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+39 340 829 9492

2009 - 2014 School-leaving certificate Second level College of Science ‘‘Isaac Newton’’

03/12/1995 Italian

2014 - 2017 Bachelor Degree in Interior Design Politecnico di Milano - School of design


“Nowadays the lifestyle is fragmented, changeable and scattered and man is at the same time in and between the multiple real world and the ubiquitous virtual dimension. The genesis of the subjective and blurry perception of the world’s sophistication is the relationship between men and materials, forms and moreover lights, flavours, scents, sounds, colours. The spacetime men move in is an elastic game between the balance and the deconstruction of appearances, perceptions and meanings of all that excitedly vibrates. The distance and the encounter of body and soul with the imaginable and with the surroundings generate narratives, and thus the spacetime stimulate emotions, evoke memories, express anticipations, arouse surprise. As the reciprocal and sensorial interaction of man with the surroundings takes place, the fragments of emotions, perceptions and meanings distributed chaotically here and there, before, now and then, are reunited and manifested unitarily from moment to moment in the man himself.” - Fynal Symposium by Giada Boromello

Native Italian | Other English C1 level | Danish A1 | Chinese base level


Circular design | Willingness to listen and to productive dialogue | International relations Organisational

2017 - now Master Degree in Interior and Spatial Design Politecnico di Milano - School of design



Watercolour | Axonometry, perspective, exploded

July 2014 Study holiday - Broadstairs, UK | Kent School of English


October 2014 Munog international - Stuttgart | DE February/May 2017 Erasmus + - Herning, Aarhus | DK | VIA Design August 2018 Kaunas Urban RETEX | LT | KTU

Cooperation skills and good team-leading skills AutoCAD 2D | 3DS max | Lumion 8 | Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro | Rhinoceros 3D


panels, magazines, postcards, businesscard

Design, art, architecture, food and its rituals, dance, music, photography, travel PROJECT FOR EXHIBITIONS

May 2015 - Living containers - A Gardener’s House Biennale | ‘‘Interni come allegorie dell’abitare’’ | VE July 2015 - THE WAY - The Third Paradise Galleria Antonia Iannone | ‘‘Nel terzo paradiso’’ | MI


July 2015 - Grey Green - Urban Rurality Urban Center | ‘‘La città che vorrei’’ | Milan

December 2018 - DAM, Pinacoteca di Siena Aperta Parentesi - 3° premio - with group MBR

May 2017 - Love song - Wavy Godsbanen | ‘‘SPOT festival’’ | Aarhus

Autorizzo il trattamento dei dati personali contenuti nel mio curriculum vitae in base all’art. 13 del D. Lgs. 196/2003 e all’art. 13 GDPR 679/16.

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