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Gia Goodrich She’s Alright.

Hi, I’m Gia

and I’m a Strategic-Creative.

If you’re looking for an Art Director I’m sure you’ll find many impressive candidates. I’m positive there will be someone who will walk in with all the answers and two decades of experience.

But I don’t think that’s what you want. This industry isn’t about the bankable approach. You can’t win awards and blow client’s minds if you’re only using your granddad’s tried, true and tested methods. If that feeling of ‘been there and done that’ creeps in even a little bit, then it’s a fail. It’s about pushing things to their creative limit to produce surprising solutions in the marketplace. So I’d be shocked if you wanted the same old same old kind of an Art Director.


I’m a visual messenger. I’m a bridge builder between designers, clients and consumers. I have a background in Psychology and Visual Studies, which means that not only do I have an ambidextrous brain, but my methods utilize both wells of information. Because of this cross-disciplinary approach, I can tell you why AND how the most effective visual strategies work. My strength is to design and create strategically, always keeping the brand’s goals in mind. I have a strong background in leadership. I’ve been spearheading a team of people working in 5 different disciplines to concept, design, and make an exhibit for the new eatery at OMSI. I’ve extensively studied motivation and influence in order to employ techniques to create successful and productive teams. I don’t know everything. But, I believe that any solution can be found with a flexibility of thinking and collaboration. I’m an eternal pragmatist, which means that I want things to work and I don’t care who thought of them because credit is infinitely divisible. And really, who cares? As long we put something out there we’re proud of, I’m good. I think that the best process for creating is generative, where ideas build, get edited, and get rebuilt with a group of strong minds working in concert (well, mostly). I have a lot to offer. As Art Director, I want to infuse a new perspective to an already impressive creative machine.




Pragmatic Design

Adopting specific visual strategies to affect a particular message. For example, understanding what typeface and color will be most effective based on precedence, tone, history, context etc.

Psychology 2009


Qualities of composition, balance, scale, form, color, and light. Creating an in-depth understanding of how these elements function and how to articulate them


Relentless study and practice in how to create, hone, and manifest conceptual work.

Understanding how the brain perceives information to enhance understanding. Why and how things become "intuitive." Utilizing theories adopted in Interaction Design like Gestalt’s.


Visual Studies 2011

What propels people to action. Understanding how to create and adapt intrinsic motivators in order to entice people to act.


The strategies adopted to change someone’s mind, or convince them of something. Understanding how to examine and employ effective strategies based on how the brain receives and interprets information.

Cognitive Strain

Semiotics The study of shared symbols and how they affect meaning. A good example is a red octagon, which has a very specific crosscultural purpose... stop. Understanding how to utilize symbols in a way that creates a shared meaning.



Hundreds of hours examining works by deconstructing the various elements by identifying and articulating what works, what doesn’t, and what is being communicated.

Understanding what “turns people off” to things and how that links to the brain’s mechanisms for perception of information.

Art Direction &Photography

since 2007

I’m always working with clients to create compelling images that are emotionally resonant. Pictures are an extremely effective way to tell a brand story. As both Art Director and Photographer I have worked to create a bold aesthetic that serves the end goal, to communicate an intended message to the viewer. Recent clients include: Nike OMSI PNCA PICA

Work featured in: The New York Times The Willamette Week The Oregonian Mix Magazine Just Out Magazine



Visual Communications


I have worked in a creative team responsible for concepting, messaging, and designing for the OMSI brand. Our deliverables create OMSI’s visual presence that is on target with brand goals. OMSI is a well-loved and firmly established brand. Our task has been to expand brand awareness to new audiences through print and digital marketing. Within the team, my specialty is imagery and managing the overall aesthetic. I’ve produced an image catalogue that creates an emotional response in the viewer. Whether it’s for the membership campaign or the camps and classes catalogue, we’ve constantly straddled multiple projects, and doin’ it well. I’ve worked extensively with internal and external clients. Through many conversations, I’ve extraced their needs and desires for a project and applied insight into how we can make it manifest

in the most effective way. Our process is iterative and collaborative. I’ve also scoped and ideated partnerships with other organizations. I’ve been challenged to find opportunities for in-kind exchanges through programming, events, and exhibits.

Science Camps


Science Camps

Ca M P s

C l a sses

Spring Break At Hancock Field Station Explore the rich ecosystem of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and learn about everything from the fossils found in the sedimentary rock formations to the distant galaxies we see through our telescopes at night. Hike canyons in search of fossils or animal tracks, identify plants and animals, and learn valuable skills for survival in the wilderness.

