLS LOPEZ, or also known as “Frank” during his years in San Beda, was an Entrepreneurship major (batch 2001) that turned professional model and entrepreneur. It was an unexpected twist for Frank then since it was never his dream to endorse various products in front of the rolling cameras. But this easy-going fresh college graduate from SBCA gave it a try and then all the opportunities came bare in front of him. “I’ve got the best memories in college!” Frank shares. He perfectly knew how to balance his studies and leisure at the same time. Being a typical college student who loved partying, hanging out with friends and playing sports, he still managed to be a part of the Dean’s List on his last year as a Bedan. “I’m also proud to say that I’ve not been a source of headache by my parents nor professors since I made sure my grades are okay despite enjoying life well,” he says. Regardless of the good times he had, he never failed to put studies as his top priority—being conscious with his marks and thinking highly of his professors. Frank’s favorite professors were Prof. Cynthia Manalo and Prof. Jose Vasquez. “The dedication in their profession is what inspires me to be passionate in everything I do, even up to whatever field I get myself into,” he says. Frank spills that the greatest challenge he ever had in college was the Accounting subject. “I just can’t get to like numbers and computations, no matter what!” he jests. “I just thought that even in life, things that come your way can never always be likeable or anything that you always expect to have. Bottom line is, you got to deal with it no matter what and there’s no other way. After all, the chance of facing such may actually bring out

that certain talent or gift you never knew you had all along,” Frank says. He also added with a smile that saying “no” to something just because you don’t like it is not a very good practice. From student to model FROM STUDENT TO MODEL Frank gave modeling a try after college because he heard of how fun it is as a profession plus the good money it offers. “I didn’t set expectations for myself when I gave it a try since I was totally clueless how the business goes,” he admits. Frank was discovered by a talent scout from Cosmo Agency one evening at Greenbelt. “I was at a bar in Greenbelt when a girl approached me, [she was] really good looking so I thought I was that lucky for such an early evening. She turned out to be a talent scout from Cosmo Agency,” he recalls. Frank added that one family member named Mimi who works in the advertising industry also referred her to an agency called Coching. Aside from Cosmo and Coching, Frank also joined VTRs of Reco, Mercator and Elan agencies. He was 23 then when he first showed up in a print ad for the real estate client Portofino and he had his debut TV appearance in a McDonald’s commercial. He also appeared in various advertisements of Safeguard, Emperador, CDO, Metrobank, Pride Detergent, Nestea, Efficascent Oil, Toyota, Yellowpages, Red T Y Ribbon, Kraft, among others. Frank even had worked with some of the artists namely Joey Marquez (Pride Detergent), Toni T Gonzaga (Smart), and Judy Anne Santos (Angel Creamer) but still dreams to work with boxing champ Manny Pacquiao in a commercial. He is also part of the Biggest Game Show in the World Asia which will air soon on TV5. Frank believes that this opportunity is nothing else but God-given. “That’s what it’s

all about whatever comes your way, may it be suffering or blessings. Thank Him all the time,” Frank says. BEDAN BUSINESSMAN AS WELL Aside from being a TV and print ad model, Frank is also a senior HR Business partner of Sunpower Manufacturing which produces solar panels and exports them to the United States. He is also into basketball, tennis, swimming, piano, drums, movie adaptation books, and John Grisham novels. Frank, from being the easy-go-lucky Bedan turned into a more responsible, more practical and future-oriented Frank. “I’m more focused on what I want and how to get there. I realized better the value of hard work and saving up for the necessary things rather than unreasonable spending,” says Frank. He shares that some of the Benedictine values he has carried on until the present time are the value of prayer and the passion to succeed. He believes that being a Bedan molded him to become more independent, confident, and driven to succeed while not forgetting forgettin his spiritual side. “Facing the world is a lot manageable manageabl if you know deep inside that you are equipped to handle any situation.” This T model/businessman has his unique quality o of being a food critique. “I’m the food critique who doesn’t know how to cook! I just have a good go taste, very reliable and discriminating taste buds, bud when I say it’s good, you’ll think it’s the best you had,” he shares proudly with a smile. To T end, this very kind Bedan alumnus left us with words of inspiration. “It’s all about being w kind to others, being respectful, and keeping your o feet on tthe ground. Be of service to others, it’s a true manifestation of maturity and self-confidence. mani Be sensiti sensitive to the needs of the less-fortunate and the dishe disheartened. Always inspire others, and never be the source of one’s misery,” he concludes. so R

The Bedan Herald 17

m/ o : e.c LS i I r 6 A e 5 ET ERIE -19 ling D T ING 898 ink C TA K L (02) hotp N N : / CO T PI one ttp:/ HO leph e: h Te bsit We

li ng er ie

HOT PINK LINGERIE has grown to be the premiere intimate wear label in the Philippines. Synonymous with sexy comfort, Hot Pink offers a unique outlook on intimate apparel-fashionable and comfortable items that redefine a woman’s confidence.

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Rustan’s ATC and Ermita




NOWADAYS WHEN MEDIA, in the form of television ads and billboards, encourages people to be fit and conscious about their appearance, more and more are getting fascinated into different diet and fitness activities. However, there are still a lot who end up failing to achieve the results they desire.


es, it goes without saying that to be healthy, not necessarily sexy, is important especially in this demanding and busy world we live in. Our fellow Bedan, Winwyn Marquez (Teresita), is one person we can learn fitness from. For someone who doesn’t consult a dietician or any clinical advice, Winwyn surely knows her way to keep a healthy body. In order to stay in shape and physically fit, she tries to live a very healthy lifestyle—a secret formula she is now ready to tell us all. Discipline: ‘Know how much is enough’ Though there are several kinds of diet regimens that have become a trend throughout the years, GM, Southbeach, Atkins—the list goes on—but still it nearly impossible to stay away from the guilt of eating a Big Mac or a Cadbury chocolate bar once in a while. One who wishes to keep a good diet can still chow down on

these “junk” foods, but should also know when to say “NO” or “NO MORE”. “During school days, it is inevitable not to eat excessively because it is when energy is much more needed,” says Winwyn. “I always see to it that the way I eat is regulated. I was influenced to change my diet because of the people around me.” For the record, Winwyn doesn’t eat rice until dinner time yet she craves for steamed tilapia, chicken and wheat bread. When she’s on the go, she keeps a banana and a bottle of water close to her. “You can eat anything you want, as long as they are moderated,” she says matter-of-factly. You might think that this kind of health-conscious person no longer has the time to “socialize”. But in the case of our model, partying has never been so sexy. “I still drink, but then again, there is regulation,” says Winwyn. Sweat it out It is good if we live active and be committed to exercise routines or indulge into sports. The key to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only rely on what you eat, but it also depends on how frequently you burn the cholesterol off your system. In her younger days, Winwyn didn’t look the way she does now because of her naturally big built. “Mataba talaga ako dati, nawala lang dahil sa sayaw,” she shares. “When I saw the girls from the magazine, I told myself that I wanted to be like them.” As a showbiz personality, Winwyn also sings, dances (usually hip hop or ballet) and acts for

GMA-7—she manages to do all these aside from her demanding and loaded schedule in San Beda. Winwyn, a graduating Marketing student, also shares that she does a regular 30 sit-ups every morning to maintain a toned body. Also, if she has spare time, she tries to hit the beach and wakeboard, a sport she is very fond of. The edge of being sexy It is very important especially if you have an active lifestyle,” Winwyn believes. “If you are fit, it becomes an advantage because you don’t get tired that easily.” Having a fit body gives an individual an advantage in comparison to the Average Joe. For example in fashion, you are spared from the stress of not getting the clothes that don’t fit you. You can also work and be able to do more because of a clean and well-functioning body. Plus, it is a great confidence booster. “In everything you do, just have fun and discipline at the same time,” advices Winwyn. “If you really want to do it (be fit), then do it.” Ultimately, one mustn’t necessarily possess a good physical appearance to be considered sexy. For Winwyn, “to be sexy doesn’t only mean that you have a toned body; it’s really about how healthy your personality is.” R



FOODIES FROM THE South who used to trek to faraway places in search for good food need not worry. All of a sudden, they found themselves trooping to a simple white tent located on what was previously an old empty lot here in the South. Why? Because finally, the long awaited Soderno @ Molito has finally opened its doors. This large, white tent is now home to a selection of home-based food vendors and rising new food brands.


ister to the much talked about Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato, Soderno opened on November 18, 2011 aiming to duplicate the same success in the South. Finally, there is no need to drive or commute to Makati’s Salcedo and Legaspi weekend markets or Bonifacio Global City’s Mercato. Patterned after Mercato Centrale, Soderno @ Molito has two incarnations: an evening food bazaar that operates on Friday and Saturday nights, from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.; and on Saturdays and Sundays, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The tent transforms into a market featuring organic goods, arts and crafts and fashion stalls. The whole family is welcome, even the furry members. Soderno @ Molito offers a good variety of food vendors. They have standard street food offerings like barbecue, isaw and fried dumplings. There are fast food offerings like nachos and hamburgers. Rice meals are also available, from Pinoy favorites like inihaw na liempo to American classics like roast beef. Novelty dishes like bite-sized tacos


served in egg cartons also proved to be popular. Diners should remember that this is a specialty food bazaar. As such, prices aren’t as cheap as a mall food court, but nevertheless, there are a lot of reasonably priced offerings. A few kinks to work out However, there are still things that need to be ironed out. Some vendors were bemoaning the lack of electricity, wherein they couldn’t cook and therefore had nothing to sell. There were a lot of industrial fans in the al fresco area but were turned off, probably due to electrical supply issues. Parts of the tent had a tendency for smoke build-up, needing a better exhaust system, or perhaps a dedicated outdoor grilling area. A number of vendors, probably not expecting the large turnout, ran out of merchandise as early as 8 p.m. More tables and seats would be ideal. Sharing tables is fine– it can actually be enjoyable sharing a table in the company of complete

strangers–but it can’t be helped hearing snarky comments about the lack of seating from people who are left standing and waiting. Kudos to the Soderno servers though. They were forever milling about with trash bags, ready to clear the tables clean. Establishing itself in the South Despite these issues, Soderno @ Molito holds a lot of promise. The extended community feel is definitely alluring. In fact, stopping by here can easily be a part of a South family’s weekend. It’s definitely a guarantee you’ll be back on future weekends, on the lookout for new things to eat. It’s great that it’s so near to Alabang Town Center (ATC) because it makes Soderno very accessible for those living in the South. You can also shop or watch a movie in ATC then just drop by Soderno when you’re hungry. Bottomline: Soderno is every Southern foodie’s dream come true. Here’s to Soderno @ Molito and the sincere hope that it shapes up to be the weekend market the South has been waiting for. R

Soderno @ Molito has the following market days: !"#$%&'#(')*+,"(-.-/0(1&)$23( & SATURDAY (6 p.m. - 3 a.m.). The vibrant Night Market combines the best that each market has to offer: fashion, arts & crafts and, of course, food! !"#$%&'#(4)1%",34%(52&6%,( every SATURDAY (7 a.m. - 4 p.m.). The Lifestyle Market is the place to enjoy fashion, arts and crafts, and food. !"#$%&'#(#&*2')7(52&6%,( every SUNDAY (7 a.m. – 4 p.m.). The Organic Lifestyle Market is the place to go for food, organic and natural produce, and ecofriendly products. !"89%&"24%(12"+)#'(52&6%,( every SATURDAY & SUNDAY (10 a.m. - 5 p.m.). Supersale Bazaar @ Soderno. Soderno Parking is flat rate, P20 Saturday Mass @ Molito - 5 p.m. Sunday Mass @ Molito - 10 a.m.






