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Geoff and the path to water

Geoff, was a young boy, who lived in the middle of nowhere, well, not nowhere, there were trees and plants around, but not much else.

He spent most of his time collecting wood and food, and generally trying to survive. He even had a house and a small farm.

Life for Geoff was mostly good, MOSTLY.

You see, since he lived in the middle nowhere, there weren't many water sources, and he got pretty much all of it trough the rain,which didn't happen as much as he needed.

One day, Geoff noticed that the sky had very few clouds and the plants started shrivel up, he knew exactly what was going on, A DROUT.

Like a scaredy cat, he ran back to his house to think of a solution. After a couple minutes herealised that he couldn’t do anything, so he packed up his belongings and went on his journey to find water.

The first day he walked for 1 hour and found a well. Excited he lowered the bucket of the well, but after looking down he noticed that the water was so low, the bucket wouldn’t fill up.

Defeated, he walked away and continued. For the rest of the day all he could find were small cacti, wich he used to fill his canteen, but that still wasn't enough.

In the second day, he walked for a few minutes, until he found a shovel, just laying on the ground.

He took it and started to dig, hoping to find water underground . After a moment, he felt the ground shake and rumble beneath, he jumped back and a jet of oil shot up!

But since he didn't have any use for it, he continued walking along. After a long time walking, he realised that he had run out of water, and started to panic.

Luckily, he found two houses in his path, where two people lived. On the house to the far left, lived a young girl named Ellie. And on the house to the far right, lived a young boy, named Timothy.

They quickly left their homes to greet Geoff, seeing that nobody ever came there. Geoff told them about the drout, and how he was searching for water. Ellie and Timothy knew that if they stayed at home, they would run out of water too. And so, Ellie and Timothy joined Geoff in his quest to find water.

The group travelled the land together for several hours, mostly finding cacti and other plants in the way, but nothing that could end their problem. Two days of walking and they started to lose hope. But Timothy started seeing gress on the ground.

They knew that there was water nearby, and just a couple of minutes passing the grass became more and more green and lively, and it wasn’t long bfore they found themselves in a jungle! Everyone got so excited that they ended up getting separated.

Ellie was the first one to realise what hapened, and she started to scream for the boy’s names. Geoff screamed back, and was able to find his way back.

But Timothy was too deep into the jungle, so the two decided to go further in to find him. As they were walking along, they slipped in mud and fell on a very soft patch of land.

After regaining their footing, they looked around and got extremely surprised...

They had found a waterfall! Well, Timothy found it, but they didn’t think it would a good idea to start arguing after, again, they had found a WATERFALL.

That waterfall was the beggining of a new life for them, since none of them had to worry about water. So they started to make their houses, and soon after, it was looking like paradise. And after that? They went on a LOT more adventures together, but that is a story for another time.

THE END Students: Giácomo, Samuel e Vinícius ➢ 8th grade “B” ➢

Geoff and the path to water (INCOMPLETO)  

Este trabalho será acabado assim que possível. Até mais!

Geoff and the path to water (INCOMPLETO)  

Este trabalho será acabado assim que possível. Até mais!