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31 March 1 April


Italian Cup join the 10th Bologna International Tournament in the biggest tournament in Italy

THE BEST ITALIAN TEAMS The italian cup takes place the weekend just before the beginning of the Italian National League. Therefore, the tournament is the last opportunity for all the italian teams to test their level of preparation for the upcoming season.


THE BIGGEST ITALIAN TOURNAMENT The Italian Cup is the biggest tournement in Italy. About 40 teams from all around Europe are expected to come to Bologna (o to meet in Bologna) to play the Italian Cup

EASY TO REACH The location of the tournamente is 15 min away from Bologna International Airport which is served by many low cost carriers. Being located in the north of Italy, Bologna is also easy to reach by car from many European countries.

Bologna - Anzola dell’Emilia - Italy

31st March - 1st April 2012


ITALIAN CUP + X INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT We want yo offer you a hight level tournament at the beginning of the 2012 international canoe polo season, when in Italy the weather start to be warm. Dear friends, for many years Bologna has hosted important canoe polo events-. Our venue

league and all the main clubs use it the test their teams. Therefore the majority of the teams

counts with up to 6 regular pitches with changing rooms, hot showers a camping area a bar and a restaurant. All this makes it perfect for hosting big events. However, in the past it has been

playing in div.1 will be at their best. Moreover, the time of the year is perfect. In fact March and April are warm months in Italy while in Northern Europe the whether is still cold.

difficult to organise high quality tournaments in Italy. The reason for this was that all the italian teams were busy with both the national league and other international events, thus leaving them no

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bologna for this great Canoe polo event. for the Canoa Club Bolona Gianluca Zannoni

free time for other tournaments. This is the reason why, jointly with the italian canoe federation, we decided to play the Italian cup and the X Bologna international tournament at the same

Up to six regular pitches The Lakes are a perfect place for canoe polo. we hosted the 2010 ECA cup tournament and the 2008 European Club Championship

time. The italian cup is a key event for the Italian teams because it takes place just few weeks before the start of the National



Tournament Informations: Host & Organiser :

Canoa Club bologna

Venue :

Restaurant “il Pescatore” lakes. Via Lunga 20, Anzola Dell’Emilia - 40010 Bologna - Italy

General :

The X International „Italiana–Cup will be played in accordance with the ICF rules. The schedule of the matches will be fixed after entries have been received. The tournament will start with the meeting team leaders meeting at approx. 10:00 pm on Friday, Mrch 30th, 2012.

The tournament will end on Sunday, April 1th, 2012 at about 04:00 pm.

Classes :

Men Class I with Shot Clock

Ladies LK I with Shot Clock

U21 Class

U18 Class

Registration Fees :

100€ for each team

Money Price:

for Men Class I: 1st: 200€ - 2nd: 150€ - 3rd: 100€

Final Registration:

Friday 16 March 2012



free camping next to the competition area (no cooking allowed). Free camping at the Bologna Canoe Club (13 km). Free sleeping in Canoa Club Bologna kayak deposit..

Suggested hotel:

LU KING HOTEL - Via Emilia 65 - 40011 Anzola dell’Emilia BO - Phone +39 051 734273

HOTEL ALAN Via Emilia 46/b - 40011 Anzola dell'Emilia BO

Phone +39 051 733562

Other accommodation: Bologna Hostel (26Km)

Bungalow in Hotel Camping of Bologna (22Km)


The organizer take no liability. The participation is at one's own risk. The clubs has the liability for their members and guests.

Where we play The green are adjacent to the “Il Pescatore” Restaurant. They are in Via Lunga 21, Anzola dell’Emilia - 40010 Bologna. We are 15 minutes from BLQ Airport, 100Km from Florence, 200Km To Milan, 100Km from Venice.


Canoe Polo Italian Cup 2012  

This is the invitation for the Canoe Polo Italian Cup 2012 31st March - 1st April 2012