Teacher (tee-cher) n., a person in a profession of providing education for pupils and students. rom the wise words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success,” a community’s achievement is a collaborative effort. In the topsy-turvy world of academe, work must be challenging, or rather intoxicating.


With San Beda College Alabang’s 40 years of prayer and work excellence, we pay tribute to the professors who have unconditionally rendered their service, love, and most importantly themselves to the growth and progress of the Bedan community for over a decade. Four professors tell us why “teaching” is the noblest profession there is in the world.

The Bedan Herald 21



I love kids. I care for them. I want to impart them whatever God has given me.”



Every time I experience a learning moment with my students I am affirmed that I am in the right place.”

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts in Psychology at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with the highest distinction from De La Salle University in Dasmariñas, Dr. Paulito Hilario has been working for almost two decades in SBCA. Dr. Hilario, better known as Sir Paul in the CAS, has never imagined being a teacher during his college years. In fact, he was a GS psychometrician back when SBCA was known as the Benedictine Abbey School. In 1996, Sir Paul was transferred to the newly established college department of SBCA, started teaching, and was appointed to several administrative positions afterwards. 22

Presently, he is an associate professor in CAS and the head of Research, Planning, Development and Publications Office. He deals with the several functions related to research. Surprisingly, Sir Paul is also interested in the concept of “technology” and is managing his own Moodle site. Furthermore, Sir Paul conducts seminars, workshops and team building activities to different groups particularly teachers, together with his wife Marie Gethsemanie Hilario. For almost 20 years of service to the Bedan community, there is nothing to question about why he continues to cherish this place. And for the coming years, he only hopes one thing for SBCA—to achieve its vision on being a worldclass institution and to help this school gain accreditation from different agencies.



I learn tremendously from my pupils. What I am today, I owe to the last 18 years of being a teacher.”


It is to him that we hear the most profound words and phrases, as well as the names of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. With 15 years of service to SBCA, Rommel Miles Corro or as to how his students call him, “Sir Corro”, is but another legend in the history of the CAS. He started being of service in the Bedan community in 1996 when a former colleague from De La Salle University in Dasmariñas convinced Sir Corro to teach parttime in the newly conceived college department. Three years after he started in SBCA, he was appointed as the program coordinator of the Theology heology and Philosophy department. Presently, he is the program coordinator for Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Benedictine enedictine Lay Formation ormation department.

While handling the RSPBLF department, he is concurrently serving the Institutional Community Involvement Office of the entire campus. Sir Corro is definitely not the “ordinary” type of professor that, maybe, most of us think he is. He is a very sports-oriented person too. He loves outdoors and joining marathons. “The profundity and enormity of what lies ahead and the endless potential that binds the educator-pupil encounter” was the very answer of Sir Corro orro on what keeps him inspired to continue. Indeed ndeed enthused, he envisions a lot now that SBCA A is on its 40th year, which can be summed up through the words of the Proverbs, “When you reach the top, keep climbing.”

n e o i n h O s a h F g f u o o T n SHIRLEY HIRL EY ALDAN A ALDANA PADUA a e h T“ om W CORRO

Teaching is an art, and as a teacher, one should give premium to the many forms of human and social experience.”

You will often see her walking around St. Bede Hall wearing pink, belts and skirts. One of the most fashionable icons of the CAS, Shirley Aldana Padua is also one of the longest-serving professors of the College. Ms. Padua has been into different fields of journalism, public relations, sales, and marketing. She joined the Grade School (GS) department of San Beda College Alabang in 1994 and was appointed to different positions afterwards. Next, she organized the GS Gifted Program, which was lauded by PAASCU as the Best Feature in the area of Instruction. Presently celebrating 17 years of commitment to SBCA, Ms. Padua is the Department Chair of Communication and Media Studies. As chair of the CMS department,

Ms. Padua firmly says that she is committed to lead her department in developing the students the requisite skills needed in order to excel and succeed. Aside from being a fulltime professor and mother to her CMS children, she is also a full-time parent to her son who is currently studying in San Beda High School. With those told, Ms. Padua sees the CAS as the center for excellence in the field of Arts in the near future. “We should create a learning environment in which the present and the future should be guided by the creation of art, for art is ceaseless. A civilization dies when creativity ceases,” said Ms. Padua while referring to St. Benedict as a classic example of an unending influence.

The Bedan Herald 23


Cosa Nostra





COSA NOSTRA, ITALIAN for “our thing,” has been a powerful criminal syndicate rooted in the United States of America since the 1920s. It is composed of Italian-American gangsters that control numerous entertainment places and businesses in food, food services, textiles, buildings, as well as companies in the public sanitation industry. But here in the Philippines, Cosa Nostra is not a place for criminals, smugglers or loan sharks—it is a haven for indulgence.


uniquely themed restaurant is what Frederick Gallardo, once a business management student at SBCA, wants for the long line up of Filipino restaurants along Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque. “Compared to others, the food and ambiance is different. We really want to divert from the usual grill-type restaurants,” Gallardo says in Filipino. Not only that he loves Italian food, he also assured that Cosa Nostra will be the ideal restaurant he would want to go to—a unique, air-conditioned and Italian-inspired fine dining restaurant which puts premium on affordability. In a span of just six months, Cosa Nostra has modified and added their menu as response to the comments and suggestions of their regular customers.

The Coas Experience Large pictures of men and women either holding a gun or a cigarette are visible on the walls of Cosa Nostra, some portraying dark secrets in their eyes and others concealing them behind sunglasses. Different pictures of places and unique designs serve as an intriguing display in the restaurant. The very visible Mafia theme of Cosa Nostra was conceptualized by the owner himself, together with an architect, graphic artist and interior designer whom he hired. Red is the dominant color of Cosa Nostra. They have wooden tables, sleek chairs and a rectangular lounge which are good for meetings, family gatherings or reunion with friends. They also have a mini bar, which houses Manny O. Wines—a popular and award-winning wine brand. Also, the service of their waiters, waitresses and bartenders is the complete opposite of their Mafia theme. They are actually hospitable, friendly and approachable as they always keep a

smile on their faces. A real hit While you indulge your eyes with their original, intriguing frames and interior design, here are Cosa Nostra’s bestseller dishes served at reasonable prices. Supremo P260 (8 slices) A regular-sized pizza with the combination of olives, green bell peppers, onions, ham, and cheese toppings, and a crispy crust cooked to perfection. Buffalo Wings P245 (8pcs.) The spicy and buttery chicken wings with a sour aftertaste. Accompanied by Ali oil, a sauce made of garlic and mayonnaise. Appetizer Basket P360 (good for 3 to 4 persons) A plate loaded with chicken fingers, buffalo wings, chili fries, and nachos. !( 7:;<=->(?;>@-/A(B(</C><:0(D>E(F->E-/G( perfect with Ali oil sauce. !( HC??DIJ(K;>@A(B(LCFF-/0(D>E(AK--F(K;F:(D( spicy kick. !( 7:;I;(?/;-A(B(ID/@-B<CF(?/;-A(A-/.-E(K;F:( chili ground beef topping. !( 'D<:JA(M(<JN-A(K;F:(</;AO(<:C>=A(J?( onions, ground beef and cheese sauce. “Skipper” Also known as capo, short for capodecina or caporegime, is a Mafia term for a high ranking “made member.” But in Cosa Nostra, Skipper is a sunrise-colored drink mixed with the right amount of tequila, vodka and rum, flavored with the sweetness of four seasons and mango. “Godmother” A strong mixture of vodka, dark rum and brandy with a bloody red color that complements its Sprite, iced tea and strawberry flavors. The moniker came after the first Mafia godmother who headed one of Sicily’s most powerful crime families. R

Now that Cosa Nostra has put additions on their menu this February, there is more in store for people at this fine dining Italian restaurant. Cosa Nostra is located at #228 Aguirre Avenue, Bf Homes, Parañaque. For reservations, call (02) 826-7417.

The Bedan Herald 25




ust when DSLR goes mainstream, Photoshop goes trending. Wouldn’t it be nice to postprocess your shots or even your self-cameras before posting it on Facebook or Twitter? Get the wrong things right and have that certain feel on your photos!

Adobe Photoshop latest version CS5, is a graphic and photo editing software developed and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated. With a total of 12 major releases of different versions of the program, it’s now handier, more compact and less complicated. Used mainly for commercial products, this software has been used mostly on the professional side but lately, people have been using it for editing non-commercial photos. And with it being a trend, many people want to learn how to use it but not without so much success. They usually end up clicking the close button as soon as they get confused. Here are some things you should take in consideration when learning Adobe Photoshop: 1. Know the uses of these essential and most commonly used tools:

Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) – highlights a certain rectangular portion of a photo: right click, layer via copy and you’re ready to move that certain portion of the photo wherever you wishes to without cropping.

Move Tool (V) – used for selecting and moving text and layers of photos. Move one photo to another or move text from top to bottom just by simply dragging.

Quick Selection Tool (W) – used to highlight the background or a certain portion of the picture, delete it for a transparent background, or copy it then move.

Crop Tool (C) – used to crop a certain portion of a photo.

Eyedropper Tool (I) – used to copy the exact same color of a certain portion of the photo.

Healing Brush Tool (J) – used to heal and repair scratches, for example, from your face Brush Tool (B) – the most basic tool, used to fill spaces or paint on your image. Clone Stamp Tool (S) – similar to Healing Brush Tool, except that this tool doesn’t blend in the end. It copies the exact portion of your photo roughly.

Pen Tool (P) – used for creating paths on specific portions of your photo, select the image and you may copy or delete the layer.

Horizontal Type Tool (T) – the text tool, used to type characters horizontally on the photo with the size, font and color of your choice. Ellipse Tool (U) – by default, it creates a rectangular shape layer as you drag it on your photo.

2. Experiment Basic tools are more than just tools. Right click on each tool from the toolbox and experiment with what more it can provide. It is through experimenting and self-learning that you get to know things better. In this way, it will be more fun and fulfilling! 3. Adobe Photoshop Actions Photoshop Action is the easiest and most time-saving way to create that certain feel for your photo. Download it from the web; copy the action file on your Adobe Photoshop folder, show Action on Photoshop window, load actions and play them on photos. Play with the opacity level of each layer and you’re ready to go. Adobe Photoshop as how it sounds and looked like is truly complicated. But it can be altered to be a fun and quirky software. It might change versions and upgrade regularly, but learning the basics will keep you going.



hotographs are cherished for the stories that can be drawn from them. But the perfection of a photograph does not only depend on its story and on the excellent timing exhibited by a shutterbug to it. Of course what also makes a photograph stunning and immortally beautiful is its COMPOSITION. It can be loosely defined that composition is the placement of your subject in your frame. Here are some of the rules of composition in photography: Rule of Thirds Divide your frame into nine equal parts by placing two imaginary horizontal lines vertically and horizontally. Then position your subject on the points where the lines intersect. Doing so will balance your foreground—where your subject is usually found—and your background. Leading Lines Naturally our eyes will look for lines in something. This technique affects the way people look at your picture. This will put the person viewing your picture on a journey through your photograph, guided by straight, diagonal, curve, or zigzag lines. Simplicity This is very simple (no pun intended). You give your subject the most visual attention by a background which does not steal some flare from your subject. Depth-of-Field This technique can be used together with the Rule of Thirds or Simplicity. If you think your background would overpower your subject, you simply open up your aperture (with lower f-stop number) and gain a shallow depth of field. A shallow Depth-of-Field means your background would be nicely be blurred and will give your subject some much needed visual impact.


