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“The nucleus of my brand, Gia Belloni, is an evolving observation of natural curiosities. I work with precious metals, precious and semi precious stones, enamelling and different finishing techniques to create a coherent collection of wearable and flattering jewellery designs. By the time a collection has been developed I have been with it for a while, allowing me to see additions, advancements and exciting new ideas.” Gia uses computer aided technology alongside traditional goldsmithing to create wearable jewellery pieces. Gia considers jewellery to be a strong form of self expression, which is inspiration in itself, “it is always amazing to see how each individual wears and enhances my pieces. There is such strong creativity within people and I have always loved seeing how others style my work.” Gia works out of her London studio and Hatton Garden. Attention to detail and quality are of the utmost importance. Gia has learned from Stephen Webster, Hannah Martin, Theo Fennell & Tina Lilienthal among other leading British Jewellers.

COLONY COLLECTION: The Colony Collection is based around the importance and interest of bees. As the inspiration and development grew an enormous amount of intriguing information came to light about these industrious little creatures. Bees are 70% of the world’s pollinators, meaning if anything happened to them, we would be in trouble - our crops, livestock, plant life and so much more would suffer. Every 3rd mouthful of food, we owe to Bees. They are a strong and predominantly female society, with “Drone” males. Although they run their worlds in an ordered and disciplined way, there is also a nurturing element there. It was easy to anthropomorphize bees. But even without humanizing, bees offer a vast and rich array of inspiration for designs. Bees played a role in Goddess worship to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians and the symbology and mythology surrounding them stretches far and wide. Often feminine strength and unity can be referenced in bee mythology as well as love and preservation (which is where the word ‘Honeymoon’ comes from).

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GB12009 BRP

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GB12010 BRP

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Gia Belloni 44 (0) 7951330653

All Photography by - Ione Ascanio Green @ MindStudio. Hair/Makeup - David Willis. Assistant - Antionio Luca. Creative director - Gia Belloni.

All content Š Gia Belloni 2013


GB12001 - ROYAL NECTAR NECKLACE.... Sterling Silver mixed finish with White topaz Pave set on custom chain.

GB12002 - VISION PENDANT.... Sterling Silver with Blue Enamel on Custom Chain.

GB12003 GP - HONEYTAGS NECKLACE.... Satin Sterling Silver, Polished Gold Vermeil with white zircon on custom chain.

GB12003 BRP - HONEYTAGS NECKLACE BLACK.... Satin Sterling Silver, Polished Black rhodium with white zircon on custom chain.

GB12004 - NECTAR CUPS NECKLACE.... Sterling silver, Polished Gold vermeil with White Topaz on custom chain.

GB12006 - ROYAL NECTAR EARRINGS.... Sterling silver mixed finish with White Topaz. (Satin/Polished)


GB12007 - COLONY RING.... Sterling silver, Satin Gold vermeil & White topaz pave set.

GB12008 GP - HONEYTAG EARRINGS GOLD.... Satin sterling silver, polished Gold vermeil & white zircon earrings.

GB12008 BRP - HONEYTAG EARRINGS BLACK.... Satin sterling silver, polished black rhodium vermeil & white zircon earrings.

GB12009 GP - AEON EARRINGS GOLD POLISHED.... Sterling silver, gold polished vermeil with pave set white topaz.

GB12009 925GP - AEON EARRINGS GOLD SATIN.... Polished Sterling silver with Satin Gold vermeil ball & white topaz pave set.

GB12009 BRP - AEON EARRINGS BLACK SATIN.... Polished sterling silver with Satin black rhodium vermeil ball & white topaz pave.


GB12010 GP - B.D.N.A PENDANT GOLD.... Polished Sterling silver, Satin Gold vermeil & white topaz pave set on custom chain.

GB12010 GP - B.D.N.A PENDANT BLACK.... Polished Sterling silver, Satin Black vermeil & white topaz pave set on custom chain.

GB12013 - THE ARCHITECT PENDANT.... Polished Sterling silver, satin gold vermeil & black/Ivory enamel on custom chain.

GB12011 - NECTAR CUPS EARRINGS.... Sterling silver, Polished gold vermeil & white topaz on custom chain drop. Studs.

GiaBelloni Lookbook  

Lookbook for Gia Belloni Jewellery designs, 2013.

GiaBelloni Lookbook  

Lookbook for Gia Belloni Jewellery designs, 2013.