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For Immediate Release: GHTSA remembers Tamil Genocide in the Month of May In today’s world, there are a multitude of issues in regards to hunger, poverty, abuse and a plethora of crimes. Though the first world countries recognize many of these issues, there are some that are left unattended. Since the beginning of the Civil War in Sri Lanka up until the inevitable end in May 2009, the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) was in a war with the Government of Sri Lanka. The war’s end was highlighted by the 40, 000 murdered Tamils, 300, 000 others being detained without food, medicine and proper shelter. The fall of the LTTE was signified by the reports of our leader’s passing. A great man who had one vision, one goal, one hope; Tamil Eelam. Sacrifices made by these brave soldiers were all for the greater good of the Tamil community and ultimately, after the dust settled and their efforts were dwindled down to the very last thread, the genocide took place in May. A dark day not only for Tamils, but for the world as a whole. Looking for foreign aid, thousands of Tamils protested on the streets of major North American cities, in hopes of somehow getting the message across to the governments of Canada and the United States. The cries of “we want justice,” fell on deaf ears and none of the governments came to help the Tamils who were living in fear of being in their homeland. Just like Rwanda and the war at the Gaza, the World’s greatest countries stood idly, as the Sri Lankan government was killing innocent Tamils. Even after all the visions of world peace, the United States, Canada and even the United Nations, did not attempt to prevent the violence and genocide from occurring. May is the month where we the Guelph Humber Tamil Students Association remember what happened to our fellow helpless Tamils that live back home in Sri Lanka and how merciless the Sri Lankan government was to these innocent lives. GHTSA is asking everyone to mark May as the month of remembering and commemorating the lost innocent lives of the Tamil Genocide. It is also a month where we remember all of our attempts to reach out to our respective governments in hopes of having them intervene, but only to realize our efforts were futile. But even as we speak, there are many who STILL look for justice, who STILL have hope that one day, the Sri Lankan government will answer for the war crimes that they’ve committed. Hope for finding justice, determination that every Tamil around the world shown in regards to finding a solution, and the passion that burns inside every Tamil, for one day realizing our Tamil Eelam is what truly defines the month of May for Tamils around the world.

GHTSA Remembers Tamil Genocide