These techniques or rules in composition are not always suitable for every scene. You can always ignore or modify these rules and try experimenting to get that photograph you always wanted. But it is essential to know these established rules of composition for they can help boost the impact of a scene, achieve scenic balance and lead your viewers’ eyes to the more important parts of your shot. R


PHOTOGRAPHY BY CEASAR JAN ENTILA (from left to right) Leading lines, Simplicity, Depth of field, Rule of thirds

Leading Lines 26


Rule of Thirds


Prayer Work AND


To celebrate the 40th year of San Beda College Alabang (SBCA) as an institution, we must also commemorate its very foundation. It all started with eight priests and six monks, headed by Rev. Fr. Jose Deas y Villar, OSB, who went to the Philippines for agricultural and missionary works in Surigao, the roots of Benedictine influence in the Philippines. The Benedictines, fearing the spread of Protestantism during the American colonial era, established an educational institution to preserve the Catholic faith. From there, an institution dedicated to the cause of Catholic education and the making of Christian students committed to excellence and service of God and country was born. The original 14 monks, with due influence of the Benedictines in the Philippines, grew in number. Here in SBCA, we have our very own monks who serve as frameworks of the school by administering over different areas of the learning institute. Benedictine monks are placed in different departments of the institution in order to guide their subordinates and the students, instilling in them the principle of Ora et Labora. Get to know some of the monks we see every day at school as they share their interests and their way of life.

The Bedan Herald 27


RDO SANCTI BENEDICTI or Order of Saint Benedict is a Roman Catholic order founded by St. Benedict of Nursia. It observes the Holy Rule, Regula Sancti Benedicti which embodies Ora et Labora—Prayer and Work. In the schools run by the Benedictines, not only the monks observe the Holy Rule, but they also incorporate it in the hearts and minds of the students.

Fr. Alberic P. Lazerna, OSB Baptismal Name: Rommel Lazerna Feast day: September 21, 1969

Fr. Alberic was formerly based in SBC Mendiola but now he is the Director of the Finance division of SBCA and the Chaplain of the School of Law. At a very young age of six, he realized he had “the calling.” His brother was a seminarian at that time and his mother would always bring him along whenever they visit him in the monastery. “I always told myself how I would like to wear that white habit the people there are wearing. And that, I believe, is the start of my call.” His parents were against him entering the priesthood so he was thinking of another profession he would be in and said that he imagined himself to be a dentist. As a monk he describes himself to be simple. “People might look at me at a different personality but as I look at myself, I am just

a simple person with simple joys.” He is very close to his family and he has good friends in the monastery. He surrounds himself with the people he loves and that make him happy. As a person, he describes himself as artistic. He believes that God gave him “the gift.” “I know how to paint and I know how to do calligraphy”. Formerly, he was the Director of Services for 13 years in SBC Mendiola wherein his job was to give the whole campus a facelift. “I did not have an architect or engineer so I performed all by myself. I realized they (my projects) were good because many were telling me I have the gift.” If given a day to be something or someone, he would choose “to be a high school student.” He claims that “that is the most joyful stage in my life wherein I was carefree, I enjoyed

my childhood and everything was simple.” The people in Alabang are worth remembering for him. He says that everyone here, especially the students and children, are very friendly, “Even if I am not wearing the habit, the teachers and students will get my hand and I would bless them.” He said that this is the thing he admires the most, “People greet me whenever and wherever they see me.” During his leisure time, he attends to his pets which are the “source of his joys”, a Peruvian guinea pig and an iguana. He also has a Facebook account. He talks to his friends especially those abroad and greets them on occasions. “As SBCA celebrates its 40th year of existence, I wish for more achievements, more honor and recognition and for SBCA to reach many good and fruitful years.”

Fr. Paul M. De Vera, OSB Baptismal Name: Genaro De Vera Feast day: September 19, 1938 Fr. Paul is the Learning Resource Center coordinator of SBCA. When he was just in Grade 4, he looked into the possibility of entering the priesthood. He was determined of that possibility, so with the guidance of his parents and parish priests, he was advised to first finish high school. After graduation, that was when he entered the monastery. “My primary reason for wanting to be in the Holy Order is to serve God in a special way and to serve the people.” He describes himself as a “simple person.” As a monk, he follows the duties and 28

responsibilities of the religious as embodied in the Benedictine life of prayer and work. If he would be given just one day to be someone or something he answered that he would choose to be a bird, “so I can fly around and soar and feel the things out there.” If he did not become a monk, he would probably be in the field of veterinary science because he loves animals. When he was in elementary, he had dogs for pets while his father owned horses. “I loved one particular horse because I could ride on it.” Fr. Paul also likes indoor

games and when he is not busy, he exercises and does some physical activities. His most memorable experience here in SBCA was the chance of meeting and working with the Bedan community here in Alabang. “The administrators and faculty members are good, Godloving and God-fearing.” His wish for SBCA as it celebrates its Ruby Anniversary is “for it to continue to soar high academically and in other extra-curricular activities like sports and be the leading institution in this part of Metro Manila. To be the center of excellence.”

Fr. Gerardo Ma. De Villa, OSB Baptismal Name: Jude Thomas Antonio Feast day: October 16, 1987 Fr. Gerard is the principal of the Integrated Basic Education Department (IBED) and the chaplain of the service personnel. He dreamt of being in the Holy Order when he was in his pre-school years and that dream was realized when he was ordained by the Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Cardinal Sin. As a monk, he would describe himself as “helpful” and as a person he is “peaceful”. Had Fr. Gerard not entered the Holy Order, he said that

he would instead be a teacher or a soldier. His dream of being a teacher explains why he is close to children. In fact, when asked what his most memorable experience here is, it was “celebrating the Eucharist with the pupils,” “For the SBCA community to have Greater faith in God and fulfill the Church’s mission to provide quality Catholic education” is his wish as we celebrate our 40th anniversary as an institution.

Dom Clement Ma. H. Roque, OSB Baptismal Name: Rodrigo Antonio Henzon Roque

“Dom Clement” as the members of the Bedan Community calls him, is not only seen as our Rector-President, but also an icon of friendliness and smiles. He is the monk that we see riding his red scooter around school with a smiling face and greets everyone in his way. Much of being an icon to the students, he was even placed in the central visual image in one issue of The Bedan Herald. Beyond the bubbly face of Dom Clement, is a person who is serious about his vocation and committed to his work. As a monk, he sees himself as one who is faithful to his commitment and lives according to the rule of St. Benedict. At the age of 13, while studying at Holy Family Academy run by the Benedictine sisters, Dom Clement also served in their benediction. When he was about to graduate, a sister asked him if he wanted to be a Benedictine and without hesitation he said “yes” not knowing who the Benedictines

were at that time.“I found myself entering the Benedictine monastery abbey in Our Lady of Montserrat in Manila at the age of 13, immediately after graduation in grade school. I was still in shorts!” He never thought of having any other profession, saying “my vocation is a growing process.” When he entered the monastery, he did not know about the Benedictines, but then by living the Benedictine way of life, he started to love it. Even if he would be given the liberty to be anything or anyone for a day, he still chooses to be of service to others. “I would like to be Mother Theresa who would spend her life doing good things to others and that’s what I would like to do as a monk, to help others.” Being introduced as the new RectorPresident of SBCA in 2008, he says, is the most

memorable experience in his stay here. “I was touched by the reception I received from (former Rector-President) Fr. Anscar J. Chupungco, OSB and the Bedan Community, the administrators, faculty and students. That was the proudest moment of my life.” His wish for SBCA as it moves ahead at 40 is “To keep on improving itself through the pursuit of academic excellence and through the transformation of its students into Bedans who are infused with Catholic, Benedictine and Filipino values.” Dom Clement listens to classical music whenever he is not occupied and is also very sporty. His favorite sports are tennis, basketball, swimming, and cycling.

Fr. Olegario Z. Commeleran, OSB

One of the most visible monks in SBCA, Fr. “Ole” is the Spanish monk we see at school. Contrary to the student’s first impression of Fr. Ole looking very strict and hard to approach, he is actually quite the opposite. He is very approachable, friendly and funny. When you see him, he will always greet you and he smiles and laughs whenever he speaks. One of Fr. Ole’s interests is photography. Sometimes you will see him wandering around campus with his Canon camera as he takes pictures of everything he finds interesting. He said that to be a monk and to be in the Holy Order is to expect a different reality. He did not exactly choose to be ordained as he only wanted to be a monk. He realized that in order to be a monk of Our Lady of Montserrat in Manila, he had to be ordained in order to continue the ministry of the students in San Beda and to hear confessions and preside over the mass and other sacraments.

As a monk and as a person, he describes himself as a joyful and hopeful man. Before entering the monastery, he had considered being an artist. He wanted to be a painter like his father. If given the chance to be anything or anyone for a day he only said “I will not give any consideration to being anything but a monk. As a monk, I can dedicate myself to so many activities.” He very much appreciates the gift God has given him as a person and says that he could be many things besides being a monk. When asked of his most memorable experience he said “I had many, many memorable experience at SBCA. Some are very pleasant and some are very unpleasant. But I will consider being able to serve our school in the Philippines and our students as my most memorable experience.” For SBCA’s 40th anniversary he wishes “God’s guidance and blessings to our school. And that our school continues to serve the students and their families.” R

The Bedan Herald 29


An I.T. student turned ‘IT’ girl in the modeling world. See through the glitz and glam as Anne Lora Santos catches up with everyone’s apple of the eye.


GLAMOUR AND PRESTIGE both fall on your hands when you pose for bestselling magazines, endorse top brands, appear in social events, called a “hot property” by those in advertising circles and at the same time work fulltime trading stocks and bonds, five times a week. Well, all these are just some of the things Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez is busy with. his 26-year-old full-time model continues to reach new heights as she unravels more phases in her career. Having mastered the ins and outs in the modeling industry for almost a decade, she is now up to her next endeavor, which is entering the world of finance.

“I had no plans at all, everything sort of just happened on its own—all I had to do was make the decision.” 32

An Extraordinary Bedan “She is not an ordinary student. She was very participative, versatile, simple, charming, and smart. In fact, she was a Dean’s Lister,” reminisces one of Mikaela’s favorite professors, Physical Education Coordinator Prof. Cynthia Manalo. Mikaela, whose real first name is Katrina Michelle, was an Information Technology graduate, CAS batch 2005. “You know when you’re young and all that, whatever (course) is in demand, you’ll take, same thing happened to me,” Mikaela jests. Way back, she has always been the school’s muse during intercollegiate competitions. A Bedan who possesses beauty and brains, captivating everyone who surrounds her—same thing might have happened when she was photographed and discovered in an event of a local teen magazine she attended, and everything followed from there. At age 15, she first appeared in a Lifebuoy soap commercial and this was soon trailed by strings of advertisement appearances for Kotex, Rexona, Panasonic, Rejoice, Ponds, 7-Up, Sunsilk, and Skin White. And when she reached 18, Mikaela had conquered the rest of Asia as she modeled for different TVCs and print ads in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Indonesia. “I had no plans at all, everything sort of just happened on its own—all I had to do was make the decision.” When her modeling career blossomed and she started earning big paychecks from modeling, she never forgot to honor and thank God for all her blessings. In fact, upon receiving her very first pay check, she gave it all to her church. Mikaela believes in the Benedictine principle “that in all things God may be glorified” and because of pure hard work she was able to buy her own car at the age of 19. As eyes followed her during college because of her growing popularity—Mikaela never changed. “She is very simple and down to earth, kahit alam niya na maganda siya and even if she appears in commercials,” shares Psychology professor Karl Yu, also one of Mika’s favorite mentors. She admits that modeling transformed her from being shy and self-conscious to being confident and outgoing. “I love modeling because it constantly improves me.” But even if she enjoyed the glare of publicity, she still knows her top priority. “I know my priorities and I take time to make time,” Mikaela says. The vital responsibility of being a student compelled Mikaela to pursue studying because she believes that education is something that cannot be taken away from her. This 5-foot-7 head-turner believes that her proudest personal accomplishment in life is being able to step into the business world at a young age and being able to enter into the finance industry coming from an I.T. background.