Academy of engineering | leGo® mania extreme Take your LEGO building knowledge, experience and imagination to the extreme. This class combines the best activities from our summer LEGO classes — including building trebuchets, cranes and constructing the strongest LEGO structure possible. GRAdeS 2–3

GRAdeS 4–8




MAR 25–29



CAtAloG # 412LE325OM

oVeRnIgHT sCIenCe CaMPs 2013 over the last 50 years, thousands of kids have grown up with memories of the summers they spent discovering science, exploring nature and making friends at oMSI




CAtAloG #

Science Camps. oMSI, which is accredited through the

MAR 25–29




American Camp Association, offers the most affordable,

omSI Animation Animation brings math, science and the creative arts together in extraordinary ways. Experience the expressive medium of animation as we investigate stop-motion techniques and motion picture perspectives. We’ll use digital video cameras, clay sculptures, drawn characters, cutout scenes, found objects and time-lapse portraits during this class. Students will develop ideas, design storyboards, create sets and characters, and produce mini-movies to take home on DVD.

Spread the joy of learning with the gift of membership.

GRAdeS 4–5




MAR 25–29



CAtAloG # 414OA325OM


Digital Promotion OLYMpIC NATIONAL pARK


comprehensive science camp experience on the West Coast. Our camps, which take place in beautiful settings ranging from the mountains to the coast to the desert, offer the perfect combination of science, adventure and activity. Campers may sleep under the towering redwoods in California, raft a river in central Oregon, backpack through an alpine forest or search for whales in the San Juan Islands. Our camps offer hands-on educational activities — along with treasured traditions, including campfire songs, swimming holes and s’mores. They’re the perfect way to gain outdoor skills and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, as well as curiosity and respect for the natural world. Our caring, professional staff makes our camps a special experience for every camper. We typically provide one staff member for every seven campers, ensuring plenty of individual attention. Instructors are science educators with college degrees and experience in the natural sciences, field-study techniques and outdoor skills. They’re assisted by college- and high-school-age counselors who are dedicated to the emotional support of the campers and share their joy and exuberance in the camp experience and the natural world.








All OMSI overnight science camps are accredited by the American Camp Association.

sPRIng bReaK 2013



Ready for a



Closer Look?

Educator Resource Guide

2013 oM


If y in ou w pr int, ould ple lik as e to eg o to opt o ww ut o w.o f re ms ceiv i.e ing du /p next ap er year les ’s s cata








!A re Science Camps & Classes yo

Ta b l e o f C o n T e n T s

Spring Break Camps & Classes --------------------------------------TK



Camps Welcome ------------------------------------------------------------------------TK AT-A-GlAnce ------------------------------- -------------------------------------TK SiTeS & ProGrAm TyPeS-------------------------------------------------------TK cAmPS DeScriPTionS ----------------------------------------------------------TK SAmPle PAcKinG liST & DAily ScheDule------------------------------------TK FrequenTly ASKeD queSTionS-----------------------------------------------TK

Classes Welcome ------------------------------------------------------------------------TK AT-A-GlAnce --------------------------------------------------------------------TK clASSeS DeScriPTionS--------------------------------------------------------TK FrequenTly ASKeD queSTionS-----------------------------------------------TK

s T R e T C H YoU R l I M I T s. R e a l I Z e YoU R P o T e n T I a l . This is your guide to unique hands-on learning opportunities designed to encourage your whole family to stretch the limits of imagination, adventure and possibility. We are proud to be an essential Northwest resource that encourages people of all ages to reach their full potential. And we look forward to seeing you in the coming year.

Registration Information inFormATion --------------------------------------------------------------------TK cAmPS & clASSeS reGiSTrATion Form -------------------------------------TK FAmily & ADulT cAmPS reGiSTrATion Form--------------------------------TK FinAnciAl AiD APPlicATio -----------------------------------------------------TK

Opens Sept. 29th at

Thank you for your support! OMSI does not discriminate in any of its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disabilities, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status.



THEORY W eb D e sign

Event Materials

Case Study: Web Branding

Da Vinci Style Two Sides

The splash page is divided into two components: Food & Science. The default of the two is food, which has information about menu items etc. On the right side of the page is the “More Science This way Button.� When clicked, the site swipes to the left with a flash transition to the Theory Science page.

Draft Paper

This background provides visual consistency throughout the site. It speaks to scientific theory and creativity. As the info box changes, they key elements of the site, i.e. buttons etc. remain stable.

Image Versatility

The main advantage of this approach is the versatility in images. Since there will be no overlapping elements the images can be anything from food to the architecture.

Did you Know? Apples are made up of 25% air, that’s why they float.

What’s Cookin’? Good Question. We’ll tell you all about it.

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Who We Are What We Believe

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VP of Marketing Retail and Sales |

Senior Creative Manager |

PSU Professior |

Social Media Specialist |

BFA Thesis Chair |

Gia Goodrich Contact

Gia Goodrich 375 NE Shaver # 205 Portland, OR 97212 971.322.54770


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