“I love learning and it’s something I’ll never get tired of doing. I want to try everything, Life is too short,”

One busy woman Mikaela is considered one of the busiest women in the industry. One of her closest friends, showbiz personality Bianca Gonzales, attests that Mikaela is a very preoccupied woman who excels in multitasking. “She balances being a wife, a mom, a model, a businesswoman, and (an) ICAP employee,” Bianca shares. Well, if you have your hands busy stirring into different pots, you would consider ‘time’ as a precious commodity. Just recently, she appeared with John Lloyd Cruz’s series of Greenwich advertisements, the only flower among all the thorns in the Greenwich barkada. Aside from her excellence in modeling, Mikaela also has great managerial skills. She is both a vice president of two large groups in the modeling industry, namely Elan Models International and Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP). She also works as a licensed money broker in the Investment Company Association of the Philippines (ICAP). On the business side, Mikaela is the co-owner of Gourmet Pao, a food company that makes giant siopaos in unusual flavors, and was once the Associate Editor of the now-defunct Luxe Magazine that released its last issue on October 2011 with Sarah Geronimo on the cover. But first and foremost, to top her list of

priorities, she serves to be a good and loving wife for seven years to Chucho Martinez and a caring mother to her daughter Noelle, seven, and son Tyler, three.

“Don’t limit yourself to what’s in front of you— go out and make things happen. More importantly, remain inspired, and love what you do.” She admits that she became matured when she had her daughter at an early age. But instead of thinking of it as the end of all ends, she had seen this as a driving force to achieve bigger and better things. “I am driven because of my life now. My husband and children are the reasons why I’ve accomplished so much.” Though Mika has tons of commitments, she knows which comes first on her list. “Family has always been my priority. I know it seems like I’ve got a lot on my plate—but it is quite manageable and I still get to spend time with my kids every day,” Mikaela enthuses.

This versatile mom believes that managing her time is the most challenging part of her career. “Like I say, it’s always about time management and I’m totally stress-free.” Despite being well-established, Mikaela is not resting on her laurels. Learning new things has been her quest of a lifetime. “I love learning and it’s something I’ll never get tired of doing. I want to try everything, Life is too short,” she says. Venturing into business, modeling, financing, magazine publishing, and motherhood— all these she achieved in her mid-20’s. Her next step of becoming a billionaire does not seem so far-fetched when you think about it. Here is a piece of advice from the woman who made it big in her chosen fields: “Don’t limit yourself to what’s in front of you—go out and make things happen. More importantly, remain inspired, and love what you do.” BEAUTIFUL—as how she was described by Bianca, and the people who have encountered her. And having the chance of seeing this woman testify that she is indeed more than just a pretty face—suffice to be called beautiful in more than a thousand ways. R

Special thanks to Ms. Bianca Gonzales, Ms. Cynthia Manalo and Mr. Karl Yu for the interview.

The Bedan Herald 33


years of


THESE ARE EXCITING times to be a Bedan from Alabang because this year, 2012, is San Beda Alabang’s Ruby Anniversary. The countdown for the school’s 40 years began on July 11, 2011 as the entire Bedan Community held its kickoff ceremonies with much festivities and fanfare. Activities such as the planting of the Ruby Tree, the unveiling of the Ruby logo and the raising of Ruby flags were conducted during the said ceremonies to signify 40 years of Benedictine education and presence south of Manila. But before we “Move Ahead at Forty,” let’s take a look back at how far the Mighty Red School of the South has gone in a span of 40 years. From Mendiola to Alabang The 60s and the 70s were rocky decades in Manila, the center of the Benedictines in the Philippines and the location of San Beda Mendiola. The Benedictine monks made a momentous decision to establish another campus, away from the turmoil and chaos in Mendiola at that time. The two original choices for the location of the proposed new Benedictine school were Las Piñas City and Alabang in Muntinlupa City. Considering the secluded and conducive environment of Muntinlupa, the monks eventually decided to establish a new bastion of Benedictine education in the upscale Alabang Hills Village. ‘Through the carefree days of our childhood’ Thus the Benedictine Abbey School (BAS) was formally opened on July 10, 1972, with initially 78 pre-school pupils. Situated on a 9.5 hectare lot, BAS became the country’s first officially recognized 34

non-graded private school which did not use grade labels, promoted individualized instruction and conducted lectures in open air classrooms. Rev. Fr. Roberto de Jesus, OSB developed the school as its first Rector-President with the help of four instructors: Elena Racho (Head Teacher), Josefina Beltran, Annie Loren and Lydia Dumlao. BAS’ high school department was added in 1977-1978 with an initial number of 69 freshmen. Later on, BAS reached a milestone in education as both the elementary and the high school department gained accreditation from the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). In 1979, the high school building (Christ the King Hall) was finally completed under the leadership of BAS Rector-President Fr. Silvestre Lacson, OSB. Fr. Bellarmine Baltazar, OSB served as Rector-President for the longest time, heading BAS from 1984 to 1995. Fr. Baltazar led BAS to be a

premier educational institution in the south of Metro Manila and pushed for the addition of the tertiary level in response for the growing demand in the Metro South and CALABARZON areas. Benedictine college down South Under the leadership of Fr. Abbot Tarcisio H. Narciso, OSB, the college department opened on June 10, 1995. This was also the time Benedictine Abbey School was renamed to St. Benedict College. The renaming was made in honor of St. Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Order of St. Benedict. The opening of the college department also coincided with the celebration of the 100 years of Benedictine presence in the Philippines. It was also during this time that the official student publication of the college department, then known as The Benedictine Clarion, was born with Ernesto C. Santiago Jr. as the first Editor in Chief. It initially had 208 college students

and 15 mentors. Six of the first roster of faculty members became administrators: Anita B. Obispo, dean; Elizabeth Sablay, head of student development, Luisito B. Padolina, head of student affairs; Edmund V. Campos, college registrar; Magdalena S. Regullano, guidance & admissions head; and Rico U. Fortich, administrative assistant. Before, classes were conducted at the high school building from the afternoon to the evening until the completion and opening of the four-story college building, St. Bede Hall, during the Institutional Silver Jubilee Celebration in 1997. Adopting the trimestral system, the college department initially offered the following courses: Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Sales, and Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After a year, College Department Dean Anita Obispo implemented the semestral set-up and introduced newer courses: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Bachelor

of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies. To give it a new identity as a tertiary institution, the college department was reorganized as the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) in 2002 under the leadership of Fr. Maranan and CAS Dean Magdalena Regullano. Bedan Identity In AY 2004-2005, following the clamor of the school’s stakeholders to return to its Bedan roots, former Rector-President Fr. Anscar J. Chupungco, OSB made the historic decision of adopting the school’s secondary name as its primary and official name: San Beda College Alabang (SBCA). The change was decided upon by the school’s stakeholders to give it its “welldeserved identity as a Bedan school.” With a brand new identity, SBCA still follows the Benedictine principle of “Ora et Labora” or Prayer and Work. Vice President and concurrent CAS Dean Thelma Geraldine Baricaua’s extensive skills in the academe and in human resource management helped make SBCA a topnotch tertiary unit in the Metro South.

Rector-President Dom Clement Ma. H. Roque, OSB replaced Fr. Chupungco in 2008, committed to continue the vision of his predecessor. At present, Dom Roque continues to implement his “masterplan” to pursue academic and institutional excellence and make SBCA “the best educational and training center in southern Metro Manila.” in 2010, four degree programs were granted Level I status by the PAASCU: BA Psychology, BS Information Technology, BA International Studies Major in Tourism, and BS Business Management. It was also during this year when the CAS started offering education courses namely, BS Elementary Education and BS Secondary Education. ‘Moving Ahead at Forty’ From Benedictine Abbey, to St. Benedict, and then finally to San Beda, the Bedan community in Alabang has undergone major changes throughout the years. But the very essence of what makes us Benedictine has remained constant. Truly, San Beda Alabang is as St. Benedict would put it, “a school of the Lord’s service.” R



TAKE IT AS to how American fashion stylist Rachel Zoe would put it into words—“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” The versatility of fashion can go through classic wardrobe pieces, contemporary clothing and even down to the details. Moreover, experimenting with various styles can jumpstart yourself to the world of catwalks and hallways.

GAME OF THE GENTLEMAN Hues can play up any outfit for it exudes appeal. Also, a few steps from one’s comfort zone as it is. Construction of a clothing piece can either make or break a personal style so wear something that fits your figure. Patterns are essential even if you opt for minimalism or extreme elements. Forget about mix and match, after all it’s about finding the perfect mix and not the detailed match.




Despite the designated dress code, styling is something that should not be compromised. FASHIONISTA OVER THE EDGE Prints like exotic, floral and eccentric can already do the talking. Basics can serve as an outfit’s ultimate foundation so invest in quality pieces (i.e. plain white shirt, denim pants and cardigan). Cut and Color considered as the clothing’s structure. Whether it be cropped or geometric, pastels or solid colors or all the other options, don’t be afraid to know what works for you.

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OOKING FOR THAT perfect nook that will soothe and unwind you after a stressful day at school or work? Just for Nails is the right place for you! With services that would appease your need for de-stressing, this nail salon also has the perfect ambience for an extraordinary nail and spa treatment. Kezia Garcia, a Bedan alumna and also the owner of Just for Nails, started the business a few months ago. She told Rave that her obsession for neat and clean nails was her inspiration in pursuing the business.

Just for Nails, Just like home Just for Nails is not just a typical nail salon. Its design and ambience combined is something that you can say, relaxing. With the perfect match of colors and lighting plus the comfy chairs, you can really say that your payment is worth it. When asked about where the idea of the design of her salon came from, Kezia told Rave that it was her who told the designer how she wants it to look like and it’s up to the designer what details would she incorporate. The salon has an enticing aura because of its playful and sophisticated theme. Pastel colors are used for the interiors, walls are painted cream, throw pillows are covered with pink, purple and green pillow cases—colors that are definitely soothing to the eyes. The couches are really 38

comfortable that you would feel like home sitting on them. The stylish chandelier that would hail you as you enter really gives the salon its sophisticated look. The blend of blue and white lighting perfectly gives that cozy and relaxing ambience.

The hit gel polish This type of nail polish is one of the best services of Just for Nails. Jennifer Lynn is the brand that they are using which gives you assurance of good quality. They were the first ones in BF Parañaque to have this type of nail polish. Unlike the typical ones, this nail polish lasts longer, contains an ingredient that makes the polish in good condition for two to four weeks, and does not also give your nails that yellowish color. That yellowish stain is caused by formaldehyde which is a chemical that reacts with the keratin protein in our nails, making them

Waxing Services Another service that Just for Nails offers is waxing. They use hot wax which is better because it is less painful than cold wax. Its waxing station is also as conducive as your own bedroom, and also has dim lighting that gives you a pampering feel. Just for Nails’ affordable prices and premium quality services are what makes them better than other nail salons. So, for a no-fuss and relaxing manicure and pedicure service, Just for Nails is the perfect place for you!

brittle and yellow.

Nail Art Services Another good service that they offer is Nail Art. Nail art services es are very popular today especially lly among teens. Almost all nail salons ns offer that service but only Just for Nails ls can say that its staff is their best asset. et. It was Kezia who personally picked them when they apply. In making designs for nail arts, acrylic paints were used by the staff. They also have tons of designs you can choose from— designs that would make your nails look hip and classy.

Visit Just for Nails at 228 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Parañaque or contact +63 (916) 327-3664 for that awesome experience. R







HAVE YOU EVER wondered about the real sentiment on the subject of love? Over centuries, love continues to be one of the most difficult questions for mankind.



aye, as how she is commonly known, graduated at San Beda College Alabang with a degree in Business Management. Her fondest memory of being a Bedan are the strong friendships she made as she faced various challenges in her whole stay at San Beda.

K Today, T oday, she is an outstanding and successful designer, running Hot Pink Lingerie; but above that she is also a mother and a wife. The character of Sarah arah Jessica Parker in I Don’t Know How She Does It movie is very much reminiscent of Kaye’s position. Inn the film, Parker could barely keep up with her personal life because of the demands of her successful career—a puzzle that our strong and versatile Kaye had figured out. She was able to juggle her time being a hands-on mother, a good wife and a successful businesswoman—doing them all with excellence. Kaye is the eldest among three other siblings, including celebrity host Mariel ariel RodriguezPadilla. As a matter of fact, Kaye first tried to step into the limelight even before Mariel Mariel did. Kaye first appeared in TV through her Sunsilk unsilk commercial together with Drew Arellano in which they call each other “pare.” Other ther companies that she modeled for were Globe and Whisper. Today, Today, she just lets Mariel ariel shine in that spotlight and make her an endorser of Hot Pink Lingerie—something ingerie—something that Kaye excelled in and has a passion for.

Climbing the ladder

TAK TAKING CARE OF her kids, husband, business and direction in life—this prim busine and proper woman got everything under pro control. Kaye, 29, is known for her co great entrepreneurial skills and eyee for designing.


“I love designing,” says Kaye. She also shares that there is already too much competition on clothes so she and her husband Carlo came up with a brilliant idea. They They conducted a feasibility study on what is in demand in the market. They found out about lingerie and started to scout for location, suppliers and manufacturers. “We flew to Hong Kong to source fabric. We attended numerous trade shows to get more acquainted with the industry, we researched online, and we visited the existing competition’s stores to gauge what is already in the market,” Kaye says. And there came Hot Pink Lingerie, an intimate wear label which is inspired by the leading international brand Victoria’s Secret. But there are no businesses that didn’t go through struggles. At first, they can’t settle with any manufacturer



that would accept their orders, making quality control difficult for them. But as their business got bigger, they were able to get better manufacturers. Nothing really beats a driving force made of the couple’s entrepreneurial skills, hard work and dedication. Aside from the success of their 10 lingerie branches, they also have a franchise of Army Navy at Fort Bonifacio. Her piece of advice for Bedans who are pursuing their career is to just enjoy what they are doing—a key for success. She also stresses that one should be passionate with one’s work. A student who picked the right course in college and now is changing the game in the business world. Kaye is no doubt, a real Bedan achiever.

From house to home Aside from Kaye’s growing business, she is also known with her Indianinspired house. She said that when they travelled, they were taken by India’s allure and culture. “The (Indian) architecture

called to us (husband),” she passionately describes. And so they bought an Indian door even before conceptualizing with their house’s design. She and her husband made it clear to their architects to make their home not too old yet not too up-to-date. When asked if this was her dream house, she answered a firm yes and said that their house was designed specifically for their needs. However, Kaye believes that her beautiful house, although built meticulously by creative minds, is nothing but just a hollow structure without the presence of her family. Her 11 years of marriage with Carlo produced two cute boys, Javy and Paco, and an adorable unica hija, Adriana—people who fill up her home. They also got a dog which is in the kitchen during the day and is beside Kaye’s son at nighttime. There is no doubt that in spite of Kaye’s busy schedule, she is a familyoriented person. It is perhaps because she

was introduced with an intimate tradition when she was still a child—to eat meals together. They always eat home-cooked meals and they never eat meals prepared by maids. “Meal times were special because my lolo and lola cooked our meals,” Kaye shares. May it be work, family or self, Kaye is very much happy in every aspect of who she is.

“I’m contented with my life, I’m happy in my marriage, and I adore my children. They’re safe and healthy. At the end of the day, that’s really all you can ask for.” R

The Bedan Herald 35

Modesty, sophistication and elegance combined with excellence sum up the qualities of this Bedan alumni achiever. Kathleen Kaye TermuloGarcia truly defines elegance and excellence with just her mere presenceâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;read on the proof as she tells her story to Sabrina Jila Santos.




ea drink shops can now be found almost anywhere in the South, but if you are looking for a place that gives you a “feelat-home” vibe and has a variety of tea quenchers to suit your taste, Tea Talk is the best place for you. Located at 216 A. Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque, Tea Talk is now making its name to the food and beverage industry in the South in just less than a year. Tea Talk caters to all types of people—from class A to upper class; from ordinary customers to health conscious ones. According to Juan Carlos Javid, manager of Tea Talk, who graduated from San Beda Alabang High School, his family was inspired to come up with a tea shop business because of the several tea shops they have visited during their vacations in other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Thailand. The Javid family wants Tea Talk not just be a great place for buying tea beverages but as well as to be a sanctuary for relaxation, bonding and work. LIBERTEA TO CHILL, RELAX AND WORK. Tea Talk also assures the comfort of its customers. Unlike the over-the-counter service of

other tea shops, it soothes every customers with its perfect ambiance meant for relaxation, talk and work. Tea Talk allows you to feel cozy while having tea with your friends, co-workers, loved ones, or even just by yourself. The shop also has a Japanese-inspired platform called Tatami, wherein their clients can take off their footwear, sit, talk and surf the Internet with hi-speed WiFi connection provided by Tea Talk. BEST SELLERS Strawberry Fruit Tea with Popping Boba Who would ever think that strawberry and tea could be a perfect match? Well this Tea Talk bestseller proves that opposites really do attract. With every sip of the drink and the outburst of flavors from the Popping Boba, it can make your tongue indulge in a fruity sensation. Matcha Green Tea with Egg Pudding “The proof of the pudding is in the drinking.” Matcha Green Tea with egg pudding will not only gratify your thirst but also will fulfill your cravings for desserts with its surreal creaminess and taste. Caramel Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls A flavor that is friendly for the kids and young-at-heart. It is something light and yet bound by well-balanced flavors that will surely bring you satisfaction. Toffee Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls It’s like the stronger version of Caramel Milk tea which will give you authentic strong flavors of toffee, milk and tea compact all in a single drink. R


FROM WHIPPED CREAM-topped cold coffee drinks and colorful pearl shakes, Filipinos are now shifting to a brand new kind of refreshment: ice cold tea drinks.







NCE THERE WAS a group of passionate Mexican cooks that decided to share their culture and recipes, finding their home in one place—of course this is just a made up story but this is a relatively fitting way to introduce Tijuana’s Mexican Grill. Decorated with authentic Mexican hats and personal collection of Mexican items, this cozy restaurant welcomes its puertas and ventanas to all diners, both the family group and the late crowd. Tijuana’s (or better known as TJ’s) Mexican Grill is the product of both Pinoy Biggest Loser’s Art Mendoza’s and business partner Mike Floro’s wish to put up one of the most original Mexican-themed restaurants in the metro. Since successfully establishing its first branch in Ortigas on December 2010, this Tacos-and-Burritos-serving resto drew more and more regulars and went on to bring their business to the South. Mendoza, who also runs Baha and Tabu Lounge, saw potential particularly in Alabang—thus giving birth to TJ’s Mexican Grill at Westgate.

Muy Delicioso! Upon opening the Alabang branch in January 2011, TJ’s long menu of Filipino-infusedMexican cuisine became the talk of the town. This place prides itself with its bestsellers that all come with—quoting Branch Manager Pamela Beronio—the “secret sauce”, offering everyone the ultimate Mexican dining experience.

Taco Trio The Taco Trio is the nacho surprise featuring three of their best tasting tacos all in one platter—fish, beef and grilled chicken.

TJ’s Classic Burger The Michael Jordan of burgers, TJ’s classic burger satisfies customers with its savory beef supplied by the mishmash of fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, and the “secret sauce.”

Chimichanga Burrito Deep fried burrito topped with melted cheese, this treat comes in two assortments—shredded beef or chicken with lettuce. With a resident Mexican cocinero in their kitchen, other house specialties include the shredded chicken and cheese Chicken Quessadilla, and Nachos known for their crisp and served with salsa fresca and sour cream, all served in hearty portions. TJ’s is also known for its reputation for having the most number of Margarita flavors known.

The grill serves an unprecedented, so to speak, 19 varieties of Margarita consisting of Frozen Margarita, Frozen Strawberry, Mojitos, etc. For promotions, TJ’s started to run a drink-all-you-can promo to invite customers. Soon enough, people have requested to extend the “happy hours.” The place is also available to reservations for corporate meetings and other social gatherings.

Live, Wild and Free The customers are guaranteed to enjoy good food along with good music. The crowd in the South gets loud with regular performances by Southside DJs, One Walks Away and more—all adding up to the already gratifying party-like Mexican experience in TJ’s Mexican Grill. TJ’s Mexican Grill is the best place in the South where we can let our taste buds discover real Mexican food and entertainment. If Ralph Recto, Nikki Gil, Billy Crawford and Jake Cuenca and other personalities already gave their thumbs up, then so can you. R


Grandad’s Grill and deli


MEAT LOVERS AND CASUAL customers alike will surely find a haven in this cozy and inviting restaurant that proudly serves “the cheapest steak in town” yet does not compromise quality and greatness. randad’s Grill and Deli prides itself for its sumptuous and high-quality steaks that are heavy in the tummy but are light on the pocket. Mr. Rafael Sazon, owner, attests that Grandad’s can actually serve more affordable steaks than anyone can find in town since their main business is to supply imported steaks and meats to restaurants. “The price is very reasonable. Lower than the market, lower than most fine dining restaurants. We can offer the cheapest steak in town,” he asserts. Priced for P1 per gram, Grandad’s delectable steaks can be ordered according to a certain amount: Rib Eye (bone-in), 300-450 grams; Prime Rib (bone-in), 350-500 grams; and T-bone, 250-350 grams. The Lamb Chops, however, are priced a little higher for P1.75 per gram. All orders are served with mashed potato, French fries or green rice. “The steak tastes good, very tender and good for the price,” a customer says. True enough, Grandad’s steaks are grilled to perfection and are served with complementary sauce or gravy. They are rich with subtle seasoning, and one can actually see the juices oozing out from the moment the meat is sliced. The steak is also tender that it doesn’t require much energy to munch it. It comes with the restaurant’s home-made Adrianna’s Steak Sauce or special gravy which has a slight caramel aftertaste. Aside from steaks, Grandad’s menu also includes chicken wings, roast beef, tapas,

seafood, salads, and a bevy of, wines, coffee and other beverages. Since Mr. Sazon used to own a Japanese restaurant for 17 years, he as well added four Japanese dishes to the carte du jour: Sukiyaki, Beef Teppanyaki, Beef Sashimi, and Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare. Whether it’s a family occasion, a business function, a date, a marriage proposal, or just for pleasure, Grandad’s ensures its customers of a wholesome dining experience. The Old English pub-themed restaurant will welcome you with its well-trained staff and cozy ambience. There is also a space outside where customers can eat, smoke, drink, and relax. Unknown to many, Grandad’s is actually a joint venture between 71-year-old Mr. Sazon and his loving granddaughter, showbiz celebrity Mariel Rodriguez. Grandad’s formally opened its doors on September 10, 2010. It was his granddaughter, also a co-host in TV5’s Wil Time Bigtime, who suggested the restaurant’s name, according to “Grandad” Mr. Sazon. He also says that despite Mariel’s preoccupation with her showbiz career, she still manages to visit the place once a week.

For a steakhouse that puts premium in quality and affordability, Grandad’s Grill and Deli is the perfect go-to steakhouse—living up to its slogan, “Good steak in a good place at a good price.” It is located along Aguirre Avenue (corner Vinzon Street) in BF Homes, Paranaque and is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ideal for family occasions, dinner dates or group meetings. For reservations, you may call 842-2885.


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“WE HAVE LOTS of Indian customers this just proves our dishes are authentic,” says Raaz Mahal’s coowner Shala Arshad. ebab and Curry are just some of the globally renowned dishes that originated from Pakistan and India. These countries are best known for using spices like no other. Punjabi cuisine is found in the Punjab Region of north western India and eastern Pakistan and one of the distinctive features of it is the diverse range of dishes flavored with masalas (spices). The main ingredients in a Punjabi dish are onions, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes. The word “Raaz” originally came from the initials of Shala’s son, while “Mahal” means Palace. Soon after, they also discovered that “Raaz” in Pakistani means Mystery making Raaz Mahal, a “Mysterious Palace.” On January 2011, Shala Arshad and her brother Ishmael Arshad opened this secret place to the public, making renowned celebrities like Ely Buendia, Nancy Castilogne, among others fall in love with Punjabi dishes. “Punjabi is not known and we want to introduce it to Filipinos,” Ishmael, coowner of Raaz Mahal shares. And what makes their dishes unique and mysterious is the magic spell of the 14 herbs and

spices creates that they inherited from their father. The Moroccan-Indian inspired interior adorned with statues and plaques gives a great preview of the variety of flavors available and the richness of its culture. According to Shala, the very reason for Raaz Mahal’s existence is the love she and her brother have for their father’s cooking, which is based on traditional Muslim Punjabi recipes. But when their father finally caved in to their insistent clamour for a restaurant here in Manila, it was Muhammad Arshad, their dad, who chose Aguirre Avenue as their prime location; a tribute to the rapidly increasing BF Homes food culture. “Everyone’s invited; we’re cheap, we have good ambience and good food, plus a very accommodating staff. I just hope they don’t get intimidated by our great façade, which looks expensive,” Shala jests. They were featured twice in Philippine Daily Inquirer, Luxe Magazine and other publications that prove they are criticallyacclaimed and getting known by their ingenuity. Indian and Pakistani chill outs hovers the place that makes you feel you are beyond the city—bringing you into this different dimension where you can feel the heat of the sun and see belly dancers, camels and all that—by just sitting on their well-

crafted chairs. The music blends with the food and the interior that makes the whole dining experience unforgettable. The flavor says it all, they don’t need to use extravagant plating, using the original utensil one can see in Punjabi table setting makes the similarity and feel of living in a Punjab region. The complexity of the blend of spices, masalas, creates a cascading explosion of flavors making their customers asking for more. Raaz Mahal is not a cheap place to eat, given the difficulty to prepare each dish, and the fact that all the spices they use must be imported from Pakistan; you know where your money is going. As for their future plans, they are aiming to expand and have more branches. “This is not exactly for Muslim people, we are catering to all religions,” Shala proudly says. The country’s ethnic and cultural diversity should not be a hindrance for us to love and enjoy the cuisine a country has to offer. It should not be bound to one’s belief, but to appreciate and explore the flavours God has given to each and every realm that should go without restrictions. So come to Raaz Mahal and taste the difference… R

The Bestsellers ONION AND POTATO PAKORAS (APPETIZER) If you’re a potato freak, this is definitely a must try. Onion and potato dipped in chick pea batter and deep fried that is served with sweet tamarind sauce.

CHICKEN KORMA Chicken cooked in a thick aromatic creamy sauce with mild spices.

BEEF NIHARI The Tender Beef melts in your mouth that comes with a flavorful curry sauce. This dish is prepared for 8 hours and filled with the special 14 herbs and spices.

PALAK PANEER An Indian and Pakistani dish consisting of Spinach and Paneer (Cottage Cheese). The thick gravy is based on fresh spinach. This is best paired with Chapati and Naan bread. The Bedan Herald 27



NG ISANG GRUPO ng mga tao ay kawangis ng pintor ng isang kambas. Ang kambas na ito ay maituturing na payak at malamlam. Subalit ang karaniwang kambas na ito ay nagkakaroon ng kariktan dahil sa mga makukulay na pintura. Ang mga pampintang inilalapat ng mga pintor upang makabuo ng isang larawan - ang kultura. Tuklasin at titigan ang makulay na larawang ipininta ng bawat Bedista.

ain— Kahel ang kulay ng kasigasigan at pagkamalikhain— sta. dalawang katangian na kakabit sa salitang Bedista. a’t Ang pagiging masigasig ng isang Bedista sa iba’t ahad aha d ibang larangan ang nagbibigay-daan upang mailahad ang pagkamalikhain ng bawat isa. Maliwanag ag itong makikita at mapatutunayan sa mga sikat na Bedista na nagpamalas ng kanilang mga galingg saa ning. g. magkakaibang sining.


Likas na taglay ng mga Bedista ang katikasan, ang kahulugan ng kulay lila. Mas nangingibabaw ang payak ngunit eleganteng kasuotan at pananamit sa loob b ng n paaralan. Gayundin, ang mga kilos at galaw baw isa. Marahil hindi lahat ay may katikasan ng bawat ngu namumukod namum ngunit tangi pa rin ang mga disiplinado at pinong mga galaw ng mga Bedista.


Ang mga Bedista ay ang mga pulang leon, nilalarawan ng mgaa katagang ito ang pagkakakilanlan ng Bedista sa lahat ng dako. ko. Ang leon ang hari ng kagubatan; ito ay masidhing naglalarawan saa katapangan, determinasyon at puring pinanghahawakan ng isang ang Bedista. Kalakip ng kulay na ito ang kulturang patuloy na naglalayagg sa agos ng panahon. Kulturang naglalayon sa pagpapatuloy sa pag-abot ng karangalan at kahusayan. n.

Ang kulay puti ay ang naglalarawan sa dalisay na pananalig ng mga Bedista. Sa diwa ng Ora et Labora o Panalangin at Patatrabaho, ang komunidad ng San Beda ay nagdiriwang ng mga misa, nagninilay-nilay -nilay -ni lay ante, ant e, at nanalangin. Tuwing tanghali, ang mga estudyante, as ang guro, kawani at mga administrador ay binibigkas ubukas rosaryo sa kani-kanilang mga opisina. Sa pagbubukas at pagsasara ng klase, panalangin ang laging aging isinasagawa. Higit sa lahat alam ng bawat Bedista edista ang mga katagang sumasalamin sa naitanim m na Benediktinong panuntunan: “Our Lady of Monserrat serrat rat (Pray for us), Our holy father St. Benedict (Pray y for us), Venerable St. Bede (Pray for us), That inn all things (God may be glorified).”


Samu’t saring kulay, iisang larawan. Iba’t ibang tao, iisang kultura. Nawa’y iyong natuklasan ang masidhing mga kulay ng kulturang Bedista. Marami pang kulay ang sisibol sa mga darating na panahon at iyon ang tanda nang patuloy na pagyabong ng isang kultura. Ating ipagpatuloy ang pagsagot sa tawag ng korneta para sa ating paaralan (San Beda College Alabang), ating bansa at ating Diyos. Animo San Beda!


Ang itim it ay laging may nakakabit na negatibong konotasyon ngunit ang kulay na ito ang pinakakonota bumabagay sa lahat ng mga kulay. Ganyan ang isang bum Bedista! Sa kahit kaninong tao na may kakaibang pagB uugali at kultura ay kayang makisama. Ibang-iba ang pakikisama ng Bedista, kaparis ng itim na kahit ihalo sa ibang kulay, maganda pa rin sa paningin.


Kawang ng dilaw, ang Bedista ay mapangakitKawangis pansin Tunay na angat sa iba’t ibang larangan ang pansin. baw Bedista. Maraming mga gantimpala ang bawat nakaka nakakamit at naiuuwi mula sa mga kompetisyon dahilil sa kakaibang kinang na taglay. Ang kinang hin na hinubog sa loob ng paaralan sa pamamagitan ng mga pag-uugali at prinsipyong Benediktino. Sinasag Sinasagisag din ng dilaw ang kabatiran. Isa ito sa hindi maarin mawala sa isang Bedista. Ang talinong ito maaring ay hin hindi lamang sa mga tagisan naipapamalas kundi n rin sa pagdiskarte sa buhay. pati na






Ang kulay bughaw ay sumisimbolo sa pagkakaisa ng komunidad ng San Beda. Pagkakaibigan, kapatiran at kom pagsasama ng mga mag-aaral ay mga bagay kung pagsas pag saann makilala saa m ang ulirang tatak ng kultura. Hindi langg ito lan i nananatili sa loob ng pader ng kolehiyo mag maging sa labas, nagtuturingan ang bawat isa bilang mga magkakapatid at magkakaibigan—hindi alintana ang edad, ed kurso at batch na pinanggalingan. Ang mga Bedista ay isang buong pamilya na nagbabahagi ng parehong par mga pinahahalagahan, parehong uri ng hangarin at parehong pagkakakilanlan.


Cuisines O

NE OF THE best trademarks that a country has is its unique delicacies. Each countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dish represents its abundant and remarkable culture. Fortunately, Bedans donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to go out of the country just to have an unforgettable international food-trip experience as the South brings their taste buds to the mouthwatering world of global cuisines.

MAQUILLAGE BEA NATURAL BEAUTY MAKEUP 1. PREP Start with a freshly cleansed face; apply a suitable moisturizer (better with SPF) for your skin type. Once the skin care is absorbed apply the primer. The primer will separate the skin from the make-up and at the same time has the ability to extend the wear of your make-up.

2. COMPLEXION Apply concealer only to areas needed like the under eye, blemishes, and other imperfections. Afterwards, set it with powder. To make things faster it’s better to have a powder foundation but if you prefer using a liquid foundation don’t forget to set it with translucent powder to finish your complexion.

3. EYES Fill in brows using your preferred eye brow products, it’s best to follow your natural eye brow shape. Apply highlighter in the brow bone (also in the inner corner, if desired), apply an iridescent medium brown shade in the entire eye lid, and apply a darker brown shade in the crease of the eyelids for contour. In applying your eyeliner keep it close to the lash line as much as possible. Lastly, apply your preferred mascara.


Ma y t u a e lB Natura


hat is the secret in looking your best all the time? It’s simple. All you need is sufficient rest that you get from sleeping, eating the right food, drinking lots of water, proper exercise, and of course a positive outlook in life. But there are times when we fail to achieve these simple things—and when we do that, we’ll look haggard. But gone are the days when we need to worry. Thank God cosmetics were invented. There are different recommendations in every skin types so it is best to ask help from specialists. Having a day-and-night beauty regimen is also essential. And now, it’s time for beauty tips:


4. CHEEKS Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks for natural blushing effect, make sure to apply it lightly. Try to use a blush shade that is close to your cheeks when you’re blushing. To be safe you may use a neutral pinkybrown or peachy pink shade because it suits most skin tones.

5. LIPS Use a lip balm before applying lipstick, make sure to dab off excess product. Use a sheer rosy toned lipstick or lip stain for a subtle look. Using a creamy lipstick would give you fuller and more youthful looking lips. It’s best to wear neutral brown, pinky-brown, or delicate pink shades for day wear because it’s the most natural looking.

EAUTÉ NATURELLE TRANSFORMING DAY TO NIGHT MAKEUP 1.) To retouch the complexion, lightly blot your face with facial tissues or blotting sheets. Apply face powder (translucent would be a better option) to remove unwanted shine but do not over apply.

2.) Apply a matte bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks, on the sides of the nose, hairline, and jawline in case you would be taking pictures. The purpose the contour is to trace back your features because flash photography wash them out.

3.) You can apply your preferred dark eye shadow to the crease or even the entire lids to intensify the appearance of the eyes. Do not forget your lower lash line to balance the look.

Night Bea uty Make


4.) If you find re-applying your eye shadow bothersome, try adding more eyeliner instead to create the sexy cat eye effect.

THE AFTERMATH 5.) Lastly, re-apply your lipstick because it probably faded off already. If you are wearing a strong eye makeup make sure to pair it with a nude or pale color, while if you’re planning to wear a bold lip color like red make sure to keep everything else subtle.


Time for beauty rest! Make sure to have a deeply cleansed, toned, and moisturized faced before going to bed. You cannot sleep with your makeup because your pores might get clogged. Clogged pores may lead to scary pimple breakouts. Even with makeup brands promising that you can sleep with their makeup, I still would not recommend you doing that because makeup is still different from skin care. It’s better to be safe than sorry. As you sleep, your skin repairs— leaving it prepared for the morning. R



The Bedan Herald 23



THE WORDS IMPRINTED on the very pages of books tell us stories filled with different emotions which brings inspiration to every reader. Imagine a world without books. Can you live without these sources of entertainment and encouragement? Now here are the five bestselling books of this generation that will surely bring you to a world filled with fantasy and suspense. Follow the words of the authors as they bring ideas into life with every turn of the page, making the readers crave for more. Now I dare you to be the one to turn the page and enter the world of imagination. THE BEST OF ME by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks brings us again another heart-warming story as he recounts the past of high school sweethearts who lived in the same town, yet have different cultures and traditions which unfortunately lead to their separation. Years later, in an unexpected event, Amanda Collier and Dawson Coles have to go back to the old town while trying not to cross each other’s paths again. But destiny has its own way to bring them back together. Will they still mend their broken relationship even though it will make things more complicated than before? Or will they stand against everything to prove that love is really for eternity? EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN by Janet Evanovich “It’s complicated,” Stephanie Plum answers the people who ask her what happened during her vacation. While on the way to her dream getaway in Hawaii, Stephanie’s life suddenly took a sharp turn when she became the sought-after witness to a heinous crime which happened during a flight stopover. As everybody is asking about what happened on her “dream vacation,” Stephanie must learn to not tell anyone what she knows and guard herself from the unknown barbarous killer that is looking for her. Readers will surely love the twist and turns of this suspense bestseller, making them hang around and thirst for more.


UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrad

It is a World War II story of survival, resilience and redemption when 26 year-old Louis Zamperini and two companions survived the B-24 Green Hornet plane crash and end up being stranded on a raft floating for two years in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While reading this book, you will be able to find out how Zamperini survived as he struggled with life’s greatest turmoils like illnesses, starvation and cannibalism. Readers will be swept back in time, when the war was still raging across the Pacific.

Based on Greek and Roman mythologies, this fantasy book series is the sequel to Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series. The story follows Jason Grace, a demigod son of Jupiter (the Roman counterpart of Zeus) as he continues the mission of previous demigods, including Percy from the past adventures to save the world from the doomed prophecy that they are unaware of. THE IMMORTALS by Alyson Noel A New York Times Bestseller, this supernatural romantic series will add enchantment to your life when you keep track of its five books filled with fantasies. The series focuses on a weird girl, Ever Bloom who discovered her special abilities after a horrible accident which enabled her to see people's auras, hear their thoughts and know their life stories through physical contact. Her life changed even further when she met the mysterious Damen Auguste, whom she fell in love with and considers him a “special” guy when her powers do not work on him. Who is Damen? Why is he called ‘’special”? Can they beat the odds even when everybody is against their relationship?




SOUND SPOT Music ReviewS

FOR ALL YOU Bedan audiophiles out there, here is a little sample of what’s “in” and fresh in the music scene this 2012.


Planet Pit Pitbull is back again for his newest album, Planet Pit. The Cuban-American R&B superstar released his sixth album installment last June, wherein he collaborated with various famous singers like T-pain whom he featured in the song “Hey Baby”. This singer-songwriter could catch you off guard with his captivating progressions and stomping tempos which you can hear in his songs, such as “International Love” featuring Chris Brown, “Rain Over Me” featuring Mark Anthony and “Give Me Everything” with Afrojack, Ne-Yo and Nayer.

Punk Goes Pop 4 Pop Goes Pop 4 (PGP4) is the fourth album of the Punk Goes Pop series, which will bring you to a headbanging musical shift as it features your favorite pop music turned into hardcore punk-rock hits. Included in the album are Pierce The Veil and I See Stars cover of Bruno Mars’ smash hit single, “Just The Way You Are,” and I See Stars’ version of Britney’s “Til The World Ends”. The upbeat tracks of PGP4 will also get you hooked with the collaboration of pop-heartthrobs, The Ready Set and Hip-hop Mogul MODSUN for Wiz Khalifa’s “Roll Up” and The Downtown Fiction’s rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”.

Lindsey Stirling (Solo Artist) Hip-Hop Violin, the unique genre of America’s Got Talent finalist brings a classical feel to modern songs. She has nine singles available for download in Her hit single “Spontaneous Me" will simply make you groove to the beat. Her song “Celtic Carol” will give a “Legend of Zelda” feeling to Christmas music. But her cover of “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO is her best seller. It hit 5-star ratings from and costumer reviews even said that “they took crap and turned it into solid gold.”

Whatever Whatever is the sophomore album of the Nashville band Hot Chelle Rae. Though the album contains inane lyrics and relies heavily on electronically produced vocals, Whatever exemplifies polished sounds of mainstream pop with energized, guitar heavy dance-rock. The album opener “I Like it Like That,” featuring hiphop/rap group New Boyz, will surely put your body into motion. The pure pop smash “Tonight, Tonight” helped their popularity grew skyrocket because of its party and youthful vibe. The album mostly consists of dance-oriented tracks like “Whatever,” “Beautiful Freak” and “Downtown Girl” that will captivate teens. Whatever also features mid-tempo ballad “Why Don’t You Love Me” with Demi Lovato belting out the lyrics. R

The Bedan Herald 21





REDEFINED (REDEFINED) Bedans today are part of the age of technology in which “simple yet innovative” and “small but big in packages” are the ultimate trend. Basically, redefining the traditional and achieving the extraordinary is everyone's aim. The following gadgets are examples of the said trend.

CINEMIN SWIVEL Say goodbye to reserving and renting heavy projectors with a trillion connections, and welcome the Cinemin Swivel portable multimedia projector. The Cinemin Swivel is a pocket-size projector mainly intended to work with handheld devices like iPods and iPhones. It is power-driven by DLP technology thus it is filter free and eliminates the bothersome filter maintenance, but still provides ultra-clear images with vivid color. The Swivel has a built-in speaker and includes a rechargeable battery that has an expected two hour life. The Swivel can also be used at times of leisure. It is designed with a 90 degree hinge that can project on any surface without the use of a tripod.

CASIO TRYX X Casio Tryx gives you freedom to shoot angles, locations and perspectives like never before. The design of the Tryx frame allows you to hang, stand, twist or extend it while taking photos. The Casio Tryx also includes a motion shutter where you can wave your hand at a specific area and the camera will take the shot for you. With the 3-inch touch screen LCD, you can activate the touch timers by sliding your finger on the screen for the desired time. Powered by Exilim Engine High Speed, a new type of digital imaging is created and results into a high dynamic range that was formerly thought to be impossible. HDR-Art is offered by the Tryx camera and this feature develops the image into a level of expression that used to be achievable only through shooting in different exposures and later editing it.



ASUS TRANSFORMER PRIME In the midst of the iPad craze, ASUS presents its own Transformer Prime to compete with Apple’s creation. First thing that the ASUS Transformer Prime boasts is its slim 8.3 mm thickness and 586 g weight, making it very easy to carry anywhere and anytime. e. Besides that, a mobile dock which consists of a QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad is supplied upplied with the tablet so it won’t be difficult when you need to type non-stop and once the tablet is connected to the mobile dock, its battery life is said to last for an astonishing tonishing 18 hours. The Transformer Prime is the first quad-core tablet that supports pports an amazing 1080p HD video and a variety of new 3D effects that furnishes it with ith wonderful 3D graphics never seen on any other tablet. In addition, the screen is made scratch-resistant to protect it from abrasions and other damages when used frequently. ntly. According to reviews, the ASUS Transformer Prime is the best Android-driven -driven tablet yet.

M MINI BOOMBOX Logitech Mini Boombox as small as your palm. On top of it are the stylish, backlit, touch panel controls consisting the volume, play/pause and previous/next track buttons. But the size of the speaker does not p affect the quality and volume of the sound. An acoustic chamber was incorporated into the Mini Boombox v to deliver great sound and a enhanced bass despite the Boombox’s dimensions. The speaker is Bluetooth-enabled and pairs with other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets like smartphones and tablets that are within the 30 feet range in seconds. And with its built-in microphone, it can be a speakerphone for phone calls or video chats. Logitech affirms that the battery life will last until 10 hours and is rechargeable by connecting it in a USB port or a regular outlet.


Style, speed and power are what Samsung Series 7 Chronos nos is all about. The Chronos is fashioned with an aluminum body and a massive LED backlit screen measuring 15.6inches. Featuring SuperBright technology, y, every image, ewed outside the video, website and document look astounding in HD even if viewed scorching sunlight. Portability is not a problem because of its thin, lightweight se the Series 7 design. Worrying about the battery life is unnecessary because Chronos can live up until 7.8 hours. es 7 would light With Samsung’s exclusive Fast Start technology, the Series back up in two seconds after hitting the power button. When you close the lid, it will automatically go hybrid sleep mode and will run as little as three seconds if you lift the lid again. The Samsung Chronos permits you to live an efficient life he endless rush. despite the

The Bedan Herald 19

Ready and Preppy “I’m ready for the challenges that is brought up upon me with that I believe it take me a long way.” RAM HIPOLITO III- BSLM

Define your style? Usually laidback and preppy Based on your experience, what do you think is the most challenging part of being a student and why? Based on my experience as a student in my course (legal management), the most challenging was memorizing 54 articles in 5 days. How do you handle great pressure? I work better under pressure because it makes me alert, focused and I think quickly, plus it’s more exciting. Who is your favorite professor and why? Atty. John Jacome. I admire his intelligence and his simple way of life. As Legal Management student, what is the relevance of your course in the betterment of our country? As an LM student and it being the stepping stone for students who want to pursue law, this course can help the society by performing a unique service to defend law and order. You said you want to be a Lawyer someday, why is that? I want to become a criminal defense attorney and set free innocent people.


“Queen of all Trades”

What kind of student are you in class? I am an active and hardworking student. I take my studies very seriously and I give my 100 percent all the time. What is your signature look? Loose top, jeans, flat shoes, sling bag. This is what I normally wear during washdays. How is education important for you? Education plays a big role in determining the success of a person. For me, it is a prized possession that no one can take from you as long as you live. How do you see yourself 10 years from now? I see myself as a successful lawyer having my own law firm. What is the best thing you love about being an LM Student? The privilege being taught by lawyers that handle real cases and proceedings in court. In a way, it is kind of intimidating. But we consider them as our inspiration instead. Hailed as this school year’s Ms. Intrams, how do you feel that you are entitled for a good figure, beautiful face and a brilliant mind? Up to now, I still can’t believe that I won because everything was so unexpected. But then again, I am really thankful to those who believed in me and also to the LM Department and to my professors for their support.

“I am an athlete, a nerd, a beauty queen, a cheerleader, a make-up guru and an event emcee. I think that I am all over the place. But I still never forget who I am and that I still have my weak points just like everyone else.” KATRINA DUNHAM II-BSLM

The Bedan Herald


Scene Stealer

“I can take risks because will never know how good something is without taking chances.” Define your style? Simple but charming. What kind of student are you in class? I always want to recite whenever I can to gain extra credits. What is your signature look? Just a shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts. How important is education for you? Very important, it defines your accomplishments as a person. What do you think is its relevance of Marketing in the society and economy? It is never out of demand, simply because every business needs marketing management. Knowing you are an actor, singer and a student how important is time management for you? Very important, because I need to somehow perfectly balance everything and give the right amount of time for each responsibility. Do you see yourself long in the show business industry or see yourself running a multi-million dollar company in the future? As of now, I can see myself doing both in the future. Because even though I might be in the show business in the future, I will invest what I’m earning in opening up and running a business anyway.



Meekly Mysterious “I believe it’s always better to leave a little mystery to the people around you.” JAIMEE SANTOS III-BAP

Define your style? “My style is very laidback” What is your signature look? If there’s anything that I wear a lot, it would be loose tops paired with shorts or leggings during washdays in school. I also wear my black low-cut Converse Chuck Taylors a lot because of its versatility. What kind of student are you in class? Just an ordinary one. I listen to the discussions and try to participate in the lesson as much as I could. I don’t really get the highest grades, but I don’t fail either. For you what is the relevance of Education? I value my education because it is something that my parents work hard for in order to pave way for my bright future and without education, I don’t think it would be possible for me to find success and reach my goals. 10 years from now, what are the things you think you’re doing? 10 years from now, hopefully I’d be living the life that I want as a lawyer.

As a Psychology major, what do you think is the relevance of your course and in what way can you make a difference? As a Psychology major, I think that the best way for me to make a difference is by imparting the knowledge that I gain so that the people around me would have an understanding on personality and behaviour, so as not to judge quickly and create a better environment for everyone to share. How do you use the Benedictine principle Ora et Labora in your daily life? I apply Ora et Labora in everything I do, especially when I experience difficulty and start to lose faith in myself and my abilities.

The Bedan Herald 15

Delicate Dazzler

“I don’t believe in happy endings only new beginning because every day is a new opportunity.” SHEENA SALARDA II-BACMS

Define your style? Dainty chic, I wear clothes that are not too revealing yet not too coveredup. I love to maintain a fresh classy and sassy look. I turn simple clothes into fashionably stylish ones. What kind of student are you? outspoken and curious.

I am very

For you what is the relevance of education? Education is our means to make diversity and mark relevance in our society and the world. 10 years from now, what are the things you think you’re doing? I’m seeing myself successful with the career I have chosen. Situated in a motivating location of work, a place where I could exercise my knowledge, abilities and proficiency. 12

Who is your favorite professor and why? Ms. Padua, she embodies the CMS spirit. She never fails to encourage her students in pursuing their dreams and aspirations in life. As a Communication and Media Studies Student, what do you think is the relevance of your course in our country? Living in a country where people seek for change and are hungry for knowledge grants CMS students to play a vital role in supplementing the people the knowledge that they need to know. It is our job to provide the citizens the information that they need because without us our country will remain unaware..

The Simple Guy “I live an ordinary life and I’m contented with what I have.” JUNITO ISAAC “J.I.” BALOTA I-BSA

What kind of student are you in class? I’m an active listener and really the nice guy in class. What is your dream job? Certified Public Accountant Of all the courses SBCA offers, why Accountancy? I choose Accountancy because all organization needs financial professionals even in the toughest climate. If you could advertise Accountancy, what are the exact words you will use about your course? Excellent job prospects and career development. What is your motto in life? Whatever you are, be a good one

The Bedan Herald 13

Deviant and Dynamic

Define your style? “I’m a hipster; I don’t usually stick to what is “in”. I dress what I feel like.” What kind of student are you in class? I’m one of the average students, I study when needed, most of the time I just listen. What is your signature look? Skinny jeans, a printed shirt and slip-on shoes. What are your hobbies? Studying, of course. I LOVE to dance. If you’re lucky you could also catch me singing. HAHAHA! And of course, like any other guy, I play computer games, specifically HoN. Why do you think education is important? Life without education is a life without common sense. And of course, education will lead you to your success, not now maybe, but in the near future.

“I don’t really care what people think. I am who I am. I don’t really care if I’m not up to date as long as I am comfortable with myself.” ERIK CARL REY KATINDIG III- BSBM-FM 10

“I’m very competitive; I never like to lose in anything.” CHRISTIAN ARCINAS IV-BSIT

Casual Charmer

Define your style? I would have to say I am a casual dresser. Plain tees and collared shirts with shorts, jeans, and sneakers are my thing. What is your dream job? I’ve always wanted to be an animator or a visual graphics designer. Who is your role model and why? My father, I’ve heard his life story again and again, and it just inspired me to work hard and become like him someday. Of all courses SBCA has to offer why did you choose Information Technology? This is the course that I thought would be best for me and this course is where I thought I could apply the best of my abilities. How important is education for you? Without education, I don’t think that we would succeed in life. It is my tool for survival in this world, without it I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. Who is your favourite professor and why? I would have to say my favourite professor was sir Carlo Coronel from my Multimedia class because not only did I learn many new things from him, but he made the subject very interesting in his own way. Not many professors can do that.

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Eclectic and Elegant “More than just a matter of displaying personal preferences, style is a form of communication and communication done well is always advantageous in any case.” JANINE DELOS REYES II-BAIST

Define your style? “Quintessential preppy and polished always with the balance of feminine touches.” What kind of student are you in class? I’m a big listener. What is your signature look? I wear a lot of cardigans. Cardigans are a great way to either dress up or dress down an outfit. For you what is the relevance of education? Education is one of the finest possessions any human could ever have. What is the best advice you’ve ever receive from someone? It’s always wise to know the rules first before you break them. What is the best thing you love about being an I.S Student? In studying I.S., we get to take a whole lot of different views on culture and tradition of different people from different countries. Being an IS student is the very course that lets me apply a real valuable life’s lesson: To become aware of people’s differences while learning how to respect it. You said you want to be an International Lawyer someday, why is that so? I like the thrill of discussing and debating international issues, analyzing transactions and drafting. I find it as a job that very well suits my interests, personality and perspective in life.


”I’m a dreamer, I dream high beyond the borders of my classroom.” KATRINA CASSANDRA “KC” D. ESPELETA III-BSE

Savvy and Spontaneous

Define your style? If I had to label my style it would probably fall under feminine chic. I don’t really have a certain style I tend to experiment every once in a while. What kind of student are you in class? I’m a dreamer, I dream high beyond the borders of my classroom. How important is education for you? Education is important because that is your foundation in life we learn things so that we can be more open minded and grow more as a person. How do you see yourself 10 years from now? 10 years from now I’ll be 29 and I see myself owning a number of established businesses, having my own home. Who is your favorite professor and why? My top two professors are Ms. Caryl Jimenez and Mr. Hector Betita. I chose these two professors because they are the ones who inspire me the most and make me love my course so much more. One can see in their teaching skills that they are very passionate about what they do. As an Entrepreneurship major, what do you think is the relevance of your course in our country? Entrepreneurship has been a great contributor in our economies today. Many people can benefit from entrepreneurs because we give them employment opportunities. What is your motto in life? Dream big or go home!

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Sassy Heiress

Define your style? Simple and classy. What kind of student are you in class? I’m very quiet especially when the professor is around. How important is education for you? – Education is very important because it gives you better opportunities and develops a meaningful outlook on life. How do you see yourself 10 years from now? – A successful business woman or a flight attendant. As Marketing major, what do you think is the relevance of your course and in what way can you make a difference? – As marketing major, the relevance of my course is we build customer relationship and create product awareness. So, without marketing, a particular product cannot be sold.

“I’m sweet and simple things make me happy.” SHAIRA MAUREEN “AIAH” HOWARD III-BSAM-MM


How do you use the Benedictine principle Ora et Labora in your daily life? It reminds me that God will always be next to you no matter what and you just have to trust in him.

Calm and Collected !"#$%&#'()*#+,#-(./#+01%2*# work and I’m good at it.” JACOB JOVEN “COBY” CLAVANO IV-BACMS

Define your style? Simple, comfortable and balanced. I’m not a fan of bright colors. Where do you base your style? I wear what I’m comfortable in. I get ideas from magazines. If a particular style suits me, I’ll try it. What kind of student are you in class? I take my lessons seriously and I’m the kind of student who appreciates challenging professors. I don’t always take notes, but I make sure that I get the job done or I get good marks. I’m not the most studious student, but I’m practical and I find ways. If you would advertise your course Communications and Media Studies, what are the exact words you’d say about your course? “We make Beda fun” How important is education for you? Education is really important. Without it we’re nothing. But only a quarter of what we’ll ever need is taught at school. Experience fills the rest of the void.

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O TREND CAN classify their sense of fashion for they follow their own style. No doubt about their intellect for they are superb and competent in their own right. They are perhaps ordinary students that you see pass by the hallway, chill in the gazebo, read a book at the library, grab lunch at the cafeteria or sit next to you in class. They may not be your bookish classmate or your Top 1 Deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lister blockmate, the perfectionist or the type of human who dresses carelessly. And certainly they are not the other way around. These are the students who know what moderation is about, and like any other, they know how to surpass the usual dilemmas of a student


with their heads held high and with the principle of Ora et Labora (Prayer and Work) both in their hearts and minds. They have the whole package of stylishness, great personality and a sensible mindâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Bedans who have their own identity; students, who have an eye for fashion and for the betterment of their future. Extraordinary, indeed. As we gather these student models who are meticulously selected to represent their course, let us get to know what kind of life they anticipate in the future, and their ways on how they tend to ace their stay in the portals of this institution. Indeed, Students Extraordinaire